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Qi Gong’s or Chi Kung’s history can be traced back to ancient China 5,000 years ago. During that time, emperors were not contented on being called emperor.  They had a knack of giving themselves another lofty title that often included anything pertaining to the heavens. Some emperors gave themselves the title “Son of the Sky” (this was used to fool the common folks since “Sky” during those times in China was often associated with “God.”) This was done deliberately to make the people believe that the emperors were selected by Divine Providence to rule over them. Of course, since most of the people there at that time were uneducated, they listened and obeyed their ruler who over time wanted more privilege, wealth, position, and power so much so that their ultimate quest turned to the attainment of immortality.

Chinese history has shown that the Chinese emperors were hard to please. There were two groups of people who were assigned to research for a way to become immortal. The first group decided that medicine was the key to immortal life and so they ended up accidentally killing 11 emperors due to wrong prescription of a drug they called “Immortality Medicine.” The other group concluded that the best way to prolong life is actually hidden within our bodies the whole time, which can be activated through a series of techniques. Their job was to sell these techniques to the emperor which was sometimes successful and sometimes not. Today, people practicing these techniques tend to live longer lives although immortality is out of the question, which is okay for most people since hardly anyone I know really wants to live forever. This series of exercises is known as Qi Gong.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a term made up of two words. Qi or Chi is the life energy of your body and Gong is roughly synonymous with movement. In Japan, Chi is called “Ki.” In India, it is known as Prana. In Europe, it is called Aura, and in the Philippines, it is called “Mana.” People throughout the world sensed that there was something mysterious they couldn’t see smell or touch, but nevertheless, affected their lives in a very profound way.

In some Qi Gong books, everything pertaining to Qi Gong is oftentimes discussed from the viewpoint of a lay person and not a scientist. This is to make the book easily understandable and easy to read. The difficult, abstract, and fancy Chinese terminologies are oftentimes omitted. There’s a term that’s more significant to the Western World when describing Chi. This term is called “bio-electricity.” Being conductors of electricity, our bodies are conduits, which can carry and distribute the flow of electricity from our body to other external objects. Eels know how to generate electricity, and our bodies do as well. However, why we don’t feel it. This is because the electricity that we generate is too weak to be felt.

But in certain circumstances, we may be able to feel this bioelectricity. There are some books that can teach you how to properly practice Qi Gong so that you can feel this bio-electricity flowing through your body that builds up to become stronger and stronger, till it finally flows along the energy channels led and driven by your “Intent.”

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Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll explain why almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time…

Keep in mind that Qigong is the method of intentionally controlling your life force or Chi. Life force is the essence that keeps us alive and gives us the power us to do everything we do. Qigong is the same as Yoga and Tai Chi, but quicker and easier to learn and less demanding.

Qigong does not need athleticism and has shown to provide several health benefits.

People performing this age-old art have five basic goals they want to achieve:

  1. Increase Vitality an Improve Health
  2. Spiritual Cultivation
  3. Develop Internal Force
  4. Longevity
  5. Mind Expansion

However, as I said a short while ago, almost all practitioners of Qigong are wasting their time because they are unaware of the three core skills of Qigong, and so, omit performing them.

For you to achieve those five basic goals, you need to practice and keep on practicing these three core skills.

What are the three core skills that almost everyone is unaware of?

  1. Standing meditation – this method basically allows you to strengthen your practice.
  • Energy Flow – the Chinese call this skill ‘willow swaying, flowing breeze.’

It is qigong’s most closely guarded secrets and this is quite unfortunate since this skill is a very powerful way to enhance your vitality and health. You’re depriving yourself of at least three fourths of the benefits of qigong if the energy flow skill is missing in your qigong routine.

  • Entering a quiet state of mind – this is similar to a higher state of consciousness. This skill will help you stay focused and relaxed. If you’re unable to relax and/or perform qigong, pause and try to relax. While many people who start practicing qigong are able to relax, this relaxation is merely the beginning of qigong. You need to relax your entire being, this means relaxing spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to enter a quiet state of mind.

If you’re not performing these three core skills, you’re only doing low level exercises and not getting the really significant advantages of qigong. Whether you’re doing dynamic qigong, super hardcore qigong, martial arts qi gong, or medicinal qigong, these three core skills should be included to attain the greatest and optimal benefits of qigong. Without them, you’re almost wasting your time doing this exercise.

