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Most of you may have read something about acupuncture by now, or you might have an idea of what it is. Still, there might be some questions regarding its authority and authenticity when it comes to healing diseases. For one, people need to understand the fundamentals of acupuncture and maybe they could begin to appreciate its healing qualities. The following are a few facts about acupuncture that can guide and enlighten you:

1. Acupuncture’s origins came from China more than three thousand years ago. Today the whole world uses it. Most people recognize its importance, not just in Oriental traditional medicine, but also in Western medicine.

2. Acupuncture treatment involves the use of acupuncture needles, and other tools to help jumpstart the healing processes of the body. When it comes to needles, many people have preconceived notions; however, these needles are extremely fine that no pain is felt by the patient during a session.

3. Meridians or energy channels are used to map out the different systems of the body which the acupuncturists utilize to determine the flow of qi. Pressure points or acupoints are found within these meridians. These are where needles are inserted to stimulate or balance the qi flow.

4. During acupuncture, pressure is required in order to stimulate the energy channels.

5. Several research efforts show that the number of illnesses that can be healed through acupuncture is rising steadily. Depending on the severity, these maladies are caused by either a blockage of qi blockage or imbalance in qi flow.

No person can force another person to undergo something that he doesn’t believe in regardless if it has the power resolve or even cure his problem.

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