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Losing weight is a never-ending struggle for a lot of people. The pounds just won’t come off no matter how hard they try. All the endless hours in the gym and dieting leave them hungry, fatigued, and infinitely frustrated due to lack of progress. For some, it might be due to a hormonal condition known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, for short. This disorder makes it all but impossible to lose weight and can lead to many possible symptoms. Treatment options are available from both Western and Eastern medicine. Eastern treatments rely on herbal therapy and acupuncture while Western treatments involve various forms of hormone therapy.

PCOS sufferers develop many cysts on their ovaries, hence the name of the condition. Other symptoms and signs include obesity, weight gain (typically, in the abdomen), irregular periods, acne, thinning hair on the scalp, and excessive hair growth on the face. PCOS sufferers who exercise really hard would find that no matter how much they exercise, the weight in the belly would just never go away which can really be frustrating. They typically will miss a period completely or have delayed cycles when their period comes; and when it comes, it is usually quite painful. This cycle disruption makes it also very hard for them to get pregnant. PCOS is, in fact, one of the top causes of female infertility although many women are not even aware they have it. A lot of the symptoms can be linked to a high level of testosterone, which PCOS sufferers have. Chinese Medicine can help them by restoring ovulation, regulating their natural cycle, and balance their body

Eastern Medicine takes a holistic approach to PCOS while Western medicine looks at it in a linear way. This means that when you have a specific illness, in Eastern medicine this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the same treatment as another patient with the same problem. Practitioners of Eastern medicine treat not just treat the symptoms but the underlying root of the problem as well. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, PCOS can be determined through three different diagnoses. People with PCOS may suffer from a combination of two or all three syndromes or just one syndrome. The most common diagnosis is a combination of all three syndromes. These three diagnoses/syndromes are Blood and/or Qi Stagnation, Deficiency in Kidney Yang, and Damp and/or Phlegm Accumulation. If all three are present, one syndrome usually predominates, although all three should be addressed. Along with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments to tonify Kidney Yang, move Qi and Blood, and clear damp and phlegm are used. Research reveals that electro-acupuncture therapies are the most effective treatments for PCOS. The mild electrical pulses can help reduce testosterone levels in the body.

PCOS suffers should take their condition very seriously. It can lead to even more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes aside from the obvious physical signs. A plan of treatment that includes a regular exercise routine, Chinese herbal medicine, and acupuncture in Fremont, can help you maintain healthy hormone levels and avoid hormone therapy.

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Shingles, or “Herpes Zoster”, is the chickenpox virus reactivated. People with a compromised immune system are very vulnerable to this disease which strikes without warning. Shingles can be the result of overstress, surgery, the use and of anti-cancer, immuno-suppressant and corticosteroid drugs.
Symptoms include severe stabbing pain, tenderness, and a burning sensation on the skin. Strips of rash with blisters or a red strip appear within a week. They oftentimes develop on the thigh, groin, abdomen, shoulder, scalp, eyes, head, face, or along the ribs.

The virus can cause complications like PHN or postherpetic neuralgia. This is a condition in which the pain can last for months or even years after the rash have dried out. Acupuncture works well for this type of pain. The virus tends to attack the nerve sensors found under the skin, amplifying the heat and pain; the pain is quite resistant to painkillers.

Can Acupuncture Treat Shingles?

In China, it is considered that the most effective treatment for herpes zoster is acupuncture. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the rise shingles is due to a combination of deficiency and excess in the body. Old people with a deficient constitutional energy and younger people who are suffering from exhaustion are vulnerable to this disease.

The risk of complications become higher when the weakness of the patient is more pronounced, which means that a longer course of treatment against the disease is required.

Acupuncture treatments are aimed at boosting the strength of the immune system, which is the main reason for the outbreak. The acupuncturist can come up with a treatment protocol based on the location of the lesions, specifically on the locations where the lesions intersect the meridians.

For people who want a natural approach to their problem and would rather avoid taking medications or those resistant to drugs, acupuncture is an effective and ideal alternati9ve for treating the pain caused by shingles.

To treat the rash, apply fresh leek juice, raw honey, or aloe vera gel over the rash many times a day. Infected blisters can treated with hydrogen peroxide. To help ease the sores, use peppermint tea, mugwort, cool goldenseal, apple cider vinegar, or even baking soda solution over the sores.

