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Gua Sha uses a scraping tool made up of the horn of an animal, bone, or metal to gently scrape the surface of the skin in order to boost the flow of Blood and Chi in the body. It is one among a variety of non-needle techniques in an acupuncturist’s arsenal. While gua sha is often utilized in combination with needles, it is a therapy in its own right. This healing modality is an East Asian method of stroking or scraping the skin and can be administered on many parts of the body, although most of the time, it is applied on the neck and back.

The following are the most commonly asked questions about Gua Sha therapy.

How does Gua Sha therapy feel like?

When performed by a qualified and experienced acupuncturist, gua sha therapy is an absolutely painless procedure. It is so painless that many people who have tried the therapy compare it to getting a relaxing massage. In as little as one treatment, people may experience relief of their symptoms. Symptoms associated with cold are particularly responsive to Gua Sha. Just like with acupuncture treatments, in regard to chronic illness or pain, treatment may require several sessions in order to experience relief.

Why does Gua Sha tend to leave marks on the patient’s skin?

It’s essential to point out that the marks caused by Gua Sha are not actually bruises. The treatment’s Sha pertains to the purple or red marks that arise on the skin after it is scraped. The dots or marks are blood that is being released from blood vessels in the skin’s innermost layer. A qualified acupuncturist will perform Gua Sha until the reddish dots begin to emerge. The acupuncturist will move to another area once the dots appear.

The color of the marks provides much information. Purple dots suggest a greater level of stagnating blood in the body. Because stagnation usually produces pain, people who come to acupuncture reporting of severe pain end up with purple dots during Gua Sha. If bright red dots appear on the skin, it may indicate too much heat in the body. If dots appear quickly, it suggests that the patient has an acute illness. If the dots take a long time to appear, it usually means the illness is chronic.

The dots from the treatment typically vanish within one to two days.

What conditions can be treated with Gua Sha therapy?

Gua Sha can treat nausea, vomiting, asthma, symptoms of flu and cold pain, and inflammation. It is also used to strengthen the immune system. Many acupuncturists believe that gua sha is a reliable treatment for any type of chronic disorder involving inflammation or pain.

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For thousands of years, Chinese nutritional therapy has been used much as medicinal herbs as a means to vastly improve health. Food was considered a tool to heal illness and prevent its development which preserved and maintained health and ensured the survival of the human race.

This nutritional model provides a holistic and qualitative concept of distinctly recommended foods that focuses on the flavor and energetic characteristics of foods as well as their thermal properties. This model works because it is founded on the fundamental principles of natural laws, is a commonsensical diet that’s easy to follow, and includes most of the foods we eat on a regular basis anyway. Chinese nutritional therapy follows a simple and very sound principle: to cool the heat, to warm the cold, add where it is too little, and to reduce where there is too much energetically.

Food energetics is based on each individual’s personal constitution, symptoms, and past medical history. All these are taken into account by a Chinese nutritional therapist who then devises a dietary plan to address a problem. This energetics will involve foods to avoid and foods to eat, how to combine various flavors, and how to prepare them. A diet plan will be specifically recommended, if there are any pre existing health issues, in order to resolve to remove exacerbating drinks and foods and to insert foods that promote natural homeostatic balance.

Basic prescriptions

As a rule, diet should be made up of:

• 5 percent raw foods such fruits and salads (except in summer)

• 5 percent fish, chicken, game, beef, and meat-lamb

• 30 to 40 percent cooked veggies such as fennel, lentils, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes

• 50 to 80 percent grains including barley, corn, millet, barley, rice, oats, wheat, and spelt

• Use of unprocessed and high quality (if possible, organic) foods

• Avoiding eating when angry, stressed, or upset.

• Chewing food well and refraining from rushing meals

• Not eating while at the desk, in front of the computer, watching TV, or while otherwise preoccupied

• Not drinking minimal amounts of fluids during meal-large portions since this dilutes the digestion process and prevents proper absorption resulting in lack of Chi (vital energy) and tiredness

• Eating foods that are appropriate for the season

• For people on a vegetarian diet, it is essential that they include energetically warming foods recommended by a qualified nutritional therapist in Overland Park.

• In general, it is recommended that you consume smaller amounts of food and eat one cooked meal a day, at the minimum. If your digestion is weak, you need to eat foods that are easy to digest (transform) and distribute through tissues.

The greater part of formulating a plan of treatment for each of my patients is a proper dietary arrangement.

