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For over three thousand years, the Chinese people have used the age-old knowledge of Feng Shui to bring greater prosperity to their environment and to themselves. In this modern age, we are continuously being bombarded by stress.

Whether you’re taking unwanted calls from salespeople on your home, wading through the tons of spam emails clogging your inbox, or blowing your horn in a gridlock traffic, and that’s not even counting the daily demands put on you by household chores, family or work, you got very little time for some rest and relaxation

It’s no wonder your nerves are all frayed and knotted!

We’re all culpable of doing too much in one day, and the pressure continues to pile up with personal expectations having been dashed to the ground, which just adds to the stress of simply getting through the day.

Fortunately, we have some good news for you.

Release tension, re-energize yourself and restore your energy by using Feng Shui to create a haven out of your home.

Feng shui principles can help generate an environment that draws in and attracts positive energy. Most people do not realize that the physicals spaces they are currently in can affect their health and well-being. Feng Shui helps you identify the problems within your environment. If being educated about Feng Shui appears like one more project in an already hectic life, consider this as a project that will boost your energy, alleviate stress, and lighten your load instead of tiring you out and draining your inner resources.

Making the pursuit of Feng Shui wisdom worth your time.

If your efforts and energy are blocked and if your feng shui is off balance, your environment increases your sense of restriction more and more, which only makes worsens your stress. Excess amounts of stress in your body have repeatedly shown to have adverse effects to your health. The high levels of adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones in your blood put an extra strain on the entire systems of your body. These hormones play a major role in the rise of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease that have grown to epidemic proportions.

Too much stress weakens your immune system and can result in increased risk to illnesses and colds.

Getting adequate rest is one of the keys to alleviating stress and to restoring one’s energy. You get the right amount of quality sleep you need when you apply Feng Shui practices in arranging your bedroom. Feng Shui will guide you in choosing the right room to sleep in and the removal of mirrors and other unwanted items in your bedroom. All these can affect your waking energy and the quality of your sleep.

Stress and anxiety have the ability to exhaust and block your energy. Proper use of Feng Shui techniques can optimize your energy. An environment employing correct principles of Feng Shui can bring about well-being, balance, and harmony in a person. For the Chinese, Feng Shui is a way to create the conditions wherein you can excel in your relationships and in your life.

Because the goal of Feng Shui is to help you attain balance with your surroundings, it can help bring back energy in your body. You’ll learn how to arrange space and place things that can help promote the flow of positive energy or chi. You’ll also learn to fill your living space with good energy and leave negative energy or sha at the door. Feng Shui helps you attain the wonderful feeling of a planned and harmonious environment and home that can help enhance your health and well-being.

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A person may consider modern Feng Shui for problems that did not exist when the system first came into being.

The issue of electrical cables is one aspect involving modern Feng Shui energy discussion. When constructing your residence, it is wise to keep the electrical cables away from your head in your bedroom or where you most often sleep. When you build your home, you need to tell your contractor to raise the cables at least 2 meters or 6 feet nearly off the floor of your home.

This prevents dangerous EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation from directly affecting your head. Digital clocks generate powerful EMF energy and so, you need to keep these gadgets on the other side of the room.

When plugged in orange juicers, hair dryers, electric shavers, and electric clocks are the worst household appliances to be on your bed side. The level of damage they do to your health will depend on the length of time you’ve been exposed to these appliances. But what about the hairdressers and carpenters and the other millions of assembly or factory workers, or even the office workers who are exposed to strong EMF energy every day? No wonder cancer cases have risen to epidemic proportions.

In your home, a huge problem area is usually the office area. Under your desk, you may have several transformers powering a number of office equipments. There is a measure of safety for EMF in Sweden with 2 considered a safe rating. In the office area of some people’s home, an EMF field greater than 900 is oftentimes measured. This is a very dangerous EMF level to be exposed to especially if you’re in that area every day.

In the 1990’s, an Australian medical journal reported that it wasn’t clear how large EMF’s were but it was the same way to the knowledge about cigarettes in the 1950’s. While we know the risk for harm is significant for EMFs, only long term studies will reveal just how harmful it is.
Do not build a home near high voltage power lines, sub stations and electrical transformers. Near the vicinity of these places, the EMF energy is very strong and it could affect the value of your home as more and more people are realizing the problems associated with EMF including high incidence of cancer especially among children.

We also recommend using Feng Shui for fun. Appropriate placement of rock features, water, mirrors, and ornaments can increase the beauty of your home and bring prosperity and good luck to all who live with you.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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Negative chi energy is toxic to your health. This toxicity can be precisely measured. So where are the toxic sections in your home?

