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A few people may have read Acupressure Labor in some selected baby publications along with several other procedures pertaining to natural labor. If you’re past your due date, you probably may become a little anxious or be a bit concerned as to when the onset of labor actually comes. With regards to natural labor, there’s been a great deal of debate about it and you may begin hearing lots of different advices from people on what you should do when you are overdue. Some of these advices may be bizarre like, if your labor is overdue, you should try having sex, bouncing on a fit ball, walk, or even try eating spicy food, to normally induce labor.

From the onset, some people are skeptical about the effectiveness of acupressure and other Chinese medicine techniques in helping initiate labor. But since these procedures have been consistently demonstrating to help lots of women experience an inducement of labor, they are now becoming widely used to help bring about labor safely and naturally. In acupressure, pressure points are stimulated to tell the body to start the task associated with giving birth. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure doesn’t use tiny needles to promote labor and that is why it is a more preferred procedure for a lot of women.

These days, most medical doctors utilize medicated related labor induction on expectant mothers on their due date. Choosing this particular route can easily take other birthing alternatives such as homebirth out of the picture. Unfortunately, you probably will have a difficult time finding a physician that won’t suggest a chemical induction of labor once you are past your due date despite the potential harm it could cause on both child and mother. The fact that mothers who have previously suffered the side effects of using drugs to commence their previous labor forces them to now consider other safer modalities before they are overdue.

The most important thing to remember when searching for an acupuncturist is to make sure he or she is certified. Acupuncturists need to complete four years of study at an authorized college that teaches Chinese medicine. In California, there’s one governing body called California Acupuncture Committee that provides certification for an eligible individual.

A copy of an acupuncture certificate or license should be plainly displayed in the office of the practitioner showing that the practitioner has acquired accreditation from one more institution. The Nationwide Certification Commission is one example of an organization that provides certification for the right to practice traditional Chinese medicine.

When seeking a good acupuncturist, there are so many things to consider. One of this is to know what type of acupuncture the practitioner will use on you during labor since there are a wide variety of strategies that don’t utilize needles to help alleviate pain.

What Happens During Your First Consultation with Your Acupuncturist in Overland Park?

First off, your acupuncturist will ask you a series of questions related to your condition. After this, you may be given next an external assessment to check on your pulse. Your practitioner will also assess the coating and coloring your tongue.

After the initial consultation, you may be requested to lie down on a padded examining table after which tiny needles are inserted on your skin. Your practitioner may jiggle and/or twirl the needles to put them into their right position and to increase the stimulation of the acupoints.

Under a qualified acupuncturist, it is reassuring to know that when the needles are inserted in your skin, you wouldn’t feel any pain at all. The sensation most people who have undergone acupuncture experience is a little twitch that quickly dissipates. Once the needles are in location, they remain there for about 15 – 60 minutes. During this time, you may experience being tired and really peaceful and may doze off into a light slumber. At the end of the session, the tiny needles are taken out and you may be on your way.

Sometimes, an acupuncture treatment may be even more successful when the needles are initially warmed. This type of procedure is known as moxibustion. Here, the practitioner ignites a small ball of herb known as mugwort or moxa and places it on the head of the needles that have been already inserted into the patient’s skin. This herb usually burns in a slow manner and emits just a little smoke. For a lot of people, the smoke can serve as aromatic incense that adds to the soothing and relaxation of the mind and body.

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