Because Chinese nutritional therapy differs from the typical western concept of foods, there are often many changes to be made, more so when cooked versus raw foods are concerned.

However, alterations to a person’s diet should be made in incremental and gradual achievable steps, so that the body slowly gets used to the new ways. This approach never fails to produce results, since it is easy to adjust to the needs of the modern man and woman and is designed to match their unique constitutional requirements.

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Some people in Western societies have been known to subsist on just a single type of food. In East Asia, particularly in China, people usually eat a variety of foods to preserve health and to promote balance in their minds and bodies. In Chinese culture, no food is maligned or consumed in excess. Food is a way to achieve balance between people and their natural cycle, and environment. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb saying that goes, “Bitter, sour, pungent: all should be tasted.” You have foods that have been known to change an individual’s disposition towards, restlessness or fatigue, and there are various foods that are recommended for the different seasons of the year.

People susceptible to cold usually prefer warming foods; people who get cold easily tend to prefer spices and warming foods over foods that are cold, in traditional Chinese medicine. Every food has its own specific thermal property. Food can create certain effects on the body besides its physical temperature, (you can break out in sweats by eating a curry). Foods and herbs with hot properties include ginger, chili peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg, green onions, and walnuts. In the winter or on a very cold day, these foods can be very good to eat. Conversely, people living in a tropical or hot climate who may be hot prefer citrus, tomato, mint tofu, lettuce, milk, cucumber, celery and lettuce.

The world of natural foods in traditional Chinese medicine is designed to beef up and balance the various parts of our bodies. We need to eat foods of different colors (white garlic, green spinach, yellow squash, black sea vegetables red tomatoes, and purple eggplant). When considering the wide range of colors, Chinese nutritional therapists are likely to bundle a few groups, (e.g. fruits and vegetables) into preparations that are lavish and highly attractive. Interestingly, scientific studies have proven that phytochemicals in colored plant foods have special health-giving qualities. For example, peppers, watermelon, and red tomatoes all are known to carry lycopene, a powerful biochemical compound; Several sulfides have been suspected to increase immunity, eliminate bacteria and prevent cancer. They include carrot, squash, apricots, and other orange or yellow fruits that are rich in beta carotene. They can substantially reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Most foods In the West are over-processed, but due to the growing negative feedback of eating factory farmed and processed foods, many of us are now slowly turning to free range and organically grown foods. If you have eaten organic foods in the past, traditional Chinese medicine can still recommend following a different endeavor in the kitchen. Since salads and other raw cold foods are quite difficult to digest, they should be eaten in moderation. For older people and for those suffering from poor health, cooked foods are considered beneficial for their condition since cooking free up the nutrients in those making them easier to digest. Foods that are cooked are warm which may facilitate the raising of body temperature. If you eat cold raw foods, you need to eat them along with digestion-boosting and warming ingredients such as garlic (that can go with cucumber salad) or miso (can be used for dressing lettuce salad).

Moderation is an important factor to consider in traditional Chinese medicine since eating the right foods not only can improve your health, it can also help extend your lifespan. There is another Chinese saying that states, “eat until you are 70 percent full if you want to live a long life.” A Japanese version of this states that you need to eat until you are 80 percent full. When you eat in excessive amounts, you just stress your body, particularly your digestive system, needlessly. Therefore, in order to acquire the benefits of moderation, quite eating before you become 100 percent full.

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All over America, people have been turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) more and more to assist them with problems related to the modern age. As the workdays lengthen and the pace of life accelerates, personal time that used to be spent for nourishment and relaxation has now become a prohibitive luxury in most people’s schedule. The modern way of life provides us with many diversions and amenities but it usually comes at the expense of our spiritual, mental, and physical health. This has led to people seeking alternative ways to help overcome the stresses and dangers that come with modern living. The recent incredible boom in TCM, the widespread popularity of Buddhism, and the resurgence of Yoga exemplify that the ancient wisdoms have a place in the Modern Age. This is because these philosophies can help reduce the harmful effects of modern life and bring back harmony and balance to the body.

As a TCM practitioner myself, I have frequently observed how profoundly this ancient healing system can benefit people by bringing balance into their life. This is because one of the basic principles of this system lies on the harmonious interplay of the forces of nature and life. This philosophy basically acknowledges that a lot of things in our everyday life affect our health and that it is essential that we keep these forces in harmony and balance. The activities we do, the foods we eat, our emotions, work life, home life, and our environment would be a few examples.

