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At last, Chinese acupuncture is starting to get into the radar of dieters who are into natural forms of treatment for losing weight. Acupuncture taps into the many invisible energy meridians of the body. This treatment is an ancient medical practice that heals a host of ailments, and now, more and more Western doctors are embracing it to quell vomiting, nausea, postsurgical pain, and chronic pain as well as weight loss, addictions, and high blood pressure. The superficial insertion of fine needles into the skin along important points on the body leads to the restoration of the flow of energy along the rivers of vital energy or can restore balance to the flow of energy along meridians of Qi (pronounced chee).

Several factors can cause weight increase in a person. The most common reasons are lack of exercise, poor nutrition, overeating, slow metabolism, and hormonal imbalances. Acupuncture for the treatment of weight gain in Edina entails a multi-pronged approach.

Listing Down the Benefits

The reason for utilizing acupuncture to lose weight in Chinese medicine is the belief that weight increase is brought about by disrupted flow of Qi, to and from the stabilizing region of the brain, known as the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for the body’s functional balance and maintaining homeostasis. It helps the body run like a finely tuned instrument. This area of the brain is the dispatch center of the boy that activates neurochemicals and hormones and helps regulate hunger, thirst, circadian rhythm, and body temperature.

One of the most important aspects of acupuncture treatment for losing weight is its ability to influence hormones associated with obesity. Studies quantifying acupuncture’s effectiveness in weight loss discovered the treatment increased hormones that control meal initiation known as ghrelin, while at the same time decreasing the hormones that control metabolism and fat storage, leptin.

The principle that guides acupuncture treatment can power up any other weight control plan by optimizing the way nutrients are used, regulating obesity-associated hormones, improving digestion, boosting metabolism, quelling cravings, and suppressing appetite. This treatment likewise strengthens the organ that manufactures several important chemicals essential for the proper function of digestion, processing of nutrients and the breakdown of fats, the liver. The tone of the stomach’s smooth muscles is also increased with acupuncture to make people aware that they are full.

Acupuncture Features

To determine the Qi for controlling weight effectively, acupuncturists focus on four acupoints on the ear – the endocrine point, stomach point, Shenmen point, and the hunger point. A few sterilized, metallic, tiny needles are stuck into the invisible meridians to lessen the “heat” that has accumulated along these channels and to activate the centers that help release certain hormones and neurochemicals.

Occasionally, there are treatments in which the needles are covered with tape in order to let them stay in place for a few days. Later, during the next treatment sessions or at home, the needles are removed by the acupuncturist. There also acupuncturists who will stick ear seeds on their patients’ ears. These seeds are periodically massaged to help deal with difficult-to-control cravings.

Important tips To Remember When Considering Acupuncture Treatment for Losing Weight

1. Don’t confuse treatments — Ear stapling follow the principles that acupuncture is based on. Nevertheless, it is an inexact technique that utilizes surgical staples that passes into ear cartilage, which is known to cause infection.
2. Faithfully stick to a comprehensive weight-loss program – Acupuncture treatment works best when it is used in combination with a comprehensive weight-loss plan, that includes exercise and healthy food selections.
3. Complete a full course of treatment – Normally a full course acupuncture treatment plan for losing weight is best attained with 10 treatments administered over a few weeks.
4. Last, but certainly not least, select a qualified acupuncturist – In order to practice their profession, acupuncturists are required to pass the state board exam in most states of the Union. This is to guarantee their patients that they finished the required training and education standards to practice. Medical doctors and other medical professional can also become licensed acupuncturists.

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