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Being an extremely sensitive part of your body, your outer ear is filled with nerves that connect to your brain, and thus with the proper stimulus can reach any part of your body. Through proper research, we have been able to develop tools to use on our ears as a way to treat our entire body. Auricular acupuncture in Bellmore is one such tool that can help patients overcome digestive disorders, insomnia, pain, lose weight, and quit smoking, among others.

Auricular acupuncture, also known as auricular therapy or ear acupuncture has been used in China for tens of centuries. It further evolved into a more refined therapy thanks to Paul Nogier, a French neurologist from the 1950’s. Auricular acupuncture involves the application of small acupuncture needles to into the outer ear or auricle to stimulate the acupuncture points on your ear. In this type of treatment, the acupuncturist uses a thick but smaller needle than the ones used in traditional acupuncture. This not only allows the patient to feel less discomfort or pain on the ear, it also enables the acupuncturist more ease to sue using a variety of acupoints on the patient’s ear, which is usually tricky and small to maneuver around.

Auricular acupuncture may also or instead use small magnetic beads or vaccaria plant seeds to cure stagnation and reinvigorate your blood in lieu or as a complement to the acupuncture needles in the ears. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM believe that the ear is a miniature representation of the entire human body, and so by stimulating the acupoints on your ear, any disorders can potentially be treated that otherwise could be addressed using the acupuncture points on your body.

Actually if one observes the ear, they can see how it might resemble an inverted fetus with its feet and hands pointing towards the top of your ear and the lobe representing the fetus’s head and the shoulder acupoints are located where the shoulder of the fetus would be.

Auricular acupuncture is often used along with acupoints on the other areas of the body. The practitioner use points on the patient’s body and points on the patient’s ear. He then may attach ear seeds on the same ear acupoints after treatment. The magnets pr seeds are tape to the patient’s ear using a bandage or adhesive-like material. This allows the patient to stimulate the corresponding acupoints a few times a day, which usually is three to four days after the last treatment. The extra stimulation boosts the effectiveness and benefits of your acupuncture treatment.

While it might be easy to find maps of the auricular acupoints, we do not recommend using them to treat another person or yourself. In fact, law states that auricular acupuncture should only be performed by a certified or qualified acupuncturist or TCM Practitioner.