Learning the three qigong core skills is best achieved through a teacher who knows and performs them. These skills of qigong are extremely important since it is an art. It carries more weight than the amount of qigong exercises you have learned. Just 15 minutes of daily practice of these three core skills gives you more benefits than most qigong practitioners get in an hour.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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One of the most powerful ways for nourishing longevity and staying young is by performing Qi gong. But how does it work?

Qi Gong Enhances Suppleness and Internal Strength

Qi Gong is very different from conventional western exercises because it trains the body’s energy to revitalize internal organs to extend youthful appearance and bring about balanced health.

For example, in Chinese medicine, the spleen organ system is believed to govern the muscles of the body. Some movements in qi gong activate the spleen organ and its related energy channels. So, when you perform movements that are designed to target the spleen, the muscles become rejuvenated which then prevents wrinkles (especially the facial muscles) and makes the skin supple.

Since qi gong also involves deep breathing exercises, higher levels of oxygen go into the bloodstream to help reinvigorate the internal organs on a cellular level.

Finally, energetically speaking, it is believed that our jing or essential energy is responsible for our youthfulness and is housed in the kidney organ system. The energy of kidneys is nourished by the movements. This is the reason several masters of qi gong possess strong kidneys and they often appear to be untouched by time.

Qi Gong Produces Brain Cells that are Young

At the University of California at Irvine, scientists have observed that a greater perfusion of blood occurs inside the brain when chi is emitted by qi gong masters.

The brain cells are well-nourished by the greater perfusion of blood that could prevent the rise of mental and cognitive conditions related to aging such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, when a person performs qi gong, he is helping his mind and brain stay vibrant and young.

Qi Gong Hinders Factors that Cause your body to Age Prematurely

Besides promoting greater states of relaxation, Qi gong prevents the rise of heath conditions that are related to stress such as high blood pressure, premature graying, and some forms of immunity imbalances. These issues develop less in people practicing qi gong.

Qi Gong Resolves and Manages Factors that Age the Body

Circle walking Qi gong exercises works extremely well as a healing tool for people suffering from cancer which is a major contributor in premature aging and degeneration of cells. Dr Arnold Tayam, head teacher at Stanford University’s qi gong program, has utilized a unique type of qi gong circle walking to encourage rejuvenation and greater states of relaxation and to help promote greater healing in patients with cancer.

Qi Gong Nourishes the Body and the Spirit

Qi Gong expedites a relationship with a higher power through and meditation.

Dr. David Felton, immunologist at the University of California conducted a study that proved spiritual practices strengthened the immune system.

As a spiritual practice, qi gong can therefore play a role in keeping the immunity system in balance to ward off diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis which is commonly related to aging although juvenile forms can also arise.

Qi Gong Generates Youthful Bones

There are a couple of ways Qi gong nourishes the bones. First, it reinforces the internal organ of the kidneys, which in the Chinese medicine system is believed to govern the bones. Because of this, bones are likely to heal quicker and are better protected against osteoporosis and degeneration. Qi Gong also reinforces by generating movements that have an isometric strengthening affect on fascia and bones.

In a case study of a 74 year old female patient who performed her qi gong exercises daily, following ankle surgery, she was able to have her cast removed two weeks ahead of schedule because her bones healed much quicker. Compare that to a patient half her age with the same problem who was not into qi gong exercise. This patient took two months longer for her injury to mend.

In conclusion, qi gong can extend longevity and bring about greater states of youthfulness by nourishing the skeletal and muscular systems and internal organs of the body, and by promoting higher spiritual and mental balance.

Dr. Jignesh Panchal is an acupuncturist in Winter Park, FL who customizes treatment plans using Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine or Ozone Therapy.

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Coaching baseball could be more fun by incorporating a bit of Eastern wisdom into your baseball strength training program. Chi Kung, more popularly known as Qi Gong, is an ancient Chinese holistic technique that unites spirit, body, and mind whilst helping the practitioner to be in touch with the earth and his/her own energy. It integrates a variety of postures and movements of the body and the synchronization of different breathing techniques.

Most practitioners perform qi gong as a way to enhance or maintain wellness and health, some use it to support medical treatment or as a form of treatment. It is often learned along with Chinese martial arts as a supplementing or supporting discipline. It inculcates discipline and control whilst helping the body to breathe correctly and to re-channel Qi or vital energy. Qi in Chinese means gas or breath and it represents the field of energy that exists inside the body.

