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Some years ago, in Taiwan’s China Medical University School of Nursing, a double-blind clinical trial involving acupressure meridian massage was performed on premature infants. The treatment was administered on some of these infants three times a day for ten days 15 minute per session. Before the feeding, the treatment group during the sessions was given stomach meridian massage and acupressure kneading applications and had their … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t want to look young looking once again? People who have shekels to spend will choose cosmetic surgery while most of us are forced to resort to expensive potions, lotions, and creams to achieve this. But these products rarely provide the results you truly want. However, there is an inexpensive safe and natural technique that can improve your looks. It is called acupressure facelift … Continue reading

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As a species, we are no longer hunter-gatherers; therefore, we no longer need to build extreme muscles. This means we really don’t need to do anymore any heavy elaborate muscle building exercises, squash, or jogging. Of course, there are exceptions to this, as indeed there are to everything! What activities most people can derive benefits from are gentle internal activities that enhance blood flow and … Continue reading

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I am sometimes asked whether any Feng Shui remedy to quiet a noisy neighbor exists. The kind of chronic noise can differ and depend on what is causing it. Knowing those factors can determine what type of approach should be taken.

One of my clients who complained about a noisy neighbor told me that the neighbor they share an apartment wall with are a couple … Continue reading

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For the past few years, more and more healing techniques that are dissimilar from the conventional modes of treatment practiced by physiotherapists and physicians are coming to the fore. Thanks to social media and the internet, healing practices from different cultures are now easily being taught and shared with each other.

Gua Sha therapy is one of these. It is a natural non-invasive therapy that … Continue reading