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For over 2000 years, the Chinese have been practicing an ancient healing technique known as Zuo Yue Zi, which translates to “Sit the month.” This therapy is designed for new mothers to facilitate their recovery by providing them with nutritious, convenient and tasty meals prepared with Chinese herb.

Before the West began to study how food works on the human body, the Chinese have been studying its ingredients for millennia. They grouped the ingredients into four classifications: Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold. This does not refer to the temperature by which the food was cooked or whether the food is icy cold or piping hot; rather, it pertains to its effect on the human body. By the same token, the condition of a person’s body can be classified into Cool or Hot based on his constitution. The objective of Chinese nutritional therapy is to recompense the state of health of your body with various types of food to bring about harmony. A body that has just experienced postpartum is deemed to be cold and very weak, and so implies eating diet of Warm and Hot ingredients or foods to replenish the heat.

Since a postpartum body, during pregnancy, has been through a lot, it is unwise to introduce naturally hot foods right away. What we want is to slowly introduce a 3-stage process (Mild, Warm, Heat) that will promote the process of recovery. The three important elements of Yue Zi (rice wine, sesame oil, and ginger) should also be included in the meal.

Rice Wine: to enhance metabloism, bolster blood flow and heat up the body.

Ginger: to dispel humidity and get coldness in the body

Sesame Oil: sesame oil is used in Maitland traditional Chinese medicine, to help nourish the kidney and live to help contract the uterus.

A wide variety of Chinese herbs is also used including the bark of Eucommia Ulmoides, huang se, dang gui, dried longan, and Red Dates. All these ingredients used in postpartum condition are designed to help the new mother recover more effectively and faster than consuming the wrong ingredients during pospartum.

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One of the most underrated and yet powerful therapy that can help heal a person suffering from headaches or migraines is food. For me, it is a bit surprising that there are people who believe they are following a healthy daily diet only to find out that for the most part, what they eat has extremely low nutritional content. Much of the food we eat today actually causes inflammation in the body.
Gabriel Cousens M.D. in his book, “There is a Cure for Diabetes” states that out of the seven stages of illness, inflammation is the fourth. Migraines and headaches are manifestations of inflammation within the head. You have foods that exacerbate the problem and cause inflammation and foods that will make you better. Chinese nutritional therapy is a very sensible and simple treatment that utilizes food as a tool to truly help a person heal.

Foods that can bring about migraines and headaches:

Eggs: If your digestive system is weak or if your stomach does not contain enough hydrochloric acid, consuming eggs can increase the amount of ammonia in your stomach, which can irritate and saturate your CNS or central nervous system. Therefore, you may need to completely refrain from eating eggs.

Dairy: This type of food produces mucus in the body adding pressure to the lymphatic system, and eventually increases pressure on the CNS. Refrain from eating all dairy products.

Meat (chicken, beef, and pork): Dense proteins can increase the production of ammonia in the body when your digestive system is weak and when you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Again too much ammonia in your stomach can irritate and saturate your CNS.

Gluten (rye, wheat, spelt, barley). Gluten increases the histamines in your body and disrupts the function of your immune system, both of which can trigger migraines. Eliminate gluten in your diet.

Salt: Refrain from using table salt. Pick Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt if you need to use salt.
Fermented Foods (kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, ketchup): vinegar-based and fermented food make your body acidic by lowering the pH in your intestinal tract, which then can result in migraines.

Additives (Splenda, Asparatame, MSG): These products are neurotoxins and can easily trigger migraine headaches.

Oils: The oils causing inflammation include canola, cottonseed, corn and palm oil, which when non-organic or heated can be extremely inflammatory. Coconut oil that has been cold pressed and not been heated is the best oil for migraine sufferers.

Chocolate: To the CNS, chocolate can be extremely aggressive and overstimulating. It is actually categorized as a neurotoxin that can activate migraines. Some individuals believe that caffeine and chocolate can actually relieve migraines. They’ve felt that effect because caffeine can activate the adrenals to produce large amounts of adrenalin that flood the body and this acts as a temporary halt of the inflammation helping prevent migraine symptoms. After a while though, the effect of caffeine weakens which can lead to negative consequences.

