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To make the most of your sore throat appointment with your doctor, make a list beforehand of pertinent questions and relevant information related to your sore throat condition. The following questions can help you glean more information about your sore throat:

  • Is it OK for me to work even if I have a sore throat?
  • How long do you think is needed for me to know exactly the cause of my sore throat?
  • Do you think that warm mist humidifiers are better for my condition than cold mist humidifiers?
  • Is my sore throat and fever a sign that I suffer from strep throat?
  • Can you recommend anything that substantially relieves my discomfort and pain?
  • What do you think is the cause of my sore throat?
  • Is my sore throat condition severe enough to go to a doctor?

If you have a family or personal physician, you may want to visit him first. If he thinks you need to see a specialist your physician may recommend an ENT doctor, an allergist or a pediatrician if your child is the one with the sore throat.

Along with list of questions, the other important things to include in the list are all of the medications you are presently taking. They can include over-the counter and prescription meds, nutritional supplements or steroids that you may be presently using even in a not-so-regular basis. The dosages of the meds you are taking should also be written down.

The doctor will also come with a number of questions for you or for your child he expects you and your child to answer honestly in order for him to come up with an accurate diagnosis and a correct treatment approach. Some of the questions may go like these:

  • Do you have any allergy? If so, what are you allergic to?
  • Do you use allergy drugs?
  • Do you have any allergy to certain drugs? If so, what kind of drugs?
  • Are you a smoker? Are you or your child often exposed to second-hand smoke?
  • Do you notice any other signs that may seem unrelated to your sore throat condition?
  • Does your sore throat stop and come back frequently?
  • What makes your sore throat worse? Is your sore throat more painful when you swallow?
  • Are there things you have tried to lessen your sore throat symptoms? Have they been effective?
  • Do you develop a fever when you have a sore throat? Is it a high fever?
  • Do you experience hardness of breathing when you have a sore throat?
  • Has your sore throat progressed slowly or did it begin immediately?
  • When did your sore throat symptoms start?
  • What other symptoms have you felt other than your sore throat?

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