There are four leading fields of application in this area: Sports, Spiritual, External Healing, and Healing Qi Gong.

Sports Qi Gong (Wu Gong)

This field is very helpful in sports training because it is important for resistance to injury, coordination, stamina, balance, strength, flexibility, and speed. Because Qi Gong exercises are able to boost performance in any sport, it can be extremely useful in baseball strength training. It can help players improve their focus and make them faster and stronger. In addition, this technique helps increase accuracy on the field and in a person’s overall ability in the sport.

Spiritual Qi Gong (Tao Gong or Fo Gong)

This discipline obviously focuses on the spirit. It is designed to open the individual to harmony with nature, tranquility, and self realization. This aspect of Qi Gong is rooted in Taoism and Buddhism.

External Chi Healing (Wai Qi Shi Liao)

This can aid the healer to exploit nature’s healing energy and course it through his/her body. The exercises are designed to raise the sensitivity of the healer to energy fields and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. The fundamental concept to this is the more this style is practiced, the more effective will the healing ability of the practitioner become. The techniques are suited for standalone practice or in combination with osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, and other therapies.

Healing Qi Gong or Medical Qi Gong (Yi Gong)

This style is an aspect of Chinese Medicine that is preventive and self healing. It instructs individuals how to control their responses to stress which can help prevent the rise of heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases. It is quite helpful in relieving anxiety.

Qi Gong can be integrated into baseball strength training to help players take their game to the next level. It can be used as part of baseball coaching and player training. By practicing this technique, players can improve their skills will improve and stay focus. It can benefit the entire team as well as the individual player.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

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If you are serious about your health, then it is a no-brainer that incorporating physical exercises into your daily life is a must. Unfortunately, majority of the population seem to forget this fact. When physical activity or exercise is mentioned, we usually conjure up an image of ourselves lifting weights in the gym or running endless miles either outdoors or in a treadmill. If you are searching for a way to maintain or enhance your health, there are many options available that can help fulfill your goals.

As you approach or pass middle age, the objective of your physical activity is no longer about having the biggest bulging muscles or looking slim and fabulous in a bikini, but instead about extending your life and improving its quality. You should consider trying Qi Gong if this is indeed your objective. This classic Chinese practice is comprised series of body motions with focus on breathing.

The origins of Qigong has been controversial but yet rich. It is a branch of an Eastern medical system known as traditional Chinese medicine and is also deemed by many to be to a spiritual movement. Qi gong has three fundamental classifications which include the spiritual, medical, and martial forms. The practice of Qigong in the West is overwhelmingly for health purposes and its exercises are a magnificent way to attain good health and well being among its practitioners.

Qi gong is a Chinese term that means life energy (Qi) and to accomplish a skill through steady or daily practice and effort (Gong). According to traditional Chinese medicine, each of us are born with this life energy or Qi and by using it, we can receive health benefits that uplift us physically, spiritually, and mentally. Not only can Qi gong soothe the mind and spirit, which helps relieve stress, it has also been proven to beef up the immune system as well as build overall stamina, lower hypertension, raise vitality, and improve posture and balance. A committed Qi gong practitioner can bolster the function of his/her cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, digestive system, circulatory system, and respiratory system, all of which are very essential for living a good quality life and for aging well.

Qi gong is usually divided into two basic types: hard qi gong and soft qi gong. Hard Qigong generally refers to Martial Arts, and its objective is to strengthen discipline and concentration. Soft Qigong refers to Tai Chi and its focus is to enhance the overall health of the spirit, mind, and body. Various styles or forms can be easily done by all physical abilities and ages including people who are physically challenged. Qigong is an attractive activity regardless of what style you choose as it enables you to workout right in the comfort of your own home and its benefits can be attained by practicing it at least 20 minutes a day.

If you desire to do qi gong at home, there are many DVDs and books available to help you get started; if you want to practice in a group setting, there are qi gong classes you can enroll in. Keep in mind that Qigong requires commitment and practice with the focus on mental focus, specific postures, and proper breathing techniques. Integrating this practice into your lifestyle will provide you with a lot benefits that many exercise routines cannot offer. Qigong helps you to free negative behaviors and attitudes and foster a positive outlook on life by restoring balance in your life by promoting enjoyment, stability, and harmony.

