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The “IMEDIS-TEST or ”Vegetative Resonance Test

In 1978, a German doctor named Helmut Schimmel designed an innovative style of diagnostic testing known as Vega Test or Vegetative resonance test or VRT, for short. it was based on a couple of holistic diagnostic procedures: bioelectronic functional diagnostic by Pflaum(BFD) and Schmidt and electropunctural diagnostics methods designed Reinhold Voll, M.D. (EAV or Electroacupuncture according to Voll). The difference between VRT, BFD, and EAV is this: VRT uses only a single reproducible point, BFD – 100-150 bioligically active points (BAP), and EAV 500 – 1000 BAP.

Since 1978, the VRT method has been used in clinical practice. This was the year when VEGA, a German establishment developed a prototype of this apparatus known as “VEGA-TEST”. Thanks to Dr. Schimmel and his team of researchers and their 15 years of research experience, now, the VRT method is a very powerful diagnostic technique due mainly to its use of ampoules or special cassettes with test preparations.

The VRT Method can Reveal
1. Different disutbrances among organs
2. Geopathic burden or geopathic stress
3. Allergic burden and selection of the most effective medicine
4. Disruption of the acid-alkaline balance
5. Mineral and vitamin inadequacy
6. Cyst processes

The VRT Method can Determine

1. Biological index, age, etc.
2. The organism’s adaptation reserves, most favorable for the current moment and the fullest possible reserves of the person
3. The magnitude of exhaustion and stress of the endocrine and immune systems
4. Psychical state
5. Mesenchyme obstructions
6. Instructions for use of nosode therapy and seeking key nosode
7. Any malignant and non-malignant tumors
8. Tolerance and efficiency of drugs
9. Severity of physical exhaustion, etc.

Nowadays, homeopathy is deemed to be one of the therapies associated with oscillatory processes influencing human beings. It’s believed that homeopathic preparation influences interaction between wave processes in organism and preparation via resonance frequency. This is the same principle followed by VRT.

The introduction of new integrative criteria of the state of health of a patient makes optimization of diagnostic possible and use of imitation modeling helps to analyze the outcomes of various types and therapies at the testing phase.

Through the VRT “IMEDIS-TEST” the choosing of modes of exogenous and endogenous bioresonance therapy (BRT) as well as the assessing of its outcomes can be optimized.

During vegetative resonance test, “IMEDIS-BRT” apparatuses utilization opens wide abilities and gives the patient the opportunity to use his/her own electromagnetic oscillations rather rely on preparations from test-kits to generate the best possible bioresonance preparations based on the desired criteria. In a similar fashion, the testing and documenting of external resonance-frequency influences is possible.

Apparatuses such as cassettes with preparations for testing using VRT in extended volume have been developed by Center “IMEDIS”.

Procedural recommendations of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health Care №99/96 (Electropunctural vegetative resonance test) are the country’s official basis for clinical use of this procedure.

Zuobiao (Roy) Yuan is a licensed acupuncturist and a doctor of oriental medicine in Edina, MN.

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