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This article is designed to instruct with some self-healing techniques so that you may be able to treat irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. When you’re diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or colitis, we need to reduce the inflammation or get rid of it altogether. You can take medications, which lessen inflammation or steroids, and which are immune suppressants. However, you may end up with several things such as:

Long-term steroid- use whichmay result in tingling of your bone, connective tissue, and also can lead to certain kinds of infection or ulcers in the stomach. If you’re trying to heal your intestines, and in the future, experience stomach ulcers, you need to use some techniques that can help strengthen or balance your immune function as well as reduce inflammation in order to strengthen the intestinal wall in your stomach.Also, you need to combine good sleep and, diet in order to prepare your intestines and have a stronger digestive system.

Acupressure in Bellingham for Colitis

At this point, I am going to show a technique used to treat you different kinds of conditions that require the use of your three fingers – the pointy finger, ring finger and the middle finger. You put these three fingers horizontally to your wrist line and you’ll find a line next to your index finger. The depression between the two tendons is called the Nei Guan, also known as the pericardium 6.

If you press this point every day while doing some deep breathing exercises, 20 minutes before you go to sleep and 15 minutes before you get up, you can actually slow down your heart beat and dilate your coronary artery which can deliver more oxygen to your organs and cells. This will make your heart stronger, your heart beat will slow down, your nervous system will become more balanced and also help increase the peristalsis, which is the regular movement of your stomach and intestines which, in turn can help them digest food better and heal the inflammation in your body.

When your nervous system is more balanced, your immune function likewise becomes more balanced. This will help your body and stomach to digest better, reduce inflammation and most importantly, it can also help you sleep better. So, with a good sleep, a relaxed state and balanced immune function, you can heal inflammation in any part of your body.

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