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A therapeutic form of exercises emanating from the Taoist philosophy of theFive Elements, Five Element qigong is a unique form of healing especially designed for professional holistic therapists, Chinese Medicine practitioners (like acupuncturists vancouver), healers, somatic-based psychotherapists, and bodyworkers who directly work with patients. The movements can be learned by both the patient and practitioner and is used as part of a treatment plan, or recommended as “homework” for the patient to boost his or her healing processes on a spiritual and physical level. Certain qualifications are considered to see if a practitioner is eligible to practice medical qigong within their clinical discipline.

Pronounced “chee gung,” qigong is a set of simple energetic practices, massages, and tai chi-style movements that can help improve the balance and flow of energy of the body. Rather than using a continuous progression from one position to the next, as happens in tai chi, the movements in qigong are discrete and simple, often trimmed down to a stationary meditative pose or a repetitive pattern.

When one practices five-element qigong regularly, with mindful awareness and conscious breathing, it can stimulate the body’s innate healing powers of the body and promote the smooth flow of energy all across the body. Because of its regenerative qualities, qigong combined with health maintenance practices can be especially valuable for people suffering from spiritual/emotional imbalances, energy blockages, injuries, or severe or minor illnesses. The basic distinct movements are quite easy to learn and perform and with a modest investment of time, can provide a person with additional and incredible holistic benefits.