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Couples who have been together for a certain period of time may decide one day to raise a family of their own. For many of them however, the dream of having a child of their own may be just that, a dream. A partner or both may have a problem conceiving a child. For some, it is their age that may be hindering their ability … Continue reading

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Some people think that infertility treatment is basically a product of modern day science that’s conducted through the use of modern sophisticated reproductive techniques. However, a lot of couples are now turning to Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Cleveland to help them conceive. It is interesting to see several specialists of high tech reproductive methods are now looking to the world of Chinese … Continue reading

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Infertility is known as the inability of a couple to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Tis condition affects more than 5 million couples in the U. S alone. Only around 10% of affected individuals seek medical help due to an unawareness of availability of treatments. This work will talk about the traditional Chinese medicine concept of “cold” in the treatment of infertility.… Continue reading

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Being a major component of the endocrine system, the thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolic function of the cells in the human body. Infertility can occur if a woman suffers from an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Women with this condition may experience prolonged and severe menstrual bleeding as well as ovulation problems due to irregular menstrual cycles. If she does attain pregnancy, the likelihood … Continue reading

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Infertility has certainly, so to speak, a unique connection to acupuncture.  However, before we look into that, we first need to get to know the methods of acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been practiced way, way back 5,000 years ago in China. It is widely practiced in other East Asian countries and some of them have their own unique way of performing acupuncture.  A little over 5 … Continue reading

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The term infertility itself infers that the singular symptom of infertility is the person’s inability to produce a child. Most couples only find out about their infertility problems after trying for months or even years to conceive. To properly diagnose infertility, the doctor may do a number of exams and tests on you and carefully observe the symptoms associated with this problem. A woman trying … Continue reading