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We are just beginning to understand the effects of GMO on hormones. As evidence mounts, there can be no doubt that GMO foods do have a huge negative impact on our easily-disrupted hormone balance. GMO corn, especially the ones that are Round up-ready, is a proven cause of hormonal imbalances. Is it really a surprise at all that GMO-corn-fed rats show abnormally high levels of estrogen when we already know that plastics and environmental pollution can lead to higher estrogen levels? One study proved that rats more than doubled their estrogen levels when they were fed with GMO.

Estrogen dominance is a condition in which there has been too much accumulation of the hormone estrogen in the body. When you have estrogen dominance, it can lead to serious symptoms and even death. Some of its symptoms include irritability, PMS, chest discomfort or oppression, weight gain, and heart attack.

In our present time, estrogen dominance now affects men. An online search will show a lot of articles related to estrogen dominance that are meant for women, since traditionally, women were the only ones who experienced this condition. Nowadays, all of us are exposed to mystery chemicals, GMO foods, pollution, and plastics (BPA) that cause our hormones to go haywire and result in unprecedented high levels of estrogens within our bodies. Too much estrogen in the body can mean body discomfort, pain, and chronic and severe stress.

Hormones can also be contagious. Based on my experience, men can carry and/or pick up estrogen and other hormones during close contact with other women and men.

Although your hormone levels can be checked by a hormone specialist who can run certain tests on you, those tests can be unreliable because hormone imbalances may not always be systemic and your hormones can congregate in specific parts of your body, as well. You also have hormones that are specific to the time of day. These hormones are difficult to test in a lab. And more often than not, hormone tests can be quite expensive costing several hundred dollars and unlikely to be covered by insurance.

The solution to estrogen dominance may be simple: just add progesterone in your body. Working the opposite of estrogen, progesterone can balance out excess estrogen. But too little progesterone can be just as bad as too much; your doctor, therefore, should give you prescription strength progesterone that’s just right for the needs of your body. You can also try estrogen supplements that can be bought OTC (over-the-counter) to see if they help. After applying progesterone cream, you feel a quick reduction in symptoms means you are on the right path to resolving estrogen dominance.

Adding progesterone to balance estrogen dominance is not a long term solution but it’s excellent as a short term treatment. Just remember external factors and not hormones are the cause of hormonal imbalances. I believe that pollution is the biggest cause of estrogen dominance. Studies have shown that pollution plays a role in the breeding habits and sexual orientation of fishes and birds. The long term solution to estrogen dominance is to clean up your air, water, and food supplies.

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