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Sciatica according to some is known as “phantom pain.”  This condition can be as mild as a dull ache to sharp stabbing pain usually felt at the buttocks and radiating down to the leg, foot and toes.  What are the causes of sciatica and what treatments are available to address this painful problem?

Because of its relatively large size, the sciatic nerve is often affected by many factors.  It can be the result of infection, constriction of the spinal canal, spinal tumors, fractures, herniation or trapped nerve.  Manifestations of sciatica are numbness and tingling in the gluteus area, toes, calf and thigh and pain.

Sciatica usually accompanies lower back pain but more often than not it is the cause of the back pain.  A lot of people with sciatica often experience the pain when they are lying in bed or sitting down.  Even if the pain is most painful at the buttocks and legs, the area of treatment is often the lower back.  What treatments can best help address sciatic pain?  The answer will depend on the root cause and undergoing MRIs or x-rays in the back are needed in order to know the cause of the problem. These procedures will help you determine what course of action to take.

Back surgery can be recommended but only as a treatment of last resort.  The results of back surgery are permanent and oftentimes this procedure only worsens your condition.  Once your condition gets worse a series of more back surgeries maybe required to rectify the errors of the previous surgeries.  Back surgery may be best if it is the last thing you would consider considering its great risks.

Hot or cold packs on the lower back can provide some relief.  One can consider FAR belts which give off heat that can go through the skin and deep tissue.  If your sciatica is not a chronic problem then NSAIDs and painkillers (analgesics) can help you with the pain.  These drugs are not highly recommended to be used for long term use due to their negative side effects.  Some doctors may prescribe epidural steroid injections in lieu of these painkilling medications.   They are not 100% effective all the time but they can relieve pain for some time to a few months.

Acupuncture New York particularly electro acupuncture can also be quite good in helping manage sciatic pain. These alternative treatments do often blunt the pain as you try to improve your back muscles to make it more flexible and supple.  Regular exercises that can strengthen the back and improve the back’s range of motion and acupuncture therapy are very helpful aids in treating or managing your painful sciatic condition as well as improving your overall health condition.