Izumi “Zoe” Schutz, L.Ac., is a Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist in Austin, Texas.

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The tiny love of your life has arrived! Now it’s time to prioritize your time and attention to the care, raising and nourishing your newborn baby, but in the midst of your caregiving and love, what often gets neglected is your own health and recuperation after delivery. To recover from exhaustion, stress, tension, and the depleting effects of pregnancy and delivery, you need time, rest, and good nutrition.

Furnishing all the nutrients and nutrition that you’ve used up during pregnancy will take a year or so. This period is known as the post-partum phase. During this time, a lot of mothers are prone to suffer from post-partum depression or problems with lactation. Therefore, providing post-partum care for the mother is extremely important and should be done at the soonest possible time.

Post-partum Depression

Depression is one huge concern that may occur within one year after birth. This condition can appear in various forms from mood swings to anxiety, frustration, anger, and/or sadness. Accompanying depression are physical symptoms such as insomnia, body pain and aches, and fatigue. For new mothers, this is a serious problem that’s usually viewed by members of the woman’s family as a problem. Seeking the advice of your family doctor is important both for your health and your baby’s. For the early onset of mild to moderate depression, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are ideal modes of treatment. The belief is that the pregnancy and post-partum phase has led to a depletion of essential nutrients in the form of blood and yin. Diet is a key factor in maintaining health. It’s essential to eat more leafy greens and meat during this time. In this case, one to a couple months of herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment is recommended. Symptoms should improve within a few weeks, but the treatment should continue to prevent the depression from returning. The cause of past-partum symptoms is physical but it can also trigger emotional issues such as depression. A close collaboration between your healthcare provider and your acupuncturist is the best way to ensure your health and safety.


Breast feeding is the best food you can provide your baby; however, lots of mothers are having lactation problems that make it difficult to nourish their babies with this all-important food. Problems with lactation are a quite common concern and are usually divided into two categories:

1. Inadequate milk production

2. Being laden with milk but have problems releasing it

With regards to the inadequate production of milk, this matter is brought about by a deficiency in nutrition. To produce lots of milk, the best way is to increase your diet with foods rich in iron like deep leafy greens, lamb, and beef. You also need take iron supplements regularly even after delivery. Also, you can add Chinese herbal medicine in the form of tea to stimulate the production of milk and to improve your general health, as well.

If you have a problem letting down your milk, acupuncture is the best way to resolve this. Stress usually causes the ducts to close or be obstructed; acupuncture in Vancouver can boost circulation to help relieve anxiety and stress, helping relax the body which leads to the release of the milk. The treatment can also prevent and treat mastitis (a breast infection caused by a blocked duct) in addition to helping with engorged breasts.

The symptoms of postpartum depression include:

o Backaches, muscle aches, belly aches, or headaches
o Changes in eating habits or appetite
o Exhaustion or fatigue
o Sleeping problems (especially going back to sleep)
o Loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy
o Negativity – guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, or sadness
o Anger
o Tearfulness or crying
o Worry and anxiety
o Problems concentrating
o Hypersensitivity or irritability

What is postpartum anxiety?

You may be suffering from postpartum anxiety disorder if you’re experiencing feelings of recurrent panic or intense worry. The symptoms of anxiety typically arise in the first two to three weeks after the birth of a baby, several weeks later they can reach a distressing level.

Symptoms include:

o Fear of losing control, of going crazy, or of dying
o Cold or hot flashes
o Faintness
o Sweating
o Shaking and trembling
o Tingling in the feet and hands
o Dizziness
o Sensation of mothering or choking
o Chest discomfort or pains
o Shortness of breath
o Agitation and restlessness
o Extreme irritability or anxiety

What causes post-partum depression?

Post-partum depression does not arise from a single cause but is a combination of genetic, psychological, environmental, biochemical, and hormonal factors.

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If you think Botox injections, cosmetic surgery, and other so-called miracle cures are the only ways to look young again, you’re missing something that’s been used for thousands to make women and even men not only look younger but make them feel young and healthy as well. Cosmetic acupuncture in Encino is an age-old solution that truly works for an age-old problem.

