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Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that’s over 5000 years old. It is still being used simply because it works. The principle behind acupuncture lies in the belief that there is a flow of energy or Chi in every body. This energy of life flows through specific channels called meridians. Treatment can be done with beads, seeds, needles, needles attached to an electrical device and needles with specific Chinese herbs burned, which is called moxibustion.

The needles seem to work the best and that it’s got an amazingly calming effect. Patients describe it as being washed over with a wave of well-being unlike anything they’ve ever felt in their lives. It’s very common to see people coming in who are just really stressed out. When the needles are put in, the acupuncturist leaves them for a little bit and when they come back, they see the patient splayed out across the chair with their tongue hanging out looking like roadkill.

The effect of acupuncture is so amazingly relaxing. People just love it when they come in especially when they are very stressed, jittery, upset, anxious and have a million problems on their mind and their brain can’t shut down. The insertion of the needles is pretty much painless and when they are put in, the effect is nothing short of amazing.

In acupuncture Spokane detoxification therapy or acudetox therapy, it does not matter what substance has been infused by the patient, the therapy has a calming effect across all the different parts of the brain and works for all the different substances of abuse.

In acudetox, there are five acupuncture points in the outer ear that are treated. They are:

1. The Shenmen point or heavenly gate: when stimulated, this point calms the spirit, decreases anxiety and relieves insomnia and pain.

2. The Sympathetic point: this calms the fight or flight response or the body’s reaction to stress. It’s also good for balancing the sympathetic nervous system.

3. Kidney point: this point deals with fear and emotions.

4. Liver point: the liver point detoxifies and unblocks stuck energy. It heals both emotional and physical stress and treats people with chronic anger issues.

5. Lung point: this point allows us to let go of things especially grief, sadness and anger as well.

There’s also a point behind the Shenmen point, on the other side of the ear, and it’s very useful for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This issue can be treated with a type of ear acupuncture that simply uses acupuncture beads that are taped in place and the patient can leave the office with it. It’s also helpful for people having difficulty focusing and concentrating.All patient’s to do is touch the bead and press on it when they need to concentrate or focus better.

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