First, we need to look at the wet areas. Your laundry and bathroom are susceptible to small undiscovered water leaks and molds, which can become a breeding ground for a variety of harmful microorganisms that can make your house and you ill. This certainly is bad or negative Feng Shui. To see if your wall spaces and walls have leaks, you can have these areas moisture tested. If leaks are found, you can make an insurance claim and have the issue fixed.

Health issues such as chronic fatigue, asthma and allergies can be traced back to such mold and water problems. When these issues are dealt with, spectacular results often occur.

Rooms that that are not well-ventilated are often plagued with toxic agents. These agents include deodorants, detergents, cleaners, and shampoos conditioners. Spraying aerosols in enclosed areas can be bad for your health as well as the concentrated chlorine from your shower that you might inhale from the hot water vapor in your shower.

The last is easy to repair. Simply add a shower filter which eliminates the chlorine. A shower lasting 10 ten minutes is like drinking four gallons of chlorinated water due to the chlorine concentration in the vapor.

Next on the toxic list is your kitchen. You may not be aware but if a child drinks a laundry detergent, washing up liquid or dishwasher liquid, he will die! We inhale toxins when we open the dishwasher and even have these chemicals on our clothes. Replace those toxic products with products that use non toxic chemicals for your laundry, bathroom and kitchen needs that cost no less and work just as well.

The laundry, bathroom and kitchen areas are usually a magnet for negative energy. You can purchase safe non-toxic products in your nearest health food supermarket or on the internet. This is not Feng Shui in the strictest sense, it’s just common sense.

In this day and age, one cannot reasonably talk about energy inside the home without addressing certain health issues. A syndrome called “Sick building” is a well recorded field of study. One government building my friend used to work in was eventually closed after reports of very high cases absenteeism due to sickness and frequent complaints from the staff.

In Australia, after being identified as a cancer cluster, one of the broadcasting studios of the ABC government television was closed down. A lot of women working in that studio developed breast cancer, which was unusually higher than the averages of any workplace.

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An ancient Chinese practice that has been utilized for thousands of years, Feng Shui is based on the concept that all things in the world should have harmony or “balance”. Everything in the environment has its proper place. A disturbance can arise if the balance in the environment or if something is out of place, this disturbance can manifest in the people around it as a feeling of uneasiness, or as lack of prosperity or violence in the area.

In all its diverse forms, Feng Shui is aimed at restoring that harmony and balance. This balance can manifest in different ways and may affect a person’s love life, wealth, prosperity, and health. And a lot of it truly works. Compared to the Philippines, Burma, Laos, and their other neighbors, the cities of Singapore and Hong Kong are wealthy capitals because they are situated in areas where the Feng Shui is ideal for a thriving metropolis. Even the residence of the alleged richest man in the world, Bill Gates, is believed to be situated in the hills in a perfect location that brings its owner staggering wealth.

But why doesn’t Feng Shui work for some people?

To address that question, we need to look at the history of Feng Shui.

The History Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui traces its roots in ancient China, a land that cultivated arts and skills such as martial arts, medicine, and the beginnings of chemical warfare. The learning of these skills were highly valued, and the adepts at these skills clearly refused to share their secrets with others, lest that the knowledge would be used for evil purposes, or that the adepts would lose their prestige and status once the knowledge became widely known.

It was therefore obvious that the adepts were not ready to hand down all that important information to their students who might have garnered whatever information they had, and guessed the rest that they did not learn from their masters. Some of those students were geniuses, capable of replicating the amazing deeds their masters had performed. Some students, who weren’t as gifted as the brighter students, exploited whatever knowledge they gained to make a living for themselves. When applied to Feng Shui, this scenario makes it understandable why different Feng Shui schools exist today. While some schools produce very little observable effect, others do work wonders.

These days, there are individuals that refer to themselves Feng Shui masters, especially now with the rise of the internet. So how can a person tell the ones that can really aid you? The truth is, it is highly unlikely that there is anything one can do. Any person can claim they are a master of a prestigious Feng Shui school while they are, in fact, mere charlatans. Remembering the name of the Feng Shui practitioner who helped them and finding a person who has had their lives improved through Feng Shui is the best thing we can do.

Belief is Essential

Another important factor in order get Feng Shui to work for you is to have faith in it. Much like the Cross of the Christians and the stone idols of the ancient Aztecs, Feng Shui artefacts and figurines serve as “focuses”. If you believe in it, it will work for you.