Alcohol: This substance injures the liver and is extremely dehydrating.

Healing Foods for migraines and headaches:
Foods commonly eaten that promote blood and yin in the body:
Swiss chard
Bok choy
Celery (one of the best)
Romaine lettuce
Collard greens
Goji berries
Mustard greens
All leafy green vegetables

Many of those abovementioned foods are cold by nature, which is good since the body needs to be cooled down when you have migraine or headache. Most fruits and veggies are naturally thermally cold besides flooding the body with essential nutrients, they can help alleviate inflammation in your body as well.

I would recommend for migraine and headache sufferers to undergo a thirty-day detoxification program where you eat nothing but fruits (25 percent) and veggies (75 percent). You may need to adapt to the program if you’ve been eating meat all your life. Since vegetables and fruits contain protein in them, you’ll eventually learn to adjust. The initial seven days may be very difficult than most people but after just a week of eating this alone, you’ll be able to feel your headaches and migraines significantly decreasing in magnitude and frequency.

Chinese nutritional therapy has proven to be a powerful but simple way to guide you on the path to healing from migraines and headaches.

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To function optimally, the body requires proper nourishment. Based on the principles of Chinese nutritional therapy, nourishment of the body is derived from three sources.

1. Shen Chi – this energy stems from nourishing and healthy relationships that’s taken into the Heart where it is then transformed into Chi or life energy.

2. Da Chi – this is the energy that comes from the air we breathe. It is sent to the Lungs, where it is processed and transformed into the Chi that’s also essential for life.

3. Gu Chi – this energy comes from the food and fluids we respectively eat and drink. It is digested in the Abdomen, Spleen, and Pancreas, and converted into the Chi that nourishes all of our cells.

These three energies are sent to the Kidneys and converted into the defensive energy of the body: Wei Chi, (in the form of white blood cells), as well as the nourishing energy that feeds the organs and powers all bodily functions: Ching Chi.

Useful Nutritional Guidelines:

The basic fuel of the body is food, and its quality determines the health and well being of our spirit, mind, and body. When we consume a clean healthy diet, made up mostly of organically grown whole grains, veggies, and fruits, as well not chemically treated good protein in the form of lean meat, beans, chicken, and fish, will provide the best nourishment and not overwork our kidneys and liver, the two body cleansing organs of our body.

1. Refrain from eating sugar, white flour, and other refined carbohydrates. These include soft drinks, pretzels, potato chips, corn chips, white rice, pasta, white bread, sweets, etc.). We are definitely sure that the refined carbohydrate high sugar diets we eat are the major contributors to the frightening rise of auto- immune diseases, diabetes, and chronic diseases that are becoming more and more endemic each day.

2. Drink lots of water, at least 8 to 10 ounces every day.

3. Do not deprive yourself. Relish your food, and delight in the flavors. When you enjoy your foods, your health stands to benefit. Nevertheless, when you eat, do so based on proper principles enumerated in this article and change your diet every now and then.

4. Do not buy products having colors that are added to foods as well as foods that have chemical names you can’t pronounce. Always read the labels. A lot of the chemicals placed into foods nowadays are considered poison.

5. Limit your intake of fruit juices, alcohol, and coffee.

6. For cooking, use extra-virgin olive oil. Some oils tend to oxidize and leave poisonous residues. Stay away from saturated fat, such as animal fats and butter, and use on your salads only cold-pressed oils.

7. Never overeat. Chew your food thoroughly and slowly and consume smaller portions as they can help normalize your blood sugar levels.

Supplementation is needed to support the body in its healing from certain conditions and would be different from person to person.

In the quest to function at an optimal level, even if one is adhering to a strict dietary program, they are still not sure if they are getting all the nutrients they need from foods. The soil no longer has all the minerals and micronutrients that the food which our grandparents ate. Soil depletion caused by too much use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has wreaked damage to the environment. Hence, it is essential that we supplement our diets with minerals and vitamins to guarantee we’re getting a full complement of nourishment.

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For thousands of years, Chinese nutritional therapy has been used much as medicinal herbs as a means to vastly improve health. Food was considered a tool to heal illness and prevent its development which preserved and maintained health and ensured the survival of the human race.