Unlike the swelling, bruising, and longer period of recovery associated with plastic surgery, the facial rejuvenation procedure known as cosmetic acupuncture is far less painful and does not entail any recovery time.

Despite being a relative newbie to Western culture, cosmetic acupuncture was actually used on a frequent basis by Chinese emperors and empresses for thousands of years. This treatment approach takes into account the whole body in order to bring about a more toned and youthful skin that does not require the use of electrical stimulation, drugs, chemicals, or surgery. It is a remarkable and very effective treatment for the face and stomach.

In the US, a type of cosmetic acupuncture known as Mei Zen, has been slowly gaining popularity throughout the years. Mei Zen practitioners are exceptional acupuncturists who specialize in this type of procedure. They are trained in a very specific protocol and apply unique needling procedures compared to traditional acupuncture techniques. Mei Zen acupuncture follows the teachings written in ancient Chinese medical texts that show the exact configuration and location of needles in order to rejuvenate the complexion and synergistically restore balance to the body. The needles are applied into the appropriate acupoints to effect a three-pronged change: 1. To boost the manufacture of collagen and elastin that lessen wrinkles, 2. To enhance the flow of energy (chi) and blood) via the widening of local blood vessels leading to the flow of more nutrients to the cells to assist regeneration, and 3. To improve health resulting in a natural youthful appearance.

A typical facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment plan may involve one hour sessions two times a week for at least five weeks. Hair-thin needles are stuck into pre-determined acupoints during treatment. The needles are superficially inserted into the surface of the skin.

You can expect the reduction of deep lines, the disappearance of fine lines, and an overall improvement in your complexion with facial acupuncture. It even works against acne, rosacea, and lots of other skin conditions. There are other benefits from this treatment as well due to the fact that it is based on the principle that optimal health can only be attained when the systems of the body are in balance. Women who avail themselves of facial acupuncture can expect fewer night sweats and hot flashes, better sleep cycles and digestion, and the relief of anxiety and depression. People who choose stomach acupuncture should expect a boost in their sex drive and fertility. Most people who have undergone cosmetic acupuncture say that even after just one session, they feel an overall feeling of wellness, lifting, lightness, tingling, and warmth.

Studies have shown that cosmetic acupuncture works which is one reason why it has grown in popularity. One such study that was featured in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture involved 300 human subjects who were treated with facial acupuncture. The study led to marked outcomes in around 90 percent of the participants after only the first course of treatment.

From the perspective of the consumer, cosmetic acupuncture is attractive because it is relatively inexpensive compared to Botox injections and face lift surgery. Moreover, maintenance is also relatively cheap.

Although it is a safe and all-natural treatment, cosmetic acupuncture may not work for everyone. The acupuncturist should thoroughly assess a patient to see if the treatment will work on him/her and also to determine if there any internal imbalances that must be addressed first. People with high blood pressure, seizure disorders, severe chronic diseases, or have had a stroke are not suited for this procedure although they may find symptomatic relief through other types of Chinese medicine modalities.

The cosmetic acupuncture Mei Zen procedure is exhaustive in that it gives a lot of supportive aspects to the five-week procedure. One type of Chinese medicine treatment that’s often used in Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture is Chinese herbal remedies. These remedies use herbs that are known to treat imbalances in the body and benefit the skin. They are formulated based on the patient’s specific needs. Another adjuvant modality is food therapy. It outlines a customized program of foods that are aimed at nourishing the skin and restoring balance to the body. The treatment plan may also include Qi Gong exercises to facilitate vitality and health restoration.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic therapy that will yield noticeable improvements although the results may vary from person to person. Also depending on how much a person addresses other areas of attention such as stress reduction, and exercise the new look can last for a long time or just a few days or weeks. All in all, cosmetic acupuncture is a sound alternative that is a fraction of the cost of surgery that can provide you with a radiant glow both internally and externally.

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Let’s face it the standard American diet is very unhealthy and each year, it leads to the rise of incidences of digestive disorders. Conventional modes of treatment are usually inadequate in the treatment, let alone cure, of these disorders. In a lot of instances, people are simply seeking alternative therapies that exclude the taking of medications. One alternative treatment that has steadily grown in popularity is acupuncture. It used by many people suffering from a variety of conditions.

