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Health experts and authorities are very much concerned about the growing threat of antibiotic resistance among individuals suffering from urinary tract infection or UTI. The truth is these professionals are deeming this to be one reason why UTI, especially among women, has turned out to become a persistent or acute health condition.

There are already about 11 million people in the United States suffering from acute UTI that is underlined by the fact that sales for over-the-counter (OTC) antibiotics has multiplied by 800%, ever since the US Food and Drug Administration allowed it to be sold even without a doctor’s prescription.

Based on research by the health community, too much dependence on antibiotics in resolving urinary tract infection is mainly why so many UTI sufferers no longer get well with antibiotic drugs.

These days, physicians permit some of their UTI patients to opt for alternative kinds of therapies particularly if they have developed some form of antibiotic resistance. This permission, though, comes attached with the condition that they (the patients) should first consult with their doctors prior to actually getting an alternative form of treatment for their urinary tract infection. In terms of safety and effectiveness, Chinese acupuncture can be ranked among the best forms of alternative treatment for urinary tract infection.

Clinical tests and medical studies have been done to give proof for the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy for UTI. The studies’ results conducted by medical scientists in Norway at the University of Bergen in Norway showed the extreme efficiency of acupuncture in treating urinary tract infection in about ¾ of the women who took part in the clinical studies.

In the reports, the acupuncture treatments were given randomly on a group of women patients. The treatment entailed the insertion of acupuncture needles on the lower extremities, back or the lower abdomen based on the diagnosis of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Treatments of acupuncture were performed two times a given a week for about a month or four weeks and any recurrence of UTI symptoms following the therapy was recorded by the researchers for about half a year.

The results were remarkable as almost ¾ (73%) of the women treated with acupuncture were completely cured of their UTI symptoms compared to just a success rate of a little above half (52%) for the women who were given other types of UTI treatment.

It is the belief of those researchers that acupuncture’s success in resolving urinary tract infection lie to its ability to lessen the levels of residue in the urine. Based on the perspective of TCM, the results were due to the success of Qi (vital energy) restoring its normal flow in the body especially in the lower stomach.

What is Qi?

The idea of Qi can be based on one aspect which is the reference to the important elements that comprises the human body, including the life giving substances. One can refer to Qi as very essential elements in the body and to any substances that sustain life such as water and food.

Clinical research about the decreasing of urine residues on patients who were given acupuncture treatment is very encouraging. With acupuncture, we can see a very high success rate for the treatment of UTI using an alternative type of modality. People have now a greater chance for success in treating urinary tract infection using alternative forms of treatment such as acupuncture.


Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness Center in central Florida.

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