This nutritional model provides a holistic and qualitative concept of distinctly recommended foods that focuses on the flavor and energetic characteristics of foods as well as their thermal properties. This model works because it is founded on the fundamental principles of natural laws, is a commonsensical diet that’s easy to follow, and includes most of the foods we eat on a regular basis anyway. Chinese nutritional therapy follows a simple and very sound principle: to cool the heat, to warm the cold, add where it is too little, and to reduce where there is too much energetically.

Food energetics is based on each individual’s personal constitution, symptoms, and past medical history. All these are taken into account by a Chinese nutritional therapist who then devises a dietary plan to address a problem. This energetics will involve foods to avoid and foods to eat, how to combine various flavors, and how to prepare them. A diet plan will be specifically recommended, if there are any pre existing health issues, in order to resolve to remove exacerbating drinks and foods and to insert foods that promote natural homeostatic balance.

Basic prescriptions

As a rule, diet should be made up of:

• 5 percent raw foods such fruits and salads (except in summer)

• 5 percent fish, chicken, game, beef, and meat-lamb

• 30 to 40 percent cooked veggies such as fennel, lentils, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes

• 50 to 80 percent grains including barley, corn, millet, barley, rice, oats, wheat, and spelt

• Use of unprocessed and high quality (if possible, organic) foods

• Avoiding eating when angry, stressed, or upset.

• Chewing food well and refraining from rushing meals

• Not eating while at the desk, in front of the computer, watching TV, or while otherwise preoccupied

• Not drinking minimal amounts of fluids during meal-large portions since this dilutes the digestion process and prevents proper absorption resulting in lack of Chi (vital energy) and tiredness

• Eating foods that are appropriate for the season

• For people on a vegetarian diet, it is essential that they include energetically warming foods recommended by a qualified nutritional therapist in Overland Park.

• In general, it is recommended that you consume smaller amounts of food and eat one cooked meal a day, at the minimum. If your digestion is weak, you need to eat foods that are easy to digest (transform) and distribute through tissues.

The greater part of formulating a plan of treatment for each of my patients is a proper dietary arrangement.

Because Chinese nutritional therapy differs from the typical western concept of foods, there are often many changes to be made, more so when cooked versus raw foods are concerned.

However, alterations to a person’s diet should be made in incremental and gradual achievable steps, so that the body slowly gets used to the new ways. This approach never fails to produce results, since it is easy to adjust to the needs of the modern man and woman and is designed to match their unique constitutional requirements.

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Some people in Western societies have been known to subsist on just a single type of food. In East Asia, particularly in China, people usually eat a variety of foods to preserve health and to promote balance in their minds and bodies. In Chinese culture, no food is maligned or consumed in excess. Food is a way to achieve balance between people and their natural cycle, and environment. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb saying that goes, “Bitter, sour, pungent: all should be tasted.” You have foods that have been known to change an individual’s disposition towards, restlessness or fatigue, and there are various foods that are recommended for the different seasons of the year.

People susceptible to cold usually prefer warming foods; people who get cold easily tend to prefer spices and warming foods over foods that are cold, in traditional Chinese medicine. Every food has its own specific thermal property. Food can create certain effects on the body besides its physical temperature, (you can break out in sweats by eating a curry). Foods and herbs with hot properties include ginger, chili peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg, green onions, and walnuts. In the winter or on a very cold day, these foods can be very good to eat. Conversely, people living in a tropical or hot climate who may be hot prefer citrus, tomato, mint tofu, lettuce, milk, cucumber, celery and lettuce.

