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Accept it, part of us have a certain vanity that makes us want to possess a perfect skin. People, women most especially, are often interested in the current breakthroughs for cosmetic medicine and skin care treatment. We need to satisfy a certain curiosity when we are updated in these matters.

Very few of us are aware of the benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of … Continue reading

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Treating acne by sticking needles into your ear or body may seem like an over-the-top treatment for this type of skin condition. However, the fact is, acupuncture has been used to thousands of years in East Asia and China to improve the health of the skin and clear up problems in the skin. People suffering from painful cystic acne that tend to leave permanent facial … Continue reading

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Based on the people who believe and practice TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in Jacksonville, acupuncture is one very good way of treating acne. The reason for this is acupuncture’s ability to cure disease by helping bring back balance in the body. Certain internal imbalances can result in skin problems such as acne.

Acupuncture works on the principle of life energy flowing throughout the … Continue reading