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More and more becoming a huge favorite for those wanting a relaxing and reinvigorating bodywork, Shiatsu Massage is a soothing blend of traditional acupressure and western massage. Acupressure is a healing technique whose origins evolved from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings, the human body has a core energy called qi or chi. This energy flows through a specific network of pathways, called meridians. According to TCM, disease is simply an indication that the qi in our body has become imbalanced. Shiatsu is an acupressure variant that works to restore balance and stimulate the chi along the meridians.

Acupuncture in Orlando is the most popular form of TCM to work the body system. In acupressure therapy, rather than needles, the practitioner uses his or her thumbs to activate the pressure points along the meridians. Shiatsu does more by using the forearms, palms and even the feet to activate the points.

When getting shiatsu massage, the client typically lays down on a pad on the floor. The therapist/practitioner then will kneel along sidethe client’s body and use his or body weight for pressure. Since no massageoil is used, the client can remain clothed, which is especially good for people who avoid massage because of shyness. A technique called Barefoot Shiatsu is aneffective and fun addition to the therapy whereby the therapist stands alongside the client, and gently uses his or her foot to apply pressure to the meridians.

A combination of shiatsu and classic massage is usedin Shiatsu Massage. This is typically performedon a massage table. Theclient sheds his or her clothes and lays on the table covered by a towel as the therapist leaves the room. Thetherapist then just exposes the areas that need to be worked on. The therapy session traditionally begins with massage and then the Shiatsu is included strategically throughout generating a profound relaxing sensation on the client.

Shiatsu Massageis usually combined with traditional Acupressure. This will mean that the therapist useshis or her thumbs to hold gently some of the pressure points of the client’s body, whilst using his or elbows, palms, or forearms to rub the body. Shiatsu is generally used to work down meridians at an even but slow pace. Afterwards, acupressure is used to apply pressure on the points for longer periods. This works especially well for body parts areas that are quite tight.

This combination of acupressure and Shiatsu massage can bring about an even more relaxing experience than by just the administration of massage alone. Thisis because shiatsu massage is designedto loosen the surface muscles, while acupressure amplifies the feeling of relaxation and takes it to a more energetic level. Acupressure also augments the healing benefitsby restoring balance to the energy of the body, which leads to general well-being and health.

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