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The over four thousand years-old practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine is designed to promote and restore mental and physical harmony. For people living a frenetic lifestyle, Traditional Tibetan Medicine is very helpful in reenergizing people’s overworked bodies, which often leads to emotional and physical stress.

According to this ancient healing system, a patient’s constitution is ascertained by way of the three bodily energies, Phlegm, Bile, and Wind – and impacted by the elements of Earth,
Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Diagnosis entails learning the constitution of the patient and how it’s influenced by the elements in order for administration of appropriate treatment.

Ku Nye is the Tibetan term for Traditional Tibetan Massage, which is the primary external treatment of Tibetan Medicine. Based on the kind of constitution of the patient, oils are utilized and infused with different spices and then applied with a number of methods.

For instance, if a person’s constitution is mostly Wind, then aniseed, nutmeg, and warm sesame oil are used and combined with relaxing and gentle methods to stimulate and nourish the energy and eliminate any blockage in the energy channels. Therapy may also involve Do Nye or hot stone massage in which salt rocks, and river stones are purified in Himalayan salt and warmed and utilized as well as aromatic oil, which is applied to the body.

To rejuvenate the face and gently relax the body, seashells combined with warm oils are used. Following the massage, to remove oils from the body, heat the body and alleviate pain, salt compresses may be used. Hor Me, a form of Mongolian moxibustion in which seeds, spices, and herbs are tied into a ball of cloth ball soaked in warm healing oil before it is applied to the body is used to restore and balance the energy of a person.

Me Tza moxibustion will be utilized to painful warm acupoints on the body and promote the flow of energy. Cupping will be used to facilitate harmonious flow of energy and relieve pain.

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