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If you are earnestly seeking a way to avoid or relieve stress in your life, then you need to consider the space that you’re living in and see whether it reduces or adds to the amount of stress in your life.

What is Feng Shui?

Simply put, Feng shui is about modifying the manner energy circulates around your living space and home. It is an age-old Chinese ‘system of placement’ and deals with the interaction of elements and objects between each other.

Most people cannot rebuild their homes because doing so is simply too expensive; however, they can utilize certain basic feng shui start-up techniques that can make their lives and homes better places to live in.

These techniques are utilized whenever an expert in feng shui senses a “heavy energy” around him or her that requires the need to uplift the spirit of the client and bring about a change in the energy. If these things are all new to you, then simply adding a new plant arrangement, mirror placement, change of furniture, or even a new color to your space can generate incredible benefits. Anyway, many have said, “a change is as good as a holiday.”

Try these basic feng shui techniques for fun and to alter the template of your home if it doesn’t have the template you need. Do this and watch it change your life.

To generate templates that can influence your life in a good way, begin with these five Feng Shui start up techniques:

1. Bring in Fiery Passion in your Life

This feng shui tip will entail the use of very long curtains that fold onto themselves, plus, a variety of pillows strewn all over the place, fancy pink towels, candles all around, and a mish-mash of fabrics and colors. Place bowls of flowers anywhere in the space. When you take your shoes off, toss them over your shoulders. Throw over the sofa a shawl of soft wool. Over the lampshade, place a burgundy scarf and for the centerpiece of your living room, hang a large nude painting, that’s slightly off-position. Throughout your residence, spray essence of flowers and play the most romantic music you can find.

Your home’s energy is perhaps too confined or precise for the energy of passion to come in and feel welcome. If this is the case, try to rearrange things. Generate a passion template first and sooner or later, form will manifest. Passion for one person obviously may be different from another person. Know what passion means to you and manifest it in a spectacular fashion.

2. Attract More Abundance

In your living space, begin producing a sense of luxury. Be creative! Purchase inexpensive items such as fabrics that are richly colored. Add a few things that can express your self-indulgence. Begin with your bedroom or any room. Drape a rich fabric on your bed. Add several pillows.

Hang photos and pictures, which to you represent abundance. Generate a ‘treasure map’ and hang it on the wall. The treasure map should convey the image of the kind of wealth you want to manifest. It can be a stockpile of magazine cuttings and photos that you’ve put together. Put the ‘treasure map’ on a place where anyone can see it, and allow it to be embedded in your mind.

3. Allow Greater Creativity into Your Home

Creativity is typically being able to view “ordinary” in another way. Look at a lampshade or a basket. Take things that are being thrown away and determine how you can use them in another way. Take something that someone has discarded and make something out of it, preferably crafting an artwork out of it. Without spending a lot of money for your creativity, you can use your home as a canvas. For decoration, hang on a dried branch a string of Christmas tree lights, use cork painted in bright colors to create frames for your family photos. If you practice creativity in your home, you will discover that you have generated a template of creativity in your life.

4. Bring In More Love Into Your Home

Know what love is to you and what things represent it in your home and then fill your home with that. Paint your bedroom wall pink if this color reminds you of love. Place in your lounge a bouquet of pink flowers. Put on your bed lots of heart-shaped pillows if the shape of the heart reminds you of love.

5. Bring In More Peace in Your Home

If you want to attract peace in your home, fill it with the feeling and energy of peace. In feng shui, blue is the color of peace and therefore, paint your room blue to attract peace to that area. Use pastel and blue colors and take out anything orange or red. Remove objects that make you irritated and things that you don’t like. Play relaxing music. Even if it’s something your grandma gave you, you DON’T need to display it. The crystals in your home, can consecrate it to peace. Get an aquarium with swimming graceful and slow-moving fishes. Add to your home ferns that have been placed in pots. So you can listen to the sound of flowing water flowing, make an indoor waterfall in your home. Display paintings and photos of peaceful nature scenery. Dull sharp corners by covering them with soft fabric. Periodically spray lavender scent all over your home. Peace will fill your heart when your home feels and looks like a haven for peace.

Begin with small changes to your living space and other parts of your home. Eventually, you will notice a change to the way you feel. For you and your home, Feng Shui can be a real relief for stress.

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