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In medical terminology, menstrual cramping is called dysmenorrhea and is often referred to as period pain. This kind of pain is felt as a heavy, dull, sharp, throbbing, or even burning pain. The condition can become complicated with unusual loss of blood and the pain is occasionally due to an IUD insertion of for contraceptive purposes. The suffered may feel the pain in the thighs and lower stomach.

Commonly prescribed drugs for dysmenorrhea are NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; unfortunately, they come with bad side effects and merely mask the pain. The exact cause of menstrual cramping is unknown in Western medicine.

Studies have now shown that menstrual cramping can be more effectively treated with acupuncture than with pharmaceutical drugs (NSAIDS) minus the ulcers and other adverse effects.

Spokane Acupuncture for treatment of menstrual cramping has in fact been used for millennia. TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine knows that exact cause of menstrual cramping and hence can resolve the problem providing a lasting result. Because NSAIDS never address the cause of the problem, women who take them need to take them indefinitely.

Trained Chinese medical doctors believe menstrual cramping is caused by certain imbalances affecting the major organs of the body with the liver being the most common. If one thinks about the liver and how it stores blood, he can comprehend the need of asserting the liver’s role in the rise of menstrual cramping.

The energy channel associated with the liver meridian is the energy channel that radiates from the big toe, to the inside of the leg, and through the genitalia connecting to the breast and liver. This is the reason acupoints on the inner side of the leg are occasionally chose to treat menstrual cramping.

Sometimes women’s intuition allows them to get relief when they place a bottle of hot water on their lower stomach. According to TCM, this is because one cause of menstrual cramping is from the accumulation of damp and cold in the body. A hot water bottle’s warmth actually helps resolve the cause of the problem. Be that as it may the Chinese heat therapy technique of moxibustion has shown t be much more effective.

Also useful in addressing menstrual cramping are Chinese herbs and plants that help nourish and supplement the. This is fascinating since the herbs themselves are not painkillers in property yet can still help the problem. This again is due to the fact that the herbs took care of the root of the problem, which is the blood itself.

Sports injuries and Women’s conditions are the most common illnesses seen by doctors. This is because Chinese herbs and acupuncture work extremely well for these problems and lots of people choose a treatment that is safe and natural and in many occasions have proven to work better than the western medical alternatives of surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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