A safe and natural type of treatment, acupuncture is a process that involves the insertion of fine needles into designated points on the body known as acupuncture points or acupoints. It is thousands of years old that originated in china and is known to help align our bodies and bring about balance or homeostasis. Besides providing a sense of well-being and overall balance, acupuncture in Maitland improves organ function by helping to stimulate our healing energies.

TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine espouses the theory that the spleen is the main organ responsible for the functionality of our gastrointestinal system. This is because the spleen controls the transport of food in the body and the removal of waste in the body. When a disturbance in the balance between the abdomen and spleen occurs, gastrointestinal distress is likely to rise. This type of problem can also happen due to disturbances to the function of the liver.

Because acupuncture treatment targets important acupoints on the body, it helps bring about balance within the gastrointestinal system. When needles are inserted just below the surface of the skin at certain body parts, the gastrointestinal muscle contracts helping to lessen the secretion of gastric acid and promote relaxation, that together help in relieving digestive symptoms.

Typically, in acupuncture treatment, herbal remedies are prescribed along with needling to resolve digestive issues, although obtaining relief from the digestive symptoms is also possible with acupuncture treatment alone. If you want to try herbal medicine, your acupuncturist will conduct a thorough examination of your current health first and ask what drugs and supplements you are currently taking. The examination and questions are very important because some herbal formulas may negatively interact with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

The following forms of digestive disorders can be successfully treated with acupuncture:

 Ulcers
 Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory diseases
 Gastritis and other inflammatory conditions
 Hiatal hernia
 Heartburn
 Gastrointestinal bleeding
 Gastrointestinal infections
 Bacterial infections

Acupuncture treatment can help address a wide variety of conditions. If you have a health issue and want a more natural and alternative treatment approach that do not require the use of pharmaceutical drugs, then you might want to seek the advice of a qualified and licensed acupuncturist in your area.

For best treatment results you need to thoroughly check the credentials of the acupuncturist you are considering. This professional should be highly trained in both Western medicine and Chinese medicine. It may help to seek information about the practitioner online.

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A skin condition appearing as a rash on the skin, and may be irritated, itchy, red, and swollen, eczema can appear thickened and scaly; dandruff may form when the eczema develops on the eyelids or scalp. In severe forms of eczema, patches of blisters may arise that ooze clear fluids and then scab. Any part of the body can develop eczema, but it usually occurs on the head, chest, neck, knees, elbows, and hands. This chronic unpleasant condition fortunately, can be treated effectively with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that includes acupuncture treatments and herbs.

A person may develop eczema due to several factors but genetics is the most common cause. Almost all people with eczema come from families with a history of eczema and other allergic sensitivities such as food allergies, allergic rhinitis, asthma and hay fever. Sufferers of eczema also tend to have easily irritated dry skin and may have a history of dry nails, hair loss, dandruff, and psoriasis. The beginning of one’s eczema may start in childhood or adulthood. In children, this skin disease eczema may be associated with premature birth and c-sections. Children with eczema often develop eczema in infancy, and by adulthood, half of childhood eczema patients outgrow it. Adults with eczema usually develop an even more severe type of the disease.

Outbreak of eczema may be triggered by several factors. Eczema may occur in response to seasonal and/or temperature-related triggers such as dry winter house heat, sweat, cold weather, intense heat, and sweat. Irritants like dyes, perfumes, detergents, clearing chemicals, synthetic fabrics, wool, and certain types of metals (like in jewelry) that come in contact with the skin as well as food allergies may also cause an outbreak. The most common food triggers are wheat, diary, alcohol, and sweets. The occurrence of eczema can be induced by pollens. Other triggers include hormonal irregularities that accompany the menstrual cycle and illness. The triggers for eczema may vary from person to person, and for sufferers, it is important to observe carefully outbreaks in order to avoid the specific personal triggers.

Western medicine has several treatments for eczema. Ingested or topical drugs are the most common standard treatments. Antibiotics may be prescribed by Western physicians but these medications can be harsh on the digestive system not to mention having adverse side effects on the body. Steroids such as cortisone is another popular treatment due to its efficacy; the problem is that steroids also come with serious side effects such as bone and joint problems, compromised immune response, weight gain, and elevated blood pressure. Other medications can include immunomodulators, very strong topical drugs, and antihistamines. One should take note that while many of these remedies work, eczema is a chronic disease and sooner or later, patients can become resistant to drug treatments. Moreover, all these Western modes of treatment merely tackle the eczema symptoms not the underlying cause of the disease.

