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With acupuncture Davis, most patients can see improvement in their health after the first four visits, which is typically over two weeks.  However, many patients who go for acupuncture treatment suffer from stubborn, persistent and chronic disorders.  Fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain may take several years to build to a degree that compels one to seek relief from them.  Part of the reason why these conditions are left to deteriorate is because of a busy life that has no time for medical checkups and only when these conditions start to affect one’s daily life do these conditions get recognized and taken care of.  Acupuncture is a proven treatment for stress-related disorders and emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.  There are people whose body responds quickly to acupuncture treatment and there are those whose response may take a bit more time.  The latter may think that acupuncture treatment is not for them and make the mistake of quitting this treatment before its beneficial effects are seen.  It is the acupuncturist’s responsibility to inform the patient of what to expect and how long the whole treatment may last.  Again, many patients only see improvements after a month or more.  This does not mean acupuncture is not as truly effective or potent as it is claimed to be, it means the patient’s constitution and probably the degree of his/her condition are  the reasons the treatment take a while before results are seen.

Acupuncturists may require the patient to have five or six sessions because they feel that is the right amount of time for the patient’s body to respond to the therapy and manifest improvement.  As with all natural medicine, acupuncture does work a lot slower than Western pharmaceutical drugs because it assists the body to self heal and to balance and normalize the body functions on its own, making treatment thus long-term and of a higher quality than drugs.

A classic example of how acupuncture and Western medications work can be seen in a patient diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Acupuncturists will use acupuncture and herbal medicine to help regulate thyroid functioning.  The treatment might last a few months and will only stop when it is seen that the thyroid is functioning well without help from acupuncture and herbals.  Physicians, on the other hand, will use drugs for this disorder that in essence mimic the function of the thyroid gland.  The drugs are not given to treat the problem of the thyroid, instead it virtually renders the thyroid useless and the patient then is dependent on the drugs for vital functions of the body that normally the thyroid performs.

When opting for acupuncture treatment, the patient needs to be, well, patient.  If one desires an all-natural, very safe and very effective treatment, acupuncture can be that treatment.  One needs only to keep an open mind when choosing natural forms of treatment as they treat disorders slowly but effectively.