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People in the Western world have woken up to the wonders and benefits of Eastern medicine.  Many have gravitated to traditional Chinese medicine particularly acupuncture to aid them in healing body aches such as the pains and wounds of the back and shoulders.   Pains caused by stress and forms kinds of body trauma are effectively addressed by acupuncture and other great homeopathic remedies.

Acupuncture has been a regular form of treatment for the Chinese for over 5,000 years.  It is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which sees the whole body as one unique organism with its own individual systems that are interconnected to each other but not necessarily always associated with each other.  The health of the whole body depends on the proper balance of its systems.  Acupuncturists are trained to know and understand the 14 main energy vessels called meridians and the acupuncture points spread across the body.  The 14 meridians lead to the major body organs such as the gall bladder, pericardium, kidney, bladder, small intestine, heart, spleen, stomach, intestines, lungs and the intangible.

To properly diagnose the condition of a patient the acupuncturist often focuses focus on the tongue and face to determine any coating or tension or presence of teeth marks and the size and color of the face.  He may also listen to any particular sounds in the body such as wheezing or if you are emitting a type of body odor. He needs to know if you suffer from any perspiration, fever or chills. If you have a bad or good appetite, if your bladder functions are working properly, if you sleep well and any other kind of observation that may show up as symptoms of a sickness.  This is much like a physical examination and the point to all this is for the acupuncturist to come up with a diagnosis dealing with the imbalances in the body.

An acupuncture procedure involves the use of filiform needles that may be inserted in the webs between the palms and thumbs so as to treat the hands and head.  The commonly felt sensation by acupuncture patients include twitching between the hand and thumb and some tingling type of sensation.  There are patients that may feel severe pain while some may feel bad headaches or nausea and also the removal of their headache.  The needles can be inserted on the head of the patient on areas that control the blood vessels of the scalp.  The needles can dilate these blood vessels helping to relieve any existing headache.

Acupuncture in Miami is a natural form of treatment and is much safer than taking drugs.  Analgesics and steroids can cause side effects like stomach acidity.  A homeopathic treatment is all natural and you are not exposed to harmful substances and toxins that can cause adverse reactions to the body.

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