29. April 2012 · Comments Off on 5 Positive Steps to Lessen Back Pain · Categories: Acupuncture

Here are some steps that can help in reducing low back pain.

  1. Massage – Massage is a very big part of lessening low back pain.  It helps your back relax those taut and tensed up or even damaged muscles in the back that is causing the low back pain.   This therapy also helps improve blood circulation to the back and help heal any injuries or
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21. April 2012 · Comments Off on A Few Types of Alternative Medicine in Miami · Categories: Acupuncture · Tags: , , , ,

The ways and means of treatments you can choose from are varied ranging from conventional treatments to alternative remedies.  Many people are starting to see the horrible side effects caused by prescription drugs and are getting to learn more by researching natural alternative therapies for their condition.  Many more people each day are being convinced of the many benefits of alternative medicine.  Most of these … Continue reading

14. April 2012 · Comments Off on Some Helpful Ways to Relieve Sciatica in Linwood · Categories: Acupuncture · Tags: ,

Sciatica according to some is known as “phantom pain.”  This condition can be as mild as a dull ache to sharp stabbing pain usually felt at the buttocks and radiating down to the leg, foot and toes.  What are the causes of sciatica and what treatments are available to address this painful problem?

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The bulk of prescriptions pharmacists get daily are for addressing body pain including advanced pain relief, neck pain relief or back pain relief.  This defines chronic pain as a very major bane to modern society.

Here are some of the modalities used to address chronic pain today:

  1. Massage – The number of adherents for massage therapy or sometimes called physiotherapy are growing by the day. 
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