30. April 2011 · Comments Off on Acupuncture and Weight Loss · Categories: Acupuncture

Many non-mainstream treatments for weight loss are now available in the United States.  Many health-conscious Americans prefer weight loss programs that offer a natural approach to losing weight and maintaining the ideal weight.  Acupuncture Davis is probably the best weight loss treatment there is for both alternative and mainstream programs for a number of reasons.  First, acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment.  This means that acupuncture not only cures the physical ailments of a person, it also heals the emotional and psychological issues the person has that might be the cause of his/her over weight problems.  Second, acupuncture enhances blood flow, regulates and normalizes the body’s physiological functions and reenergizes the body.  Third, acupuncture helps the body to feel relaxed and calm after and during treatment, which is very important for the body’s healing process and fourth, acupuncture is one of the safest weight loss programs around because it does not have any side effects.

Acupuncture has been used for many millennia by the Chinese.  The Chinese throughout history, have been using acupuncture for various numbers of applications.  They have used acupuncture to help promote health, foster healing in the body and take out pain.  Acupuncture is the treatment whereby reed thin needles are inserted in certain areas of the body and manipulated in a certain way to elicit a desired physiological and emotional response. This response may be to stimulate the brain to release endorphins to help the body relax and be calm, to remove any blockages in the meridians to enable proper flow of chi, to enhance blood flow throughout the body or to help normalize hormonal or yin-yang balance in the body.  Acupuncture also helps individuals control and/or suppress the appetite.  Acupuncture likewise can help increase the metabolism of an individual.  There are site points where acupuncture is applied to help lose weight.  The mouth is one site point.  The stomach is also inserted with a needle or two.  For people who are compelled to overeat due to extreme emotions, acupuncture is applied in the Shenmen point.  It is a point in the ear where emotions can be “tweaked” or controlled in a way.

For people who love consuming sugar, the lungs are targeted for treatment.  For people who have a slow body metabolism or an under active thyroid, the thyroid site point is treated.  Acupuncturists believe that some people are overweight because their body retains a lot of water.  The treatment sites for this type of disorder are the endocrine area and the kidneys.  Some people, especially females, may experience hormonal irregularities or anxiety problems during menstruation.  This group usually is treated in the area of the reproductive organs and the spleen. The kidney site is also sometimes targeted for people who over eat due to anxiety and hormonal instabilities.