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Losing weight the wrong can cause complications.  Using the wrong method and losing a substantial amount of weight can land you in a hospital.  It is hugely recommended to lose weight in a gradual or slow way which the body can properly adapt to.  The best way to lose weight is with a good regular diet and exercise.  You need to lose excess weight gradually and naturally since you gained it gradually and slowly anyway.  Sudden overnight substantial weight loss can be dangerous and even fatal.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Weight loss surgery also known as gastric bypass surgery (GBS), has one certain risk:  The loss of a sizable amount of your stomach can mean the inadequacy of the stomach to absorb or digest enough minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the body.  Moreover GBS, forces the body to suddenly adapt to the physical changes that can result in many kinds of disorders.  These can be food intolerance, hypoglycemia, gall and kidney stone formations, stomach ulcers and dehydration.  Sometimes the surgery may cause blood clotting from the legs to the heart.  It can also cause a condition called dumping syndrome where the food you eat passes rapidly through your stomach causing various reactions like dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and even death.

Gallbladder Disease

Huge and fast loss of weight loss can lead to gallbladder problems, an observation noted by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Consistent weight variability which entails the dieter losing weight and getting it back again and then losing it in a number of cycles is called yo-yo dieting. This kind of weight instability can increase the person’s    cholesterol level in the liver which can lead to gallbladder dysfunction. One of the major functions of the gallbladder is to break down bile in the liver.  If the level of cholesterol in the liver becomes high, it can weaken the ability of the gallbladder to break down bile
Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

A diet consisting of 800 calories or less a day can lead to arrhythmia or irregular rhythm of the heart.  An abnormal heart rhythm is a very serious condition and can lead to death if the condition is truly severe.  One can acquire an abnormal heart rhythm through crash diets, ultra low calorie diets and certain pep pills that contain speed and other types of amphetamines.

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