When one visits a practitioner of TCM to treat a certain illness, the practitioner will look deeply into the origin of the disease to determine the forces that are out of balance. Approaching an illness this way can lead to the treatment of the underlying “root” of a problem and result in a lasting and profound type of healing. Carpal Tunnel disease would be a perfect example. The practitioner will set out to determine the underlying cause of this illness by questioning the patient to find out: what makes the illness better or worse, what activities they do on a regular basis, what type of work they do, if a certain event caused the problem, etc. Any of the following TCM modalities can then be used by the practitioner: lifestyle advice, exercise therapy, massage, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture in Austin, in order to treat not only the pain, but also to help rectify the underlying imbalance. The patient delightfully leaves the office with his symptoms reduced and a feeling that enables him to take charge of his wellbeing.

This is just a few ways in which TCM can be utilized to help bring back balance harmony to our hectic modern way of living. If you are searching for a way to balance the forces acting within your life, traditional Chinese medicine can be a powerful resource. TCM can support the need to observe the disharmonies and imbalance, the insight to resolve them, and the tools needed to bring about a lasting and positive change.

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Restorative sleep along with the right water, air, and nutrition is important to health and well-being. We perform under our ability to take on the requirements of life if we don’t get a good night’s sleep.

The impacts of extended deprivation of poor sleep should not be underestimated, and can result in issues such as an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, hormone imbalances, and premature aging. University of Minnesota Medical School neurology professor, Mark Mahowald states that any extent of sleep deprivation decreases mental function, and “one whole night of not being able to sleep is that same as being impaired in a simulated driving test due to a high alcohol level in your blood.”

Can sleep by improved by harnessing the power of Feng Shui?

The answer to that is a resounding Yes! If you’re fed up not getting enough sleep, an expert in Feng Shui can suggest some basic modifications to your bedroom which will make a huge difference in the way you sleep. A Feng Shui expert with several years of experience in this fine ancient art knows how the “chi”or energy that moves around us can affect our health and well-being. Irritability and discomfort that prevent tranquil sleep can occur if chi is blocked in our environment.

Feng Shui is growing in demand in all aspects of life in the Western world. A Feng Shui expert can provide you with really useful tips that you can instantly apply to your bedroom to bring about the desperately needed deep sleep that you’re looking for. The following is a list of frequently asked questions or FAQs about how Feng Shui can affect a person’s quality of sleep

Question 1, how does “bad” or “good” Feng Shui affect sleep?

Answer: There is a close link between your quality of sleep and your environment. In Feng Shui, you work with chi, and the deliberate arrangement and clearing of objects can enable the reduction of the negative and the smooth movement of positive energy in your room. Feng Shui is designed to work with the positive energy circulation in your bedroom to promote quality sleep. And while Feng Shui’s effects are not visible to the naked eye, they can affect your overall health and the quality of your sleep by directly influencing your own energy field.

Question 2, can you provide some tips about the bedroom furniture in my room?

Answer: Do not place any furniture or objects with protruding sharp corners around your bed. In order to improve your personal chi, place your bed in such a way that the door can be seen while you’re in bed, but far away enough and placed in such as way that the bed is not aligned with the door. Use solid wooden headboards to promote positive chi around your head. Having a bed with the mattress raised above the floor is a good way to support the positive flow of chi.

As much as possible, do not sleep under a slanted roof or under heavy ceiling beams that can bear down the chi in your room. Exclude any busy pictures with a lot of people or any depressing or sad art in your bedroom. The objective is to have a relaxing and clear room as possible to bring in good chi.

Question 3, can the color of my bedroom affect my sleep?

Answer: Yes, very much; in Feng Shui, the appropriate use of color is a huge factor that can significantly affect your sleep and the chi of your room. Avoid a room that’s painted bright orange or red as they are highly energizing colors that can prevent you from getting good quality asleep. Select beige or soft cream or blue or green color or any other comforting pastel colors that can help promote calmness and healing.

Question 4, are there any items in my bedroom that can interfere with my sleep?

Answer. A wireless or plugged-in device or any electronic gadget or electrical appliance that discharges harmful radiation energy or EMFs (electromagnetic fields) should be taken out of your bedroom as far away as possible. We advise that your remove your electronic alarm clock, TV, electric blanket, computer, and cell phone out of your room or at least, as far away from your bed as possible. Research proves that the cells in your body can be greatly affected by EMF energy, and reduce the levels of melatonin in your body. Low melatonin has been shown to contribute significantly to inadequate sleep and other health issues. Too much EMF exposure can interfere with your circadian rhythms, and simply removing these gadgets from your place of sleep may be your best way to attain good quality sleep.