TCM and Eczema

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide people suffering from eczema a drug-free natural alternative treatment that addresses the symptoms as well as the root cause of the disease. Chinese medicine does not diagnose eczema as simply one condition. An acupuncture treatment starts with a consultation and comprehensive examination to help pinpoint the underlying cause of the imbalance. When a diagnosis has been determined a customized plan of treatment will be formulated to address the individual needs of the patient. A patient may for example, be diagnosed as having “excess damp heat.” This means that dampness in the body is causing edema or fluid retention, resulting in swelling on the skin. The inflammation and redness is a manifestation of an excess “heat” condition that impairs the body’s ability to cool and soothe itself. Usually the plan of treatment includes acupuncture to clear heat and dampness and restore balance to the flow and blood and energy. The treatment plan can also entail the use of prescription ingested and/or topical herbs to eliminate or minimize eczema symptoms and restore health to the body.

For the improvement of health, eczema sufferers may also need to make some basic lifestyle changes. If you have eczema it is better to wear cotton clothes as it is the least-likely fabric to irritate the skin. You also need to avoid traditional detergents and soaps, and use chemical-free moisturizers as well as gentle, moisturizing cleansers. If you have eczema, dietary supplements and essential fatty acids can dramatically restore the health of the skin. To support recovery, you can also add vitamins A, B, E, and zinc, as well as bioflavonoids, cod liver oil, and black currant oil. Eczema triggers should be identified and avoided as much as possible.

Dr. Hailing Fu is a doctor or Oriental medicine and the founder of Ling’s Acupuncture in Orlando, FL. She has also served as professor and clinic director at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida. College of Integrative Medicine in Central Florida.

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A condition in which the ability of the lymphatic system to transport fluids has been compromised, lymphedema leads to a build-up of protein rich fluid in tissue spaces causing swelling that in turn reduces oxygen to the tissue impairing normal cell function. The most common causes of this condition are cancer and cancer therapies.

Treating Lymphedema with Acupuncture in Miami

Studies done at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has revealed that acupuncture safely and effectively treats lymphedema. Women suffering from lymphedema associated with breast cancer often experience bilateral swelling of the sides of the body or the arms. In the study, it was shown that standard treatment has had little effect in the decrease of swelling; acupuncture treatment, on the other hand, lessened the swelling by more than 30% which is deemed significant.


Acupuncture is a branch of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), involving the placement of tiny slender needles at certain points in the body known as acupoints along channels of energy called meridians. Typically, the needles stimulate the acupoints that in turn help balance and adjust the flow of energy and bring back health.

Studies reveal that acupuncture boosts the number of natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins in the bloodstream. It also stimulates the pituitary gland that in turn, stimulates the adrenal in order to release chemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties.


During an acupuncture procedure, expect a painless insertion of the needles since they are ultra-thin in size. Almost all patients feel relaxed and calm during the procedure. They state that the needle sensation can be compared to a mosquito bite which is essentially not painful. Research shows that acupuncture does not cause pain unless the needle is improperly placed which very rarely occurs with qualified acupuncturists. One research revealed that there were only 671 incidents of either minor pain or bleeding from the insertion of the needles out of 10,000 treatments.


Acupuncture is a very safe form of treatment especially when performed by a qualified professional. The needles are pre-packaged and sterilized and used only once. There is very little risk of side effects when using acupuncture and one study showed that in 34,000 treatments no adverse effects were seen with a large sample. Compared to prescription painkillers acupuncture is extremely safe. One other study showed that in 1139 treatments no infections were seen resulting from the needle insertions.

