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Tuina Massage Therapy Can Provide Stress Relief And A Whole Lot Of Other Benefits In Children

Young mothers are advised by their doctors to frequently massage the legs of their babies in order to increase blood flow to the babies’ legs, which can help them sleep better. This type of touch therapy tend to also strengthen the bond between child and mother. A full body massage for pre-schoolers can help these very young kids cope with stressors such as schoolwork. Along with its soothing effects, massage can also improve breathing and calm down hyperactive kids effectively. By means of massage courses taught by masters of this age-old therapy, a caregiver or mother can learn to sense an appropriate feel of the body area and administer the right amount of pressure to the nerve points or muscle of children.

Tuina Massage Therapy for Children

To improve a child’s immunity from common diseases and strengthen their digestive system, TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine in Maitland has been using the Grasping Belly Corner or Na Du Chiao technique. Depending on the type of the problem encountered, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to perform this massage on areas, such as back, legs, arms, and face. This special method is a branch of traditional tuina pediatric massage performed by Chinese parents to children aged 7 years old and above to boost their physiological constitution.

Tuina is used in combination with acupuncture for older children. This technique helps remove blockages to clogged acupoints that hinder a smooth flow of vital energy or chi. A blockage usually leads to tummy aches, pain and constipation, as well as allergies and colds. Because the bodies of children are still developing, their internal mechanisms aren’t string enough and sometimes they fall to illness. In certain times, the child develops a Yin and Yang imbalance which can lead to asthma necessitating a healing massage every other day or once a day.

The hazards of city life can lead to problems in the human body, resulting in pains and aches as well as respiratory and skin problems. In addition, the pressure of meeting expectations in school or work, can eventually lead to the breakdown of the body from time to time. A high level of cortisol in the child’s body can retard cell repair and growth, disturb hormone production, and hinder cognitive function and metabolism. If an adult can become chronically fatigued and get sick from too much stress, what more a child who has to deal with personal issues and conflicts every day.

Several research work has been done studying the positive effects of frequent physical contact between children and their parents. Mothers, in particular, who have spent nearly 75 percent of their time playing with and caressing their babies established a deeper emotional bond with their kids. Other cultures also promoting external expressions of physical affection in families demonstrated lower incidences of adult violence. Touch is actually a form of physical massage that relieves anxiety in children. Provide fast relief from physical exhaustion and stress to your kids!

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