The world of natural foods in traditional Chinese medicine is designed to beef up and balance the various parts of our bodies. We need to eat foods of different colors (white garlic, green spinach, yellow squash, black sea vegetables red tomatoes, and purple eggplant). When considering the wide range of colors, Chinese nutritional therapists are likely to bundle a few groups, (e.g. fruits and vegetables) into preparations that are lavish and highly attractive. Interestingly, scientific studies have proven that phytochemicals in colored plant foods have special health-giving qualities. For example, peppers, watermelon, and red tomatoes all are known to carry lycopene, a powerful biochemical compound; Several sulfides have been suspected to increase immunity, eliminate bacteria and prevent cancer. They include carrot, squash, apricots, and other orange or yellow fruits that are rich in beta carotene. They can substantially reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Most foods In the West are over-processed, but due to the growing negative feedback of eating factory farmed and processed foods, many of us are now slowly turning to free range and organically grown foods. If you have eaten organic foods in the past, traditional Chinese medicine can still recommend following a different endeavor in the kitchen. Since salads and other raw cold foods are quite difficult to digest, they should be eaten in moderation. For older people and for those suffering from poor health, cooked foods are considered beneficial for their condition since cooking free up the nutrients in those making them easier to digest. Foods that are cooked are warm which may facilitate the raising of body temperature. If you eat cold raw foods, you need to eat them along with digestion-boosting and warming ingredients such as garlic (that can go with cucumber salad) or miso (can be used for dressing lettuce salad).

Moderation is an important factor to consider in traditional Chinese medicine since eating the right foods not only can improve your health, it can also help extend your lifespan. There is another Chinese saying that states, “eat until you are 70 percent full if you want to live a long life.” A Japanese version of this states that you need to eat until you are 80 percent full. When you eat in excessive amounts, you just stress your body, particularly your digestive system, needlessly. Therefore, in order to acquire the benefits of moderation, quite eating before you become 100 percent full.

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Chinese medicine practitioners in Jacksonville are trained to know the right herbs and herbal remedies to use in order to treat a specific health problem. They may also use other modalities like nutritional/diet therapy, massage therapy, acupressure/acupuncture, and Qi gong. There was hardly ever a need for surgery for illnesses in the Chinese medical system, unless an emergency arose. Hundreds of years ago, the Chinese had no real understanding of anatomy; they instead relied on the energy channels called meridians within the body to resolve a condition. Now, modern science has revealed that our material bodies not solid at all, as perceived through our senses, and are nothing but a swirling and vibrating mass of energy. Those meridians are believed to transport blood, energy from one organ system to another in a free, continuous, and smooth flow. But to have this kind of flow, we need to live a satisfied, emotionally balanced life. We also need to perform daily exercises and take in the right foods and drinks. Only then can we be assured of a life free of disease free life and, barring any unfortunate accidents, a long one at that.

Unfortunately, most of us do not eat a healthy diet nor do we perform daily exercises. Habits like overindulgence of pleasurable activities, drinking alcohol, and smoking have been clinically proven to be extremely harmful to our health. Sex does also play a huge role in the state of our mental and physical well being as well as in longevity. After we pass the age of 40, we need to be especially concerned about our sexual health, and for men, this is especially true.

Each person is different in his/her own unique way, despite the fact that we all come from the same human species. The distinctions all the way down to our genetic makeup are familial, religious, cultural, and geographic. In blood types for instance, – we have types like O, A, AB, B, hence the constitution of our blood may not be the same as our friend, neighbor, and lover. Studies show that the drinks and foods that we take in affect us bio-medically in different ways, especially when our blood type is taken into account. For instance, studies have shown that A blood types may seldom live longer than 60 years of age. These people tend to have a high risk of heart disease and cancer that kill these people at a very early age. The suspected culprit is a diet containing high saturated fats. For A blood types, would it be a good idea to recommend a vegetarian diet? It’s certainly worth considering. This is where the dietary advisor comes into the picture that sometimes, may be more important than your own doctor.

When it comes to real nutrition, blood typing must be analyzed for your nutritional needs. Herbs and foods are the biggest sources for good health. They must be customized based on your own specific needs. For those who are suffering from chronic illnesses and for those who believe they are healthy but have not been checked properly for their nutritional requirements, this is extremely important. In its approach to health, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a truly holistic form of therapy. It considers the individual and all the organ systems in the body, including the mind and heart as a whole. Balance is extremely necessary and you are definitely not in balance if you’re suffering from dis-ease. Most of the time, there are several things that need to be addressed and Traditional Chinese Medicine definitely addresses the wholeness of your being.