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Overland Park Acupuncture for the treatment of depression and anxiety is probably the best alternative treatment available for people who suffer from these conditions due to pressures from work and relationships.  The state of a person’s mind and emotions can severely impact the health of the individual.  Also what the person eats and how he/she lives his/her life can be as important as the acupuncture treatment itself in treating anxiety and depression.  That is why besides the needling, recommendations in changes in lifestyle and diet and the use of Chinese herbs are also part of the acupuncturist’s treatment plan for people suffering from these conditions.  Acupuncture has been practiced in China around five thousand years ago as a modality for many types of illnesses.

Without adequate treatment and care, depression and anxiety can lead to serious body sicknesses. Sever anxiety may be due to panic attacks or post-traumatic stress.  Someone suffering from rapid heart beat, shortness of breath and chest pain can indicate the existence of anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine categorizes the heart as a fire organ and the kidney as a water organ.  The orientation of these organs enables them to harmoniously balance each other out and promotes good health to the body.  When the mind is not relaxed it generates heat which can cause an excess of fire in the body.  People with severe anxiety manifest this kind of excess heat problem.

Acupuncturists usually apply ear or auricular acupuncture to treat anxiety.  Anxiety often affects the liver which has deficient chi that manifests as extreme fatigue and lethargy.  More than 20% of Americans suffer from either depression or anxiety.  The liver possesses 14 energy vessels called meridians and if one or more meridians develop obstructions to the flow of energy or chi, then it will lead to dysfunctions such as poor digestive function and sleep-related problems among others.  And so, acupuncture treatment for depression and anxiety focuses on the liver with the spleen and the heart being secondary targets since they are also affected by the lack of energy of the liver.

Needles are introduced on the ear where liver meridians are located in order to remove the blockages and stimulate the normal flow of chi in those meridians once again.  Including Chinese herbal medicine with acupuncture can quicken treatment.  The needles used in acupuncture are hair thin and should be the disposable kind to promote good hygiene and prevent the rise on infections.  One should seek treatment with a licensed acupuncturist since this means a licensed practitioner means he/she is well-trained in this craft.  These types of acupuncturists know how to insert needles in a painless and bloodless way and they know the right acupuncture points to treat disorders.  Under their care, the patient will receive a safe, natural and successful treatment for his/her anxiety and depression.

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