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Auriculotherapy in Bellmore is a health care technique in which the outer ear or auricle is stimulated to relieve health conditions in other areas of the body. While auriculotherapy’s original foundation is founded in traditional Chinese acupuncture, it was a French Neurologist by the name of Dr. Paul Nogier who developed the present protocols in France using a painless type of stimulation minus the acupuncture needles. Dr. Nogier observed in the 1950’s that many of his patients had a distinct scar on a certain part of their ear. The patients explained to him that the scar was due to a sciatica treatment that had afforded them relief within or hours of treatment. After observing this oddity, and researching on it, he started mapping the other parts of the body. This study gave rise to the principle of the inverted fetus which became the foundation for his diligent work to promote this protocol to what we know today.

Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic stimulation of the auricle without the use of needles for relieving dysfunction and pain in other areas of the body. It makes use of electricity for diagnosing and treating auricular acupuncture points or acupoints. The auricle is one of the body’s “microsystem,” which is like small representations of the entire body, situated in various locations on the body, which in this case, is the ear. The ear is a total microsystem of the body and all parts of the body are delineated as an upside down pattern on the ear. The ear is just one among many microsystems in the body although this specific part has, through research, been shown to be the most potent microsystem. This is because the type of tissue that constitutes the ear and because the ear is directly connected to the nervous system, which controls every bodily function and every cell in the body.

Auriculotherapy activates the central nervous system via the spinal nerves and cranial nerves on the external ear. This activation causes the stimulation of the neurotransmitters in the spinal cord and brain (the central nervous system) that, in turn, regulates nerve function and relieves pain. This begins the healing process of the affected body part or organ.

What is Auriculotherapy?

A practitioner or physician performs auriculotherapy using micro-current (electricity) as a way to determine and treat auricular points. Each ear has more than 200 acupoints that correspond to specific areas and various functional regions of the body.

The physician uses a small portable device that serves two purposes, it diagnoses by appraising the differences in the conductivity of the skin in relation to the acupuncture point, and to treat the point. The device appraises the negative and positive differential (polarity) of the surrounding tissue and the acupoint. The device will show the presence of a disease, pathology, or injury in that area of the body that corresponds to the acupoint when there is a significant difference in the differential, either negative or positive. If the acupoint is extremely positive or extremely negative, the device will electrically stimulate automatically the auricular acupoint negatively or positively as deemed necessary.

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