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One of the more important attributes of acupuncture West Orange in its long-history is its use as a booster of sexual performance, appetite and virility of Chinese emperors.  The use of hair thin needles to treat problems such as infertility has been one of the most popular uses of acupuncture throughout history.  Infertility problems are indications of blocked or stagnant chi in the energy vessels of the body, called meridians.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the chi concentration is highest in the kidney meridian, which is responsible for sexual desire, reproduction and body growth.  Negative factors affecting the kidney meridian can lead to infertility issues, with lifestyle issues being the greatest negative impact on kidney chi deficiency. For treating male infertility, acupuncture targets the kidney to remove chi blockages in the kidney meridian and restore normal energy level.  However, without changes in lifestyle, the recurrence of infertility is likely to happen.

Here are some male fertility problems that acupuncture can effectively treat:

  1. Low sperm count and poor structural quality.
  2. Azoospermia – A reproductive disorder where no sperm is present during ejaculation.  Two factors may cause azoospermia. One is blockage formation in the epididymis and the other is a totally nonexistent sperm production.
  3. Semen abnormalities.

Besides sperm issues, other factors may cause male fertility.  Male impotence, specifically, erectile dysfunction is one very common reason for male infertility.  The inventions of Viagra and Cialis have superficially assisted many men to hurdle this problem although the underlying cause of ED is not addressed at all by these drugs. Many times, male infertility problems do not require acupuncture treatment to treat their problems.  A change in lifestyle like eating a nutrient-rich diet, cutting down on alcohol intake and stopping cigarette smoking can restore sexual drive, performance and virility.  Furthermore, acupuncture is more effective for men who live good and healthy lifestyles.

Upon initial consultation, the acupuncturist will perform a thorough assessment of the patient’s present state of health. The acupuncturist will ask the patient about his symptoms and lifestyle habits.  Interestingly, questions regarding food cravings and the sweat of the patient will also be asked.  All these information are needed by the acupuncturist to determine the disharmony pattern existing in the patient’s body.

A normal male person usually produces a new batch of sperm in roughly 3 month’s time.  Acupuncture treatments for male infertility also take that long and typically with one session every week.  The use of Chinese herbal formulas is often also included in the treatment and many Chinese herbal formulas exist to enhance sexual drive, performance and virility or to treat low sexual drive and infertility.   As long as one lives a healthy lifestyle and follows up on his once-a-week treatment, acupuncture can surely treat one’s male fertility problem.

Steven Goldfarb is a licensed acupuncturist in West Orange, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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