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Acupuncture can be a boon in bringing back equilibrium in your body. A qualified acupuncturist renders a safe and proven healing therapy to his/her patients – a therapy that has deep roots in China. Acupuncture is a very powerful and remarkable form of treatment that can address pain directly. It involves the use of slender needles applied at strategic points known in the body know as acupuncture points (acupoints). The practitioner will choose specific acupoints that can help relieve pain wherever you may be experiencing it. Acupuncture is one of the best and safest ways to cure various chronic pains caused by a medical condition, repetitive motion, surgery, or injury. These responses may happen close to or at the site of the affected area (locally) or at a distance (remotely), primarily mediated by sensory neurons to several structures within the central nervous system. The insertion of an acupuncture needle can stimulate pathways that affect a number of physiological systems within the brain.

Research has revealed that acupuncture definitely works in increasing pregnancy rate in women who are getting vitro fertilization. Though, initially, this procedure may be a challenging experience for couples, the outcomes seem to indicate that it is helpful in the end. In a traditional acupuncture procedure, the patient needs to lie still for several minutes and endure the invasive insertion of needles. For autistic children, this procedure may be difficult to tolerate.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the heart and tongue are connected through energy channels (called meridians) that spread to all the organs of the body. Practitioners believe that acupoints on the tongue affect the body’s organs in certain ways and it is through this that the symptomatic relief of autism happens. Commonly prescribed Western medications to quell pain tend to become harmful to the body over time and may lead to addiction. They may also become impotent, resulting in the need to up the dosage. These drugs are only designed to mask physical aches and pain and are not meant to address the underlying cause of the problem. Moreover, they come with side effects like upset stomach and drowsiness. Acupuncture treatments are free of the harmful side effects of medications and can provide you with relief within a very short period. Weight loss acupuncture treatment in Tarzana is also a widely popular type of acupuncture treatment these days.

If you have been medically examined, and test results are not able to provide the cause of your headaches, acupuncture may be able to resolve the root cause of your condition. The fact is acupuncture is designed to address the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of those symptoms. This oftentimes leads to a permanent cure. Your acupuncturist may likewise help prevent future headache spells and any other symptoms related to headaches. One of the most difficult experiences a person can go through is drug withdrawal. Whether quitting foods, alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, or cocaine, Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you get through a dark period filled with physical and emotional pain making it possible for you to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel.

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Around 70 million Americans are afflicted with arthritis, which is the leading reason for disability in the United States. Arthritis can manifest in a hundred plus different ways. It is a complex illness that can strike anyone at virtually any age. Among the multitude of arthritis disorders, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) are the two most common types. Because of this, the use of massage treatments and acupuncture in Jacksonville for the treatment of arthritis treatment has suddenly become quite popular.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA can affect various joints in the body. Some sufferers sense the effects of the disease in other parts of the body, including the skin tissue, the lungs, blood, and the heart. This condition can become chronic, and is marked by the inflammation of the joint known as synovium. This inflammation results in redness, joint swelling, stiffness, and warmth. The diseased joints may become disfigured, which leads to a loss of normal movement.


In the United States, the most number one type of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA). It approximately affects 21 million Americans. As opposed to rheumatoid arthritis, OA involves a systematic shutdown of the joint cartilage that ultimately results in stiffness and severe pain. The hips, spine, fingers, and knees are the typical comfort zones for osteoarthritis, with the ankles, wrists, shoulders, and elbows less typically affected. When OA affects an uncommon area of affliction it is usually because of a pre-existing injury. Frequent causes of the rise of OA are work related injuries. These can include jobs that entail a lot of bending, squatting, and kneeling where there is a very high risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee.

Arthritis Treatment through Massage Therapies and Acupuncture

These past few years, acupuncture and massage therapies for the treatment of arthritis have indicated the treatments’ potency as being as effective as conventional medicines. And that’s not all that acupuncture and massage therapies for arthritis treatments have in common. These alternative therapies have origins that are rooted deeply in the mystical world of ancient medicine. Let’s take a look at these two modalities.

