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Bellmore Acupuncture, an ancient medical technique used by the Chinese for a wide range of their health problems.  It is a treatment whereby well-being and good health is achieved by the use of fine needles inserted into the individual’s skin at certain points.  These points correspond to energy pathways called meridians that are connected to various parts of the body.  The meridians are groups … Continue reading

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Chronic shoulder pain happens when muscles around the shoulder joint become tense. The most common area affected by this is the scapula. The tense muscles of the upper body often cause pressure on the scapula bone which causes the shoulder pain.  Besides the upper body muscles, the rotator cuff muscles likewise can often suffer tightness.  These muscles are actually surrounded by muscles of the upper … Continue reading

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Chronic pain can be acquired in so many ways.  Some of it may come from aging, illness or injury. Chronic pain often affects, if not the whole body, at least many parts of the body; however more often than not it is the back that is usually affected.  Chronic back pain needs to be taken care promptly because if left untreated it can be a … Continue reading

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Overland Park Acupuncture for the treatment of depression and anxiety is probably the best alternative treatment available for people who suffer from these conditions due to pressures from work and relationships.  The state of a person’s mind and emotions can severely impact the health of the individual.  Also what the person eats and how he/she lives his/her life can be as important as the acupuncture … Continue reading

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Renowned for its benefits in removing pain be it acute, chronic or sundry, acupuncture for pediatric healthcare does not seem to ring a bell for many people.  At any rate, Saratoga Springs acupuncture is a proven effective treatment for pediatric asthma.  First, we must ask the question what is acupuncture.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment procedure that uses hair thin needles inserted at specific … Continue reading

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One of the most problematic health issues facing the Untied States nowadays is the number of people suffering from high cholesterol.  High cholesterol, contrary to widespread belief that it is due to cardiovascular problems, is actually the body’s inability to normally assimilate or synthesize lipoproteins or cholesterol in the body.  The cholesterol and triglycerides gets stored in the blood and this heightens the risk of … Continue reading

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Acupuncture for treating addiction is a very good alternative in lieu of methadone, which is used for mitigating withdrawal side effects.  Methadone itself is highly addictive and its use is just to alleviate the pain of withdrawal.  It does not address really the root of the addiction.

There is really no western pharmaceutical cure for pharmaceutical addiction.  Cocaine, heroin and LSD are all pharmaceutical drugs … Continue reading