Question 5, what other things should I remove from my bedroom to get good sleep?

Answer: After clearing those harmful electronic/electrical devices, you then need to clear out any excess items and furniture and clutter that besides gathering dust, tend to obstruct the flow of good chi. A clutter-riddled bedroom can cause chi to stagnant which can create a distracting and busy environment. Make sure to remove items on the closet, corners, and under the bed. A smooth flow of positive chi does not adhere to the motto, “out of sight, out of mind”, and the energy of your room will be thrown off by the useless clutter that’s been piling up in your room for a while. If you desire peaceful sleep, you need to achieve a clear space for “Zen”.

Next, take into account the lighting in your bedroom after clearing up the dust and clutter in your room. Are the coverings in your window keeping your room adequately dark at night? The production of melatonin, that’s vital to sleep, rises naturally in the dark and can be affected by exposure to sunlight. Keep your room as dark as possible and block out any outside light to guarantee healthy levels of melatonin that can bring about sleep.

Question 6, are there any final tips that can help me sleep better?

Answer: Aromatherapy diffusers such as tea tree, pine, or eucalyptus oil coupled with fresh cool air, are great Feng Shui tools for clearer breathing and improving air quality. Also recommended are soft lightings like salt lamps. At night keep all doors closed, including the en-suite bathroom door, closet, and bedroom door.

Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary that can help recharge your body. The aim of Feng Shui is to promote a peaceful and tranquil bedroom as well as harmony and balance for good quality sleep whilst also facilitating a healthy flow of positive chi.

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These days, we’re far more aware of the ideas of sound frequencies, the continuous vibrating state of sounds, and the sounds of all matter in the universe. To peer inside the human body, eliminate kidney stones and gall stones, unlock and search for oil, or search other secret hidden deep inside the earth, we know use the technology of ultra sound waves.

It may seem that sound frequencies are totally unrelated to the healing of the body but in Chinese medicine in Orlando, there are various very old fantastic ways to cure and heal the body that are rarely known today. One such healing method is called “The Six Syllable Secret” or the “The Six Healing sounds”.

The initially three of these sounds were “SHHHHH,” “WUUUUUU,” and “SSSSSS” for the liver, kidneys, and lungs respectively. Then, we need to discuss the last three sounds for the spleen, heart, and Triple B, which is a vital system for balancing energy.

The Six Sounds

1. The Spleen – When doing the sound of the spleen, you need inhale deeply, then breathe out and utter the sound WHOOOOOOOOOO. Deeply breathe in into the abdomen, pancreas, and spleen while visualizing a yellow and bright light with the aspects of musical creation, compassion, and fairness entering them. Perform this sound three to six times.

2. The Heart – When doing the sound for the heart, you need to first perform some few deep inhalations, then shut your eyes and become cognizant of your heart. You can start producing the sound for the heart after a few breaths by leaning your head back while looking up, then upon breathing out, you utter the sound HAWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Between each repetition, take a short rest and perform a few normal breaths. While your eyes are kept shut, visualize a bright red color along with the aspects of creativity, honor, sincerity, and joy with each inhalation entering your heart. Do omit this as this is a very important step.

Perform the sound for the heart for three to six 6 times. If you suffer from heart pains, heart disease, swelling in the tongue or gums, or have cold sores or a sore throat, or if you’re encountering jumpiness or moodiness, or to detoxify the heart, you need to perform this exercise nine to 36 times.

Make this sound nine to 36 times if you’re also desirous of detoxifying your spleen or have diarrhea, nausea, or indigestion. This sound is healthier and more effective than taking antacids. This is the sound that can be done right after eating.

3. The Triple Burner. The triple burner sound is a very simple sound. It is similar to the word “He” but the “e” sound is prolonged for the rest of the breath. This is the sound HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The sound for the Triple Burner, as with the other sounds, needs to be uttered “sub vocally” or very softly which means you need only to exhale and open your mouth as if making the sound, but without vibrating the vocal chords or actually making a sound. The sound for the triple burner can help normalize heartbeat and Chinese martial artists often use it to help slow down their heartbeat during strenuous exercises or either after or during or a fight.

