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The ancient therapeutic art of Chinese Tui-Na is centered on the use of the therapist’s hands to diagnose through palpation and address illnesses and diseases through a number of manual procedures. The therapist will customize a plan of treatment based on the specific condition of the patient to cure a specific illness. Tui na is conducted without the use of drugs or devices and solely relies on the hands of the therapist in order to treat a patient’s complaint. A highly skilled Tui-Na therapist can also include modern medical biopsy, X-ray, or MRI into his treatment plan when available. Tui na is helpful for external or orthopedic disorders.

Tui-Na and Other Manual Therapies

In theory and technique, Tui-Na is not the same as chiropractic or massage. Tui na, on a technical level, is far more encompassing and broad than either chiropractic medicine or massage. Generally speaking, massage, cannot treat diseases, but merely enhances local circulation and eases muscle tension. On a theoretical level, it utilizes the theories of traditional Chinese medicine as a basis for treatment. Also playing pivotal roles are the notions of essence, yin and yang, blood, and energy or Chi. The majority of massage therapies do not have the kind of extensive breadth that Tui-Na is known for. Almost all forms of massages lack the ability to treat problems related to bone alignment effectively. Chiropractic medicine may be useful in reducing misalignments in bony structures, but before and after re-alignment, it usually does not spend sufficient time resolving the muscles around the bony structures. Because of this, after chiropractic treatment, a lot of patients tend to experience a rebound effect. Tui-Na, on the other hand, resolves muscle tension around the bony structures immediately following treatments to reduce the risk or prevent the rebound effect.

The following is a list external disorders that Tui-Na can treat:

 Car accident injuries, whiplash
 Temporomandibular joint problems or TMJ
 Golfer’s elbow, Tennis elbow
 Strains and sprains
 Martial arts and sports injuries
 Scoliosis
 Soft tissue injuries
 Neck stiffness and pain
 Myofascial pain ailments
 Muscle adhesions and spasms
 Back spasms and low back pain
 Herniated disk
 Migraines or tension headaches
 Frozen shoulder syndrome
 Carpal tunnel syndrome

The following is a list of internal diseases that Tui-Na can treat:

 Cold hands and feet
 Weak circulation
 Chest pain (Angina Pectoris)
 High blood pressure (hypertension)
 Arrhythmias

Pediatric disorders:

 Underdevelopment
 Constipation
 Bedwetting (nocturia)
 Scoliosis

OB/GYN and Reproductive Disorders:

 Postpartum dissociation of the pubic symphysis
 Menstrual irregularities and pain
 Sexual dysfunction
 Infertility

Gastrointestinal and Digestive system disorders:

 Inflammation of the gall bladder (Cholecystitis)
 Gastroptosis
 Duodenal and gastric ulcers

Respiratory system disorders:

 Chronic Bronchitis
 Asthma

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