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Qi Gong’s or Chi Kung’s history can be traced back to ancient China 5,000 years ago. During that time, emperors were not contented on being called emperor.  They had a knack of giving themselves another lofty title that often included anything pertaining to the heavens. Some emperors gave themselves the title “Son of the Sky” (this was used to fool the common folks since “Sky” … Continue reading

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Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll explain why almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time…

Keep in mind that Qigong is the method of intentionally controlling your life force or Chi. Life force is the essence that keeps us alive and gives us the power us to do everything we do. Qigong is the same as Yoga and Tai Chi, but … Continue reading

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One of the most powerful ways for nourishing longevity and staying young is by performing Qi gong. But how does it work?

Qi Gong Enhances Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi Gong is very different from conventional western exercises because it trains the body’s energy to revitalize internal organs to extend youthful appearance and bring about balanced health.

For example, in Chinese medicine, the spleen organ … Continue reading

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Coaching baseball could be more fun by incorporating a bit of Eastern wisdom into your baseball strength training program. Chi Kung, more popularly known as Qi Gong, is an ancient Chinese holistic technique that unites spirit, body, and mind whilst helping the practitioner to be in touch with the earth and his/her own energy. It integrates a variety of postures and movements of the body … Continue reading

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If you are serious about your health, then it is a no-brainer that incorporating physical exercises into your daily life is a must. Unfortunately, majority of the population seem to forget this fact. When physical activity or exercise is mentioned, we usually conjure up an image of ourselves lifting weights in the gym or running endless miles either outdoors or in a treadmill. If you … Continue reading

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Initially Tai Chi began as a form of Chinese martial art totally different from the one practiced today. After hundreds of years, it gradually evolved to what we know and love as the graceful and smooth movements practiced by today’s Tai Chi masters. In fact, many of these masters are Europeans and not Chinese, although they have a deep devotion and love for this wonderful … Continue reading

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Qi is the foundation from which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Orlando stands. TCM encompasses the ancient healing techniques of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese massage or Tui Na, and qi gong, among others.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is one of the pillars of Classical Chinese Medicine and historically, it is where the later branches of oriental medicine have originated. Drawings that are 3,500 years … Continue reading