The triple burner sound may also be helpful in the treatment of insomnia. It can be performed for three to nine repetitions per set. For each set, repeat several times if you need to calm down your entire system or to help slow your heart.

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Confucius said, “The greatest glory doesn’t lie in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall.”


When we to take our first steps as babies, we often fall; as teenagers, we run only to fall; and as adults we fall to live. In our journey through life, we never stop falling as the sun never stops setting.


These powerful words of wisdom by China’s greatest philosopher have impacted my life more than any philosophy ever did before. Our natural reason for belief tells us not to fall, but we must fall in order to learn as humans and grow and mature better as individuals. We won’t learn from our mistakes if we do not fall, and we won’t improve as individuals when we’re unable to learn from these mistakes.


The magnificent leaders in history are the ones that have fallen hard, which is what made them so successful. After being fired as CEO by his own board of directors, Steve Jobs came back more powerful and stronger when he steered Apple from imminent destruction. According to Jobs, if he hadn’t been fired from Apple, the company would not have been what it is today because like a start-up company, he learned how to be more creative and more resourceful.


To date, my greatest personal tragedy was the loss of my oldest sister Laura to ovarian cancer. While her death was very painful to me, it has also been the most inspiring and strengthening of all my experiences. Her death has inspired to pursue my passion and dreams. After Laura died, I left my high paying job in New York and moved to Los Angeles, where I created my own company. Laura’s shining inspiration is always with me–my compassionate angel and the yang to my yin. When she struggled heroically during her most difficult chemotherapy days, she said that God always provides a person with a cross they can bear, and in regard to her cancer, she felt this way. During the last few days of her life, she understood that her fall in life would carry her to heaven in the afterlife. The moon rises after the setting of the sun.


Most of us have certain falls in life, sometimes big, sometimes small. When something bad happens in life, such as a job loss, a divorce, a death in the family, or a major physical injury, be kind to yourself. Give yourself some time to heal, whether it’s a few days, a few weeks, or several months – take time to heal and ponder about life. During this time, perform things that will put you in a peaceful and meditative state. This may involve reading some of your favorite books, yoga, or hiking — whatever gives you the inspiration to reflect and clear the mind. You will find the greatest disclosures in your life at this time and this will encourage you to move ahead and believe in the endless possibilities your future holds. So, be kind to yourself and take time to heal.


While falling in life is a prerequisite to spiritual and emotional growth, equally important is rising from defeat and tragedy – this indeed is the greatest glory in life.

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Elements in nature have the ability to make anything elegant and attractive. Unusual but natural features can easily enhance the charm to the beauty of anything. The first thing that comes into your mind as soon as you start thinking of the splendor and natural beauty of things is the comforting tranquility of spouting water. Some people seem to be tranquilized by the sound and sight of cascading water in a water fountain and can easily exude elegance and charm to the beauty of anything. Such things have the ability to create a sense of magnetism on the minds of their viewers. With the help of various water features that are available today, one can easily create beautiful garden areas and landscapes.

Actually, naturally altered features are the best options by which one can enhance the regular looks of their interiors. These days, most home owners try to integrate different elegant water features in order to make their home interiors look more luxurious and valuable. Water features sold today are naturally modified and can easily bring a serene atmosphere into a home. It is not surprising that water is considered the most conspicuous aspect of feng shui and it is primarily responsible for a number benefits related to relationships, wealth, and health.

Water features in your interiors are today becoming widely sought after in the market mainly because they provide a stylish touch to the area where they are placed.

If you want to incorporate grand architectural artworks in to your home interiors, then the perfect option would be to buy indoor water walls. An indoor water wall is the most ideal way to add serenity to your home. It can readily provide a respectful glow to your home interiors.

You can make your home interiors look posh and extravagant through the use of indoor water walls. A wide variety of these walls are readily available in the market. They are well complemented with numerous ascent colors and various carvings. Choose the water walls with the perfect sizes and shapes for your home.

There are several ways home owners can provide a refreshing and peaceful look to their home interiors. If you prefer, you can also generate a relaxing ambiance with the use of water fountains. The soothing cascades of a water fountain simply create a relaxing atmosphere and a reassuring ambiance. These luxurious looking decors are also used designed to create a perfect background. Ideally, indoor water walls are based on the texture and dimensions of your interiors.

Your home interiors can look out of the ordinary with the addition of indoor water walls.

They can transform any home into a peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, the natural calming sound of water produced by a water fountain can have a calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind.

