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When you’re looking to perform feng shui in your home, feng shui for health is one of the most important things to consider. Feng shui can help you stay healthy and raise your energy levels regardless of how healthy or unhealthy you are. It can help if you’ve been going through health complications for a while now or if your health is somewhat out of balance.

Recommendations for feng shui for health should be done based on priorities, as you’re required to create a solid foundation for your house so that more sophisticated feng shui remedies can work.

You might need to bother with upgraded feng shui levels if you miss one or more of these basic feng shui for health steps.

Just like using the best make-up that will fail to keep the skin looking healthy in the long term (if the skin is not taken care of properly and cleaned on a daily basis), the same goes to more advanced feng shui remedies for health.

One has to begin with a few feng shui health basics in order generate a solid feng shui foundation for a healthy home.

Preparing for the Fundamental Feng Shui Steps for Good Health

The following is a list of important feng shui concerns for a house that will support good health:

1. A space free of clutter – The extremely essential feng shui step of removing clutter is often postponed – or even ignored – in favor of more “flamboyant” feng shui remedies. Be aware and be serious that no amount of feng shui plants, good feng shui colors, or wind chimes will neutralize the depressing, low energy of clutter in your house. Clutter will keep draining energy from you and so it is important that you deal with it ASAP.

2. Natural adequate light – Aside from allowing your home to take in as much natural light as it could, you need to realize the need for smart and intelligent indoor lighting. You will immediately feel a positive change in your well-being and health once you attend to the quality of light in your house.

Light is our most important source of nutrient, so be sensible and allow your body to absorb as much light nutrition as possible. Since color is light, this may also involve the use of feng shui colors as well.

3. Good, fresh quality air – Good fresh quality air is actually the most important feng shui health priority that’s quite often ignored. Use air purifiers and essential oils to clear the air, open the windows often to oxygenate your house, and use feng shui air-purifying plants. Find all possible ways to improve the air in your home; the most important feng shui foundation for your well-being and health is to regularly breathe in clean air.

You can begin administering more detailed feng shui remedies that are founded on the energy of the Five feng shui elements once these health priorities have been taken care of.

For instance, placing lush green plants (Wood feng shui element) or a water feature (Water feng shui element) in the East bagua area of your space will bring beneficial feng shui energy for your health.

You can send in the energy of the required feng shui elements using colors (for the element Wood, brown or green and for the element Water, black or blue) if you cannot have a water feature or plants in your area.

You can also transport the required elements using feng shui art that depict lush greenery and/or a body of water (waterfalls, lake, ocean, river, etc). Mirrors that are intelligently positioned can also transport the Water element feng shui into your house.

Know your best feng shui directions as well as your Kua number and try to relocate your bed and your desk so that while sleeping or working you can face your best personal directions.

As you awake from your bed, open your eyes and be conscious of the view you see first, do this as well when you open your front door. These may all sound like trivial details, but they set the feng shui energy your body will receive for the rest of the day. Because our bodies take a note of all things, every detail you see is important.

Give your body the energy of happiness and beauty and treat it with respect – this will give you well-being and good health.

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