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Losing weight isn’t easy. That is true as heck. It requires giving up a lot of things that you love and tons of willpower and inner strength.

But what if there is really a way that can literally give your body the ability to make those unwanted flabs vanish without suffering the ordeal of torturous weight loss programs? Well, such a thing actually exists and has been available since time immemorial for anyone who has cared to know about it thoroughly. That thing is called acupressure.

In China, people have been using acupressure for more than three thousand years. They used it to boost the mental processes of a person as well as to treat digestive conditions, nausea, pain and even weight gain.

These days, acupressure as well as its more famous cousin, acupuncture is getting more and more popular and they are now sometimes used alongside Western conventional treatments to treat certain conditions.

Researchers have now been able to map over 640 acupressure points on the human body. When an acupressure point is stimulated via the application of pressure, a remote part of the body, (which may be a hormonal gland or an internal organ) is stimulated. Based on what acupressure point you stimulate, the effects can be inhibitory or stimulatory.

When you stimulate a specific combination of acupressure points, you can weaken your appetite and feel just as if you have had a satisfying meal. Stimulating these points on a regular daily basis can eventually lessen the appetite of a person in which can be very helpful in his efforts to lose weight.

Acupressure is an extremely safe and natural procedure that practically anybody can perform. Anyone can learn it and perform it on themselves, if they wish to. It has zero side effects and it targets only a specific part of the brain, or just one gland or one organ.

Amy-Sui Qun Lui is a licensed acupuncturist in Cleveland, OH and the founder of Asian Health Center.

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