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Feng shui first appeared as an organized science during the early part of the Han Dynasty (fl. 200 BC). It has a long history and a complex discipline with great attention to detail. Altogether, it probably has a history of more than 6000 years. In the authoritative Cihai encyclopedia, fengshui is entered under the label Kanyu. XuChen, the famous scholar of the Eastern Han Dynasty … Continue reading

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How do practitioners exploit the power of chi to bring about healing? Chi is the Chinese word that signifies energy. According to Chinese medicine, it is the vital energy that keeps and maintains the life of human beings. We would just be a mass of organic matter and a collection of bones without Chi.

Chi is accountable for the therapeutic processes that take place within … Continue reading

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Auriculotherapy in Bellmore is a health care technique in which the outer ear or auricle is stimulated to relieve health conditions in other areas of the body. While auriculotherapy’s original foundation is founded in traditional Chinese acupuncture, it was a French Neurologist by the name of Dr. Paul Nogier who developed the present protocols in France using a painless type of stimulation minus the acupuncture … Continue reading

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ABT or Asian Bodywork Therapy is an appropriate and gentle bodywork technique for people of all ages. This is a natural form of healing that balances the energy of the body and boosts its self-healing abilities. ABT is a five millennia old Chinese healing traditional that’s infused with the ancient knowledge of pathology, physiology, and anatomy.

ABT is a safe and non-invasive treatment that helps … Continue reading