Massage Treatment for Arthritis

Massage therapies as well as acupuncture for the treatment of arthritis treatment are considered by alternative therapists to be cutting edge alternatives to modern medicine; thing is, these two modalities both got their start in the ancient world. It was Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, who’s known as the “Father of Medicine,” who first suggested 2,000 years ago that “rubbing” can be a therapeutic way of loosening a “hard joint.” Massage therapy has been found to work in various ways in fighting arthritis:
Joint movement improvement
Enhance blood circulation to the skin
Relax tense muscles

And if one type of massage treatment doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are various types of massage therapy programs to choose from:

Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Trigger Point Therapy

Acupuncture for Arthritis Treatment

Hugely successful in resolving the inflammation and pain related to different forms of arthritis, acupuncture and other forms of Eastern treatments, have been widely used by the ancient Chinese to treat many types of body aches and pain for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine customizes acupuncture treatment based on the arthritis symptoms of the patient with a unique combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture therapy, lifestyle changes, and body work. Even energetic exercises and dietary changes play a huge role in the treatment of arthritis via acupuncture.

In the treatment of arthritis, the acupuncture points used are sometimes found in different parts of the body that are remote from the afflicted area. Slender hair thin acupuncture needles are stuck in some of those areas which can include points on the head, neck, arms, legs, back, and even the baby toe. Instead of producing pain, the needles surprisingly can make you feel so relaxed that most people sleep during the entire process after the needles have been stuck into their body. A treatment session may be as quick as five minutes and as long as an hour. Depending on how serious your disease is you may be required to undergo a few or several treatment sessions to begin to experience improvement of your symptoms.

On your follow-up visit, your acupuncturist may also prescribe certain Chinese herbal formulas to help relieve the arthritis symptoms. For arthritis, some of the more common Chinese herbs used include:

Wan Bi Tang
Anjelica Pubescens
Cinnamon Twig

A study conducted in Sweden found that after being treated with acupuncture, 25% of the 32 patients who were to undergo hip replacement for their arthritis experienced such surges in their functionality that they decided to forego their hip replacement surgery.

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Due to its use of unconventional techniques and approaches traditional acupuncture has raised a lot of skepticism. The ancient theories are also getting a lot of flak from modern conventional medicine since people cannot fully understand the connection between system equilibrium and physical illness.

What are the tools used in acupuncture and Chinese medicine diagnosis and is Chinese medicine diagnosis really accurate?

Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis is a tool used in acupuncture in which acupuncturists thoroughly observe the tongue to look for presence of pathogens and determine the condition of the patient.

A tongue diagnosis cannot be significantly changed by nervousness and other short term conditions. It can sufficiently determine the nature and severity of a disease as well as the patient’s progress.

Basic tongue meridian and geography are as follows. The base of the tongue or lower Jiao is associated with the urinary bladder, kidney, and small and large intestine meridians. The sides of the tongue or middle Jiao relate to the gallbladder and liver meridians. The tongue’s middle part refers to the spleen and stomach meridians. The tip of the tongue or upper Jiao associates with the heart and lung meridians.

The color and shape of the tongue’s body as well as its other characteristics are also observed during diagnosis. The coating of the tongue suggests the spleen’s and stomach’s condition as well as the depth, strength, and temperature of pathogenic features. The rooting of the coat will also be evaluated.

Meridians and Pulses

Renamed electro-meridian imaging (EMI) in 1982, the ryodoraku system is deemed very easy to use and very reliable. Acupuncturists are now able to assess meridian status via their electric conductivity by dividing the sum of the added measured values of the acupoints by 24 that stands for the 12 bilateral meridians.

Ryodoraku was successful in introducing split meridians that reveal an association between different areas of the body and pulse points. The different characteristics and qualities of the pulse will be described to identify the existing pathogens and conditions within the body.

Pulse Interpretation

For millennia, acupuncture has followed a very subjective course grounded on the principle of Yin and yang and Taoist philosophy. When Dr. Yoshio Nakatani from Japan discovered ryodoraku during the 1950s, acupuncture diagnosis became a finely tuned method. Ryodoraku become synonymous with pulse diagnosis in which acupuncturists identify health problems and symptoms that depended on pulse descriptions often taken from the patient’s wrists.

The electronic evaluation system used in both modern and traditional acupuncture was initially developed by Dr. Nakatani. This system measured skin conductance at the source point or yuan of the wrist and ankle. The pulse diagnosis used by ancient acupuncturists and Ryodoraku both palpate 12 pulse points for about fifteen to twenty minutes per wrist. Historically, 28 pulse characteristics are used by practitioners to get a definite pulse diagnosis. However, acupuncturists can determine health problems also by finding out if a specific meridian is not in harmony with the 12 main meridians.

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