For instance, in recent pharmaceutical experiments, researchers always state that a medicine works because it was effective on a large section (around 75 percent) of their test subjects. But why didn’t the drug work for the 25 percent if it was truly effective? It might be because the physiology of their body was different. But in a lot instances, the psychological aspect of the person is to blame. If one really believes that the drug, no matter how good it is, will not cure them, it won’t. As psychologists like to say “It’s all in the mind.”

The same principle applies to Feng Shui. If one purchases a Feng Shui artifact but really believes the art of Feng Shui is just some hocus-pocus magic that most likely won’t work, rest assured that it will not work for them. One needs to have faith for the practice to work. If a person believes that Feng Shui can help him better his life, it will.

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When you’re looking to perform feng shui in your home, feng shui for health is one of the most important things to consider. Feng shui can help you stay healthy and raise your energy levels regardless of how healthy or unhealthy you are. It can help if you’ve been going through health complications for a while now or if your health is somewhat out of balance.

Recommendations for feng shui for health should be done based on priorities, as you’re required to create a solid foundation for your house so that more sophisticated feng shui remedies can work.

You might need to bother with upgraded feng shui levels if you miss one or more of these basic feng shui for health steps.

Just like using the best make-up that will fail to keep the skin looking healthy in the long term (if the skin is not taken care of properly and cleaned on a daily basis), the same goes to more advanced feng shui remedies for health.

One has to begin with a few feng shui health basics in order generate a solid feng shui foundation for a healthy home.

Preparing for the Fundamental Feng Shui Steps for Good Health

The following is a list of important feng shui concerns for a house that will support good health:

1. A space free of clutter – The extremely essential feng shui step of removing clutter is often postponed – or even ignored – in favor of more “flamboyant” feng shui remedies. Be aware and be serious that no amount of feng shui plants, good feng shui colors, or wind chimes will neutralize the depressing, low energy of clutter in your house. Clutter will keep draining energy from you and so it is important that you deal with it ASAP.

2. Natural adequate light – Aside from allowing your home to take in as much natural light as it could, you need to realize the need for smart and intelligent indoor lighting. You will immediately feel a positive change in your well-being and health once you attend to the quality of light in your house.

Light is our most important source of nutrient, so be sensible and allow your body to absorb as much light nutrition as possible. Since color is light, this may also involve the use of feng shui colors as well.

3. Good, fresh quality air – Good fresh quality air is actually the most important feng shui health priority that’s quite often ignored. Use air purifiers and essential oils to clear the air, open the windows often to oxygenate your house, and use feng shui air-purifying plants. Find all possible ways to improve the air in your home; the most important feng shui foundation for your well-being and health is to regularly breathe in clean air.

You can begin administering more detailed feng shui remedies that are founded on the energy of the Five feng shui elements once these health priorities have been taken care of.

For instance, placing lush green plants (Wood feng shui element) or a water feature (Water feng shui element) in the East bagua area of your space will bring beneficial feng shui energy for your health.

You can send in the energy of the required feng shui elements using colors (for the element Wood, brown or green and for the element Water, black or blue) if you cannot have a water feature or plants in your area.

You can also transport the required elements using feng shui art that depict lush greenery and/or a body of water (waterfalls, lake, ocean, river, etc). Mirrors that are intelligently positioned can also transport the Water element feng shui into your house.

Know your best feng shui directions as well as your Kua number and try to relocate your bed and your desk so that while sleeping or working you can face your best personal directions.

As you awake from your bed, open your eyes and be conscious of the view you see first, do this as well when you open your front door. These may all sound like trivial details, but they set the feng shui energy your body will receive for the rest of the day. Because our bodies take a note of all things, every detail you see is important.

Give your body the energy of happiness and beauty and treat it with respect – this will give you well-being and good health.

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Restorative sleep along with the right water, air, and nutrition is important to health and well-being. We perform under our ability to take on the requirements of life if we don’t get a good night’s sleep.

The impacts of extended deprivation of poor sleep should not be underestimated, and can result in issues such as an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, hormone imbalances, and premature aging. University of Minnesota Medical School neurology professor, Mark Mahowald states that any extent of sleep deprivation decreases mental function, and “one whole night of not being able to sleep is that same as being impaired in a simulated driving test due to a high alcohol level in your blood.”

Can sleep by improved by harnessing the power of Feng Shui?

The answer to that is a resounding Yes! If you’re fed up not getting enough sleep, an expert in Feng Shui can suggest some basic modifications to your bedroom which will make a huge difference in the way you sleep. A Feng Shui expert with several years of experience in this fine ancient art knows how the “chi”or energy that moves around us can affect our health and well-being. Irritability and discomfort that prevent tranquil sleep can occur if chi is blocked in our environment.

