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In Feng Shui, the master of your body is your liver. It has similar requirements as your surroundings and will work well if those are met. Since it oscillates, your liver tends to be in a state of flow, it likes cool, and prefers a lot of space. It is your body’s control tower that directs traffic to and fro a couple of blood vessels, the portal vein (hepatic portal vein) and the hepatic artery which brings oxygen-infused blood from the heart. The liver contracts and expands by 40 percent every 24 hour period within the boundaries of our circadian rhythm. It’s a very busy organ that carries out functions second only to the brain. Age-old cultures such as the Greeks and Mesopotamians were aware of the importance of the liver. In fact, the English called Queen Elizabeth I the liver of the state rather than the head of the state.

Traditional Chinese Medicine provides important information on the elements through the practice of Feng shui in order to produce positive chi. By way of its various talents and intrepidity, the liver is in control of the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM associates the liver with the element of wood and makes the eyes the introspective doors of the body. We’re aware that this element is suited to everything that develops in nature, and the liver is the only organ that re-grows and regenerates itself when cut in half. Wood has introspective attributes that are focused on futuristic projects and decision-making. According to New York Times reporter Natalie Angier, “the liver plays the role of a military commander who is a master of military planning,” and since it requires foresight and vision to plan and decide, it’s only right that the liver is correlated and connected to our organ of vision, our eyes.”

If you have a Wood personality, you may want your liver to be always working although you may temper it with moderation since you would not want to overload it with too much work and too many toxic substances since this can eventually lead to sclerosis and liver failure. It is actually a good idea to nourish your liver with helpful tips from our depository of feng shui knowledge:

1. Since water feeds wood, place a fountain in a proper area.

2. If required, include wind chimes, air cleaning plants, and aromatic scents such as eucalyptus or geranium.

3. With your bagua in hand, examine your layout and search for areas associated with the wood element.

4. Studies indicate that the liver may take a reactive and also a proactive role as in the control of food choice and appetite. Hence, it is wise to eat vegetables in your next meal. Prepare a cancer-preventing green soup or make yourself a green smoothie.

5. If we allow ourselves to pay attention to the soft subtle whispers of our liver, it may guide us to the right dietary choices.

6. Being the commander in chief in the circulation of blood, our liver monitors the moment to moment energy demands of our body and provides nutrients to areas that require nourishment.

7. Make it a point to observe whether chi smoothly circulates throughout your area and keep in mind that the state of flow of your mind, body, and surroundings is responsible for healthy immune responses and circulation on a cellular level. Tune in your mind/ body to your environment.

8. Check for balance! If your there is too much or too little wood-related aromas, sounds, colors or shapes, then they try to properly balance what is little and what is too much.

9. Add a fanciful gem turquoise stone in your jewelry.

10. In Feng Shui, turquoise is a color that can enhance your immunity. Therefore, wear a lush combo blue for water and green for wood.

11. Bear in mind that your liver is the drug manufacturer of the enzymes, hormones, immune molecules, clotting factors, and blood chemistry in your body. Provide your liver with a toxin-free, clean and healthy environment.

12. Finally, if you need more advice in generating space for your, liver consult with a feng shui expert.

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