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All over the world an innumerable multitude of people cope with headaches and migraines. Researchers have stated that in the United States alone about 28 million people suffer from severe migraines while around 45 million experience chronic headaches.

About 5% of adults in do experience headaches on a regular basis. It is really unfortunate that individuals are unable to really understand the pain people suffering from daily headaches go through. They seem to be unable to escape the discomfort and extreme pain that accompany one of these attacks.

To help cope with their headaches, most individuals will opt for painkillers that they take everyday. The fact is these painkillers merely offer temporary stoppage of the pain. It’s okay to use painkillers though; however, they should not be used as a form of long-term treatment since some of these drugs can leave you with many side effects and an addiction to them.

Since painkillers are poor long term options, more and more people are becoming aware of another natural, more effective and safer option to painkillers. This option is acupuncture. Acupuncture has actually been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat all kinds of pain, even headaches and migraines. Sufferers of chronic headache are converting to acupuncture in droves since it has been a proven safe treatment that does not have any side effects. Acupuncture’s use has lessened the utilization of conventional modes of treatment for millions of individuals all over the world.

The University of North Carolina School of medicine made a study that can provide some good news for people with chronic headache. This study proved that combined with some application of medical science, acupuncture is able to significantly and positively affect the quality of life of regular headache sufferers.

However, even though acupuncture has proved to be very useful in treating migraines and headaches, a person regularly suffering headaches can do other things to minimize the attacks. This means watching what you eat, lowering stress, and limiting or avoiding drinking caffeinated beverages.