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Wang, Wen, Wen, Qie. In TCM, this means looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse. These are the four methods a TCM doctor uses to determine a patient’s illness. Seems too simple to be true!

Dr. Wan Guowei is vice president of Beijing hospital of TCM. We ask him why TCM doctors use the four methods of diagnosis to determine illnesses. Dr. Guowei says, “observing … Continue reading

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Characterized by hyperglycemia, Diabetes Mellitus is a syndrome caused by faulty or ineffective secretion of insulin by the body. Diabetes can lead to several complications such as nephropathy, retinopathy, peripheral arterial and atherosclerotic coronary disease as well as autonomic and peripheral neuropathies. Diabetes can be divided into two types: (Insulin Dependent) and Non insulin dependent (NIDDM).

Diabetes is known as Xiao Ke in Bellingham Traditional Continue reading

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In Feng Shui, the master of your body is your liver. It has similar requirements as your surroundings and will work well if those are met. Since it oscillates, your liver tends to be in a state of flow, it likes cool, and prefers a lot of space. It is your body’s control tower that directs traffic to and fro a couple of blood vessels, … Continue reading

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According to Chinese philosophy and theory, yin and yang are opposite yet appreciative energies in the world and the universe. Yang represents everything masculine, controlling, or positive and yin, the other energy, is characterized as feminine, passive, or earthy. One is neither greater nor less than the other; yin and yang represent the ideal state of harmony, union, and balance as both energies are prerequisites … Continue reading

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Traditional Chinese medicine in Jacksonville, more simply known as TCM has a history of over 4000 years but is taken until quite recently for the techniques to catch on outside China. Still, these days combining TCM with Western diagnosis and treatments is growing in popularity around the world.

China’s 5000 years of history gave birth to the extensive and profound culture of traditional Chinese … Continue reading

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One of the most common questions I get is how does traditional Chinese medicine in Jacksonville actually diagnose illness? People have a lot of misconceptions about medicine and I’ve had multiple people ask me, so do you just look at a person’s aura or have a yin-yang that somehow diagnosis disease? I don’t think people realize just how scientific Chinese medicine actually is. So in … Continue reading

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All over America, people have been turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) more and more to assist them with problems related to the modern age. As the workdays lengthen and the pace of life accelerates, personal time that used to be spent for nourishment and relaxation has now become a prohibitive luxury in most people’s schedule. The modern way of life provides us with many … Continue reading

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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in West Orange, the liver is responsible for the flow of energy or qi in the body. It is also the organ that affects decision making and strategy, controls the emotions of frustration, irritability, and anger, controls the relaxation and contraction of muscles, and stores blood (which it discharges to other part of the body, when needed). Practitioners and … Continue reading