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Moxibustion is an acupuncture Orlando technique that involves burning a mugwort herb or moxa to facilitate healing.  The moxa can be placed pinned on the holding tip of an acupuncture needle and allowed to burn itself out or set on the acupuncture point itself, burned and removed quickly before it singes the skin.  The former technique is called scarring and the latter one is termed … Continue reading

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Because of the pervasive reach of the US mainstream media we tend to associate obesity as a uniquely US problem; however, the World Health Organization states that obesity is actually a worldwide problem.  Obesity and being overweight are two different things although all obese persons are overweight while people who are overweight are not all necessarily obese.  Obesity is more or less associated with excessive … Continue reading

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For tens or even hundreds of millions of people around the world, acupuncture Maitland is their standard treatment for pain. The acupuncturist treats painful conditions by inserting ultra thin needles into selected points on the body. This wonderful treatment was first utilized in China more than two millennia ago.  It first caught the public’s attention in the United States in 1971 as it was used … Continue reading

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 Acupuncture Cleveland is an ancient but still very popular medical treatment in the world today.  Acupuncture originated from the Chinese and is part of a collection of ancient treatments called traditional Chinese medical (TCM).  Acupuncture is the insertion of needles on meridian points.  Each meridian associates with one organ or a bunch of organs.  What acupuncture does is to bring back good health by taking … Continue reading

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Chronic shoulder pain happens when muscles around the shoulder joint become tense. The most common area affected by this is the scapula. The tense muscles of the upper body often cause pressure on the scapula bone which causes the shoulder pain.  Besides the upper body muscles, the rotator cuff muscles likewise can often suffer tightness.  These muscles are actually surrounded by muscles of the upper … Continue reading

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Carpal tunnel syndrome used to be a rare ailment prior to the computer age.  Nowadays it commonly affects people who often use the computer for their everyday activities.  This condition strikes the hands and fingers and is caused by the repetitive actions of keyboard encoding in an improper way.  The nerve affected by this condition is the median nerve which becomes compressed in the carpal … Continue reading