Feng Shui is growing in demand in all aspects of life in the Western world. A Feng Shui expert can provide you with really useful tips that you can instantly apply to your bedroom to bring about the desperately needed deep sleep that you’re looking for. The following is a list of frequently asked questions or FAQs about how Feng Shui can affect a person’s quality of sleep

Question 1, how does “bad” or “good” Feng Shui affect sleep?

Answer: There is a close link between your quality of sleep and your environment. In Feng Shui, you work with chi, and the deliberate arrangement and clearing of objects can enable the reduction of the negative and the smooth movement of positive energy in your room. Feng Shui is designed to work with the positive energy circulation in your bedroom to promote quality sleep. And while Feng Shui’s effects are not visible to the naked eye, they can affect your overall health and the quality of your sleep by directly influencing your own energy field.

Question 2, can you provide some tips about the bedroom furniture in my room?

Answer: Do not place any furniture or objects with protruding sharp corners around your bed. In order to improve your personal chi, place your bed in such a way that the door can be seen while you’re in bed, but far away enough and placed in such as way that the bed is not aligned with the door. Use solid wooden headboards to promote positive chi around your head. Having a bed with the mattress raised above the floor is a good way to support the positive flow of chi.

As much as possible, do not sleep under a slanted roof or under heavy ceiling beams that can bear down the chi in your room. Exclude any busy pictures with a lot of people or any depressing or sad art in your bedroom. The objective is to have a relaxing and clear room as possible to bring in good chi.

Question 3, can the color of my bedroom affect my sleep?

Answer: Yes, very much; in Feng Shui, the appropriate use of color is a huge factor that can significantly affect your sleep and the chi of your room. Avoid a room that’s painted bright orange or red as they are highly energizing colors that can prevent you from getting good quality asleep. Select beige or soft cream or blue or green color or any other comforting pastel colors that can help promote calmness and healing.

Question 4, are there any items in my bedroom that can interfere with my sleep?

Answer. A wireless or plugged-in device or any electronic gadget or electrical appliance that discharges harmful radiation energy or EMFs (electromagnetic fields) should be taken out of your bedroom as far away as possible. We advise that your remove your electronic alarm clock, TV, electric blanket, computer, and cell phone out of your room or at least, as far away from your bed as possible. Research proves that the cells in your body can be greatly affected by EMF energy, and reduce the levels of melatonin in your body. Low melatonin has been shown to contribute significantly to inadequate sleep and other health issues. Too much EMF exposure can interfere with your circadian rhythms, and simply removing these gadgets from your place of sleep may be your best way to attain good quality sleep.

Question 5, what other things should I remove from my bedroom to get good sleep?

Answer: After clearing those harmful electronic/electrical devices, you then need to clear out any excess items and furniture and clutter that besides gathering dust, tend to obstruct the flow of good chi. A clutter-riddled bedroom can cause chi to stagnant which can create a distracting and busy environment. Make sure to remove items on the closet, corners, and under the bed. A smooth flow of positive chi does not adhere to the motto, “out of sight, out of mind”, and the energy of your room will be thrown off by the useless clutter that’s been piling up in your room for a while. If you desire peaceful sleep, you need to achieve a clear space for “Zen”.

Next, take into account the lighting in your bedroom after clearing up the dust and clutter in your room. Are the coverings in your window keeping your room adequately dark at night? The production of melatonin, that’s vital to sleep, rises naturally in the dark and can be affected by exposure to sunlight. Keep your room as dark as possible and block out any outside light to guarantee healthy levels of melatonin that can bring about sleep.

Question 6, are there any final tips that can help me sleep better?

Answer: Aromatherapy diffusers such as tea tree, pine, or eucalyptus oil coupled with fresh cool air, are great Feng Shui tools for clearer breathing and improving air quality. Also recommended are soft lightings like salt lamps. At night keep all doors closed, including the en-suite bathroom door, closet, and bedroom door.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary that can help recharge your body. The aim of Feng Shui is to promote a peaceful and tranquil bedroom as well as harmony and balance for good quality sleep whilst also facilitating a healthy flow of positive chi.

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A break from life is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and to release stress. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki, EFT, and Feng Shui are the healing techniques of the future. The life that is found everywhere in nature is imbued with energy. Here are some the secrets that can help you draw into their energy and yours to boost your stamina and health.

