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Accept it, part of us have a certain vanity that makes us want to possess a perfect skin. People, women most especially, are often interested in the current breakthroughs for cosmetic medicine and skin care treatment. We need to satisfy a certain curiosity when we are updated in these matters.

Very few of us are aware of the benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of acne. Yes, acupuncture, a treatment that involves the placement of needles in certain parts of the body to heal illness can also be an amazing cure for acne. It has found its rightful place in the skin care industry. Acne acupuncture treatment in Maitland is now being recommended by some dermatologists and doctors as an additional part of the skin care regimen for their clients.

Designed to restore the health, vitality and glow of the skin, cosmetic acupuncture is believed to help address age spots, rosacea, or acne spots. Besides these health benefits, it can also do instant face lifts and strengthen the muscles of the face as well as boost production of collagen, eliminate wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and improve complexion.

In certain acne sufferers, the search for the best treatment of their problem often turns out to be futile and unproductive. This is usually the point when they consider acupuncture for acne treatment. Actually, they would rather prefer a more natural and safe way to have clear skin without the need of applying harsh chemicals on their skin and with acupuncture, the likelihood of the skin being injured or damaged by chemicals are drastically lