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Pain is a small (many say big!) voice telling you that you presently have a big problem to worry about.  Fortunately, many kinds of highly effective treatments for pain are available.  Pain can result from injury, disease and stress among many other factors and it can feel slight, mild, severe or excruciating.

The real challenge to pain management and pain itself is determining the best treatment plan for you.  There are various ways to treat pain in the same manner as there are many ways to cause pain.  Many treatment plans are available but few of them are really safe and effective.  A physician looking into his patient’s painful condition must know what treatment plan is best for his patient, how long has his patient been suffering from this condition and what is the root cause of this condition.

Pain is broken down into two types, acute or chronic pain.

Acute Injuries including fractured hand, strained back or sprained ankle happen oftentimes during an activity.  This type of pain often lasts for more than a month.  The symptoms and signs of acute pain can include break of a bone or visible dislocation, extreme limb weakness, inability to move a joint in a full range of motion, extreme tenderness in an upper limb, inability to place weight on a lower limb, swelling or sudden or severe pain during an activity.

Chronic Injuries often is caused by the abuse or overuse of a part of the body while exercising or indulging in sporting activities.  The pain lasts for 6 weeks and oftentimes much, much longer. Here are signs of a chronic injury:   swelling, dull ache during resting period or pain when performing an activity.

Once the duration, type and source of the pain is known, the doctor then can design a treatment plan.  For alternative therapies, the more popular ones such as acupuncture and trigger points are used.

Acupuncture Marlton is a medicinal Chinese procedure that has been around for thousands of years primarily used to treat pain.  It is all about inserting hair thin needles in strategic sites on the body.  No drugs are used in this treatment, only needles.  Western medical science does not know how acupuncture really works but it does work and has worked on so many people throughout thousands of years.  It is now known to affect the central and it autonomic nervous system and improve the function of the circulatory system as well.  Acupuncture effectively treats many kinds of pain including many types of inflammatory pains, costochondritis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, shingles, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, neuritis, headaches and facial pain among many others.

Trigger Points often address acute pain caused by joint irritation, pulled, knotted or knotted muscles, sports injuries and falls – these types of pain are highly likely still in their inflammatory phase.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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Acupuncture St Helens is a 5000 year old Chinese medical treatment that has slowly but surely been integrated into Western medicine in just a span of a few decades.  With the integration came the translation of terms such chi, stagnation, yin and yang, etc. These terms are foreign to the mind of those who were trained in the Western sciences and taught to think the scientific method way.

Western science explains acupuncture through the disciplines of physiology and physics.  There are electrical and electromagnetic forces operating in the human body.  The brain uses electrical waves to send out neural commands and the heart utilizes electromagnetic energy to keep itself beating.  The body itself has numerous energy vessels called meridians which transport very mild electrical energy all over the body.  One can call meridians part of the “electrical system” of the body.  Meridians often are located near blood vessels and neural pathways and these three often work together to keep the body in good shape.  The electrical pulses in the meridians are very hard to observe but when they work, one can see their effects.  Meridians can now be seen through infrared imaging and they appear more transparent than the surrounding tissues, which looks more opaque.

Energizing a meridian alters the energy in the body and this helps produce and secrete specific nutrients and chemicals inside the body.  The nutrients and chemicals released help in the removal of swelling and pain and the secretion of tranquility-generating chemicals and neurotransmitters (serotonin, endorphins, etc.).  The beauty of all these is that no external chemical stimulus is used to make these all happen, thus there are no harmful side effects experienced.

Acupuncture has proven beneficial for the treatment of many kinds of diseases.  It does not act as a palliative but addresses the symptoms as well as the underlying cause of the disorder.  It is frequently used as a treatment for stroke, autoimmune disorders, infertility, pain, menopause, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and headaches.

Electricity and electromagnetic energy permeates the whole universe.  In fact, these 2 energies are what generate the galaxies, quasars, black holes and stars.  Acupuncture has learned to control these energies in the human body and use it for the positive contribution to human health.  Acupuncture is a very effective and safe way of treating health disorders.  It induces self-healing of the body and improves wellness and vitality in the human being.  Modern science will keep on studying this millennia old treatment to help utilize it as a treatment for other kinds of health problems.  The future looks promising for acupuncture treatment and with new modern techniques like electromagnetic wave therapy and laser acupuncture, the use of needles for treatment need not be mandatory anymore.

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Practiced by Chinese healers and used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a treatment for various kinds of illnesses, acupuncture is now one of the most popular alternative forms of treatment around the world as well.  It is for the various health benefits that it offers as well as its safeness (no negative side effects) that it is so popular with people of all races.  Acupuncture St Helens is even now being extolled as a natural remedy for arthritis, probably because traditional Chinese practitioners believe that arthritis is a manifestation of an imbalance in the body’s energy.  Acupuncture is supposed then to revive the natural energy balance.  In Western medical viewpoint, acupuncture has been observed to activate the release of endorphins, which naturally block pain.

The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis around the world and it affects around 20 million sufferers in the Untied States.  Osteoarthritis is caused by the degradation of the joints and soft bones that causes stiffness and severe pain.  Rheumatoid arthritis is usually more severe in pain and scope since not only the joints are affected but also some major organs.  Rheumatoid arthritis causes extreme swelling in the lining of the joints resulting in inflammation, stiffness, and severe pain.  This kind of arthritis also contorts the shape of the joints and severely impairs their range of movement.  Acupuncture is a very potent treatment for pain relief for both types of arthritis.

Treatment begins by cleansing the skin with alcohol.  Sterilized fine needles are inserted into the area of distress or in other parts of the body.  The number of needles used and the depths of insertion depend on the degree of the pain.  The needles are either “tweaked” or manipulated or electrically energized and allowed to remain in the skin for several minutes to an hour.

A slight sensation is felt as the needles are inserted, which is much less painful than when one is receiving a vaccination shot.  A warm sensation is felt when the needles are applied with mild electricity.  This manipulation or electrical stimulation is used to optimize the effect and thus increase the benefits of the treatment.  Acupuncture as a treatment for arthritis is usually done two times per week and it usually implies several treatments for one to substantially enjoy the benefits.

There is not doubt the acupuncture relieves pain, thus making it an ideal modality for arthritis, which is mainly a problem principally characterized by pain. Arthritis is a very significant problem in the United States because of its debilitating nature.  There are hundreds of pain medications for arthritis but acupuncture is more superior to these because it does not cause any side effects whatsoever.

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Acupuncture Bellmore can be dated to exist 80 centuries ago in China, which probably is one of the oldest forms of medicine around.  Acupuncture is a process where tiny needles are inserted into specific points on the body, curing a host of ailments from asthma to high blood pressure. Acupuncture according to the World Health Organization can cure over 40 different common health problems.  Can depression also cure acupuncture?  Depression afflicts in varying degrees about 11 million people every year in the Untied States.  Women are more prone to depression.  About 20% of women are depressed in the US each year as compared to 10% to men.  Suicide rates due to depression; however, are higher in men.  In terms of economic damage, depression costs a staggering $40 billion in treatment charges and lost person-hours.

Studies done throughout the years have verified that acupuncture can help treat depression and compared to mainstream medication treatment, acupuncture is more likely to cure depression than medication or psychotherapy.  Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that a person’s body and mind are both inseparable components of the same system. Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment in that it treats both the body and the mind at the same time, rather than viewing the two as distinct separate entities. Acupuncture’s role is to balance the body’s life energy by deftly placing needles at strategic points in the body. The normal flow of chi or life energy throughout the body is essential to our overall sense of well being, physical and emotional and people who experience a stagnant or slow flow of life energy in their body will suffer from stress or depression.  Acupuncture does not use any pharmaceutical drugs so it does not have any side effects.  Even some physicians recommend acupuncture to some of their chronically depressed patients after medications and psychotherapy fail them.

Acupuncture treats depression by removing any blockages that might be hindering the flow of chi or life energy on energy pathways called meridians.   Once the blockage disappears through the placing and manipulation of needles at the specified sites, energy can flow again through the body freely making symptoms related to the depression slowly dissipate.  Acupuncture helps stimulate the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s “feel good” chemicals, which generate well-being and calmness in a person.  This effect makes it possible for a person to feel elated and satisfied helping the individual fight depression effectively.  Acupuncture works to cure depression but if a person has an unhealthy lifestyle that is conducive to sadness, acupuncture can only help so much.  A healthy and happy lifestyle change is needed in order for the person to experience permanent cure from depression.