Reiki is a stress relieving technique that helps replenish or maintain your universal life energy. It is an excellent way to manage stress and can be used to balance your emotional and physical body. Reiki attunement is usually compared to adjusting an old radio tuner. You hear static from the radio as you turn the knob to your desired station. Practitioners acquiring attunement tend to experience euphoria and relaxation as the smooth energy flow in their body is increased and enhanced.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique can clear out the negative emotion that can impede the circulation of energy in your body. By utilizing the points that are associated with the energy channels of your body, negative emotions are released and the flow of energy courses through the body unhindered by any blockages. People who have tried EFT feel a tingling sensation as energy in their bodies is released.

When we are children, we would spend hours in quiet contemplation and may retreat in nature and feel the energy flowing in birds, animals and plants. But by being quiet, how then can nature teach you about energy especially about medicinal energy like Feng Shui? How is this energy associated with your health? Feng Shui is about how the energy of your environment affects your body and life how it is the energy of your environment itself. If this energy is peaceful and balanced, your health by affected positively. And, conversely, if you environment like your workplace or home lacks order and cluttered, it can drain your body and life of energy.

Take a break from your everyday routine to tap into your energy and see what is blocking the flow of energy in your body and what is out of balance. If you seem stuck and may not be able to “feel” your energy you probably require professional help. If you are interested in Reiki, EFT, or Feng Shui medicine, you need to find a qualified practitioner of these energy healing techniques. You can go online and search for many qualified healers in social media websites like MySpace or Facebook or in search engines like Duckduckgo or startpage.com.

You may be wondering what kind Energy Medicine techniques you should try first? This will be based on what kind of issue you are experiencing in life. Reiki and EFT are two of the three techniques mentioned above that are perhaps the easiest to learn and practice. You may find a number of good books for these two energy healing methods which may help you understand them better. You may be able to find easy to use techniques to balance and heal your environment, and sooner or later master the art of energy medicine. To improve your health and to master your emotions, energy healing is one of the most important tools you can avail of.

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I am sometimes asked whether any Feng Shui remedy to quiet a noisy neighbor exists. The kind of chronic noise can differ and depend on what is causing it. Knowing those factors can determine what type of approach should be taken.

One of my clients who complained about a noisy neighbor told me that the neighbor they share an apartment wall with are a couple who argue and they can tell whether they are physically fighting. The problem is since the violent husband has seniority in the same company as my client’s, he is hesitant to make it known he was the one reporting the crime and hence refuse to call the police. In short, my client doesn’t want to lose his job.

Obviously, my client is in an extremely odious circumstance to be in: to not report violence as your job could be in jeopardy. In some of the recent complaints about a noisy neighbor, it was typically a problem involving someone in an adjacent unit who’s clueless of just how loud his voice is or an inconsiderate neighbor who shakes the whole building with every subsonic blast of his subwoofers.

Some years ago, a client told me that she placed a mirror’s reflective side on the floor, which faced the unit of her neighbor unit below her. She had read in an online Feng Shui article about this “solution” which according to her was a New Age version of Feng Shui and she averred that it worked – after placing the mirror, the neighbor quieted down. This may seem magical but it actually perpetuates the false notions people have about Feng Shui. What she did is akin to her casting some spell over another person.

In truth, there actually is no preset solution of how to address the problem of a noisy neighbor. For instance, if you have a neighbor that has a very loud and powerful subwoofer, even sound proofing your walls would be futile, as low frequency sounds can easily go through thick walls or even steel. Perhaps, the only solution is to talk to the neighbor, complain to your landlord, or just find another place to stay. Most of the time, a neighbor may not respond in the manner you desire if you just tell them they are too noisy. It may also be a good idea to record the sound of their noise and play it to them to let them know just how annoying they are. Countering their noise with another noise won’t make the problem go away; in fact, it may only make it worse.

Apartment dwellers are not the only ones who have a problem with noisy neighbors. Folks who live on large properties or in single family residences tend to also have this kind of issue.

One case of a neighbor problem where I have seen a Feng Shui correlation is where a client had indicators in his/her own home that could disclose of their susceptibility to legal issues, gossip, or arguments. There is a big a good chance that both the houses have similar Feng Shui if they were built in the same time frame and are oriented the same direction. In simple terms, , if adjoining neighbors have the same Feng Shui elements that could bring about irritations and annoyances, those issues could be actually targeted toward each other! Occasionally, after you have balanced your own Feng Shui, it may likely result in you being less prone or less likely attracted to these kinds of hassles.

Rather than taking an aggressive stance and thinking of something like “ba gua” mirrors or “poison arrows”, I would recommend that a gift basket to your neighbor attached with a friendly note can be a much better Feng Shui and keep the psychic energy between domiciles more sympathetic and harmonious.

But if you are unfortunate enough to have a noisy neighbor who is a narcissist, a psychopath, an idiot, or has gross mental health issues, then my advice to you is to move.

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