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Acupuncture Orlando is playing a growing importance in the field of sports.  The blending of Eastern and Western medicine has been quite effective in the treatment of sports injuries, treating even acute and chronic forms of injuries.  What’s more, with this treatment approach, the injury heals quickly and the body performs much better than before with the added energy acupuncture gives.

For the treatment of all types of strains and sprains, acupuncture is more effective than any treatment around.  Sprains are associated with the ligaments while strains affect the tendons or muscles.  For these types of injuries, accompanying pain are the limited range of motion of the affected joint, skin discoloration, muscle spasm and swelling.  Swelling not addressed promptly may lead to scarring and difficulty in restoring normal mobility and normal range of motion of the joint.

For the management of pain or chronic pain, acupuncture allows for the long-term and even permanent treatment of chronic pain as well as the control of pain.  A patient who has suffered a serious injury can also suffer from depression.  With acupuncture treatment, no one needs to feel sad because acupuncture can address both the injury problem and the depression itself.

Acupuncture can help restore the body to its optimal state of health and strengthen it further to prevent the recurrence of injury.  Most people know that using painkillers are not good for the body in the long run.  Anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are good short-term relievers of pain.  However, they weaken blood supply to the joints and muscles thereby setting up other soft-tissues for potential problems in the near future.  Soft tissues such as muscles become stiff, contract and weaken because of poor blood supply making them easily prone to injury.  These medications also in the long-term can cause renal and liver problems in the future.  With acupuncture treatment coupled with herbs, there is no need to worry about these problems.

Arthritis is a very inconvenient disorder affecting one’s activities of daily living.  From just picking up things to dressing up, arthritis guarantees a life filled with pain.  Acupuncture can successfully address these painful symptoms.

As mentioned, acupuncture can revitalize the body improving the body’s performance in activities such as sports or exercises.  With regular acupuncture, all bodily functions perform optimally.  The body’s energy is balanced and in harmony.  The emotional and mental state of the body is at peace and in a tranquil state preventing stress.  Blood circulation is good and the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints all function maximally.  The body and mind are all in a state of balance and harmony.

More often than not, people use acupuncture for their shoulder, neck, sciatica or back pain, which are aliments experienced more by ordinary people than by athletes.

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