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Initially Tai Chi began as a form of Chinese martial art totally different from the one practiced today. After hundreds of years, it gradually evolved to what we know and love as the graceful and smooth movements practiced by today’s Tai Chi masters. In fact, many of these masters are Europeans and not Chinese, although they have a deep devotion and love for this wonderful healing and mystical physical exercise that helps cultivate a total soul, body, and mind connection that increases inner peace, improves balance, tonifies, and rejuvenates.

Some of tai chi’s movements are almost meditative but incredibly strong as only an energetic, smooth, and quiet burst of pure energy can be. According to historians, Tai Chi is qi gong’s 2,500 year old descendant. It is the first Chinese self-defense healing art that helps foster inner peace. Would be attackers can be discerned and dealt with effectively, their threatening actions neutralized by an experienced and alert tai chi master who has knowledge in the use of technique of internal energy. He uses it to divert attacks by drawing just a small amount of his own energy to neutralize an attacker using a larger amount of force.

What is Qi?

The Chinese believe in the existence of life energy in the universe and the body they call Qi (pronounced chee). This Qi is believed to exist on a continuous interaction of five life-giving elements (namely earth, wood, water, metal, and fire). This belief connects all the organs of the body in much the same way as Qi’s five aspects. According to traditional Chinese belief, Qi is the inner bodily energy or life force that circulates within our bodies through energy channels called meridians. When this circulation moves freely and smoothly and qi is balanced due to the correct interface of all the five elements in the body, the body experiences optimum health.

What is Qigong?

Tai chi is believed to have come from Qigong, a discipline that integrates movement, breathing, and mind achieving a balance of peaceful energy that can be applied to fields of self-defense, professional endeavors, and leisure. Similar to Yoga, a very well-known type of holistic health principle and meditative exercise, Qigong has over 3,000 forms apart from the five major traditions that include medical, martial arts, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. This ancient Chinese art can be further sub-divided into “hard” and “soft” of which the latter qigong (also known as inner qigong) combines tai chi into one form.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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Qi is the foundation from which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Walla Walla stands. TCM encompasses the ancient healing techniques of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese massage or Tui Na, and qi gong, among others.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is one of the pillars of Classical Chinese Medicine and historically, it is where the later branches of oriental medicine have originated. Drawings that are 3,500 years old at least portraying Qigong movements have been discovered in Chinese tombs and some drawings have been dated as far back as 5000 years or more. Based on this, Qi gong may be the grandparent of a lot of Oriental energetic healing treatments such as deep organ massage (chi nei tsang), meridian massage (tui na), acupressure, and acupuncture. It probably was used to develop the Chinese internal martial arts of Ba Gua Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan, and the many Korean/ Japanese healing art offshoots of Do-in and shiatsu, as well as the several martial outgrowths of Judo, Aikido, etc. Some researchers believe that Qigong was also introduced in India where it was integrated into sacred temple dance training and the movements of yoga. So, we can see that since the dawn of history Chinese medicine was mainly derived from Qigong.

The Han Dynasty and the Yellow Emperor

The Huang Di Neijing or The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine written around 240 BC during the Han Dynasty is the world’s earliest medical text and it is the first document to mention Qigong as a healing practice. It states that classical Chinese medicine is a semi-religious system that heavily depends on ancient principles and a few ancient texts that promote a notion of harmony and balance between the environment and humanity. It depicts the basic natural principles that result in good health, implying that all the world’s phenomena depress, subdue, tonify, or stimulate one’s chi or natural life force, and that all of humanity are children of the universe and are therefore subordinate to its principles:

During ancient times, people followed the Way of Life or the Tao. They were able to comprehend the idea of balance and of yin and yang, as symbolized by the changes of the energies of the universe. Because of this, they were able to develop Qigong or Dao-in, both exercises that integrated breathing, massaging, and stretching techniques that help boost the flow of life energy, and meditation to harmonize and maintain balance with the universe.

On a regular basis, they ate a balanced diet, rose up and slept at regular hours, made it a point not to overstress their minds and bodies, and avoided intemperance of all kinds. They preserved the well-being of their mind and body; and so, it was no surprise that they were able to live past a hundred years.

The way to a happy and long life is this: Only when one remains centered in spirit can well-being and health be achieved, preventing life energy from being squandered, nurturing the smooth flow of blood and chi, preserving the harmonized balance of yin and yang, adjusting to the changing seasonal and annual macrocosmic factors, and feeding the self preventively.