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The environment is one of the major factors for your frequent bronchitis attacks. You are highly likely to develop acute or chronic bronchitis if you are exposed to pollutions, smoke or damp cold areas. To prevent the rise of bronchitis you need to protect yourself from a harsh environment and also change a poor lifestyle to a healthy one.

The following measures can help protect your lungs and also to help you prevent getting bronchitis:

Steer clear away from tobacco smoke – Avoid as much as possible tobacco smoke that may be generated by your cigarette smoking and also from secondhand smoke coming from others.

Get a flu shot each year – A lot of acute bronchitis sufferers developed their condition as a result of the flu. Therefore, by getting a yearly flu shot, you can prevent both the flu and bronchitis from developing.

Consult your physician regarding a pneumonia vaccine – An old individual or someone who has a high risk of acquiring conditions like emphysema, heart disease or diabetes will benefit more from a pneumonia shot. This type of vaccine is allegedly helpful in protecting young children against pneumonia although statistics may prove otherwise.

Clean your hands – Countless times people have been infected by a virus or bacteria because of their dirty unwashed hands. Washing your hands as frequently as possible is much better and more convenient than catching a viral or bacterial infection. Wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizers.


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