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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

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It’s been proven that performing home breathing exercises can energize, relax, and calm a person.

Are you aware that when performing breathing exercises almost anywhere well ventilated and quiet or at home on a regular basis, it can help strengthen your immunity, improve your sleep, and alleviate nervousness, anxiety, tiredness, tension, and stress? Those are just some of the positive effects of the relaxation techniques and breathing exercises described below.

Breathing out to increase intake of oxygen and discharge old air from your lungs is the first breathing exercise to help prepare you for the next exercise. The second exercise integrates deep and slow breathing with smooth movements of the arm to enhance oxygen intake, balance breathing, and circulate to relax and calm you.

First Breathing Exercise – Sitting

1. This exercise is performed in a sitting position but can also be performed lying down or standing.

Sit on the front edge of a comfortable but firm chair.

Your back should be kept straight and hands on the knees or thighs.

Look straight ahead and keep the shoulders relaxed.

2. To empty your lungs, vigorously breathe out through your MOUTH whilst simultaneously tightening or contracting your stomach muscles and bend forward. This helps to discharge the air.

When the lungs are completely empty, quickly relax your abdominals and as you sit back up inhale gently with your NOSE. Breathe out until your lungs are less than 50 percent full then, start breathing out again quickly through your mouth.

One round totals to a breathing out followed by a breathing in. To begin, try to perform 10 rounds. Perform up to three sets of 10 rounds, twice or thrice a day. To balance your breathing, take a couple of deep, slow breaths in between each round and at the end of the final round.


Discharges impurities & old air from your blood & lungs
Boosts your nervous system
Balances & energizes you
Saturates your system with fresh oxygen
Clears your sinuses & nasal passages


Perform the technique whenever you feel anxious, stressed or tired
This exercise is highly recommended for all city dwellers & smokers
Stop and take a few deep slow breaths if you’re feeling dizzy
Perform this exercise before other sports or exercises or to help you wake up
Perform Breathing Exercises at Work or at Home for Better Health!

Second Breathing Exercise – Standing

1. All breathing is performed through your NOSE in a smooth and slow manner.

Stand with your feet a width apart and your shoulder and back straight.

Settle your weight on your legs.

Put your hands in front of your stomach and clasp your right hand in your left hand.

Observe the ground in front of you at a range of about six feet or two 2 meters.

2. Breathe in as you raise your arms up slowly and away from your body.

3. Stop breathing in, drop your wrists and start lowering your arms and stop when they’re parallel with the ground.

Start breathing out as you lower your arms.

Note: Just as if they are wings on a bird, lower and raise your arms fluidly and smoothly.

4. Continue breathing out until your hands are back in front of your stomach.

You’re not required to cup your hands though.

Just allow them to meet at the fingertips, in anticipation of the next stage.

Halt your breathing for two seconds.

5. Start breathing in again as you vertically raise your hands in close to and in front of your body,.

6. As your hands near your chest, turn them to face you.

Continue to smoothly and slowly breathe in.

7. As you complete your inhalation, lift up straight your arms up above your head.

For two seconds, hold your breath while stretching your arms up as high as you could without lifting your feet.

8. Bring your arms down in an arc away from your body as you slowly breathe out.

9. Go back to the starting position with your hands clasped, as in step one.

You have thus completed round one.

As you begin another round, briefly pause then start inhaling.

Begin by performing 10 to 12 rounds of these breathing exercises.

Perform the exercise for 10 to 15 minutes each day and then increase it to 25 to 30 rounds, two times a day.

The better the results become the longer you do it.


Strengthens your nervous system
Balances your breathing
Enhances your intake of oxygen
Relaxes and calms you


Perform Breathing Exercise 1 first
This exercise is good after getting up & before you sleep
Concentrate not on external distractions but on your breathing
Prior to doing home breathing exercises, or anywhere else, press important acupoints on your body to help augment the benefits of the exercises.
Moreover, as you perform these home breathing exercises before you sleep, performing beforehand the following stretching exercise can help you sleep well:

Backward Forward Bend

In addition, when performing these home breathing exercises just after getting up, you need to stretch and loosen up first for a few minutes. Try these:

Forward Lunge
Back Arch
Back Twist
Stomach Lift

Keep in mind that in relieving anxiety, tension, or stress you can perform breathing exercises on the beach, at work, in park, or at home or anyplace that’s not too windy but well ventilated and fairly quiet. Deep slow breathing is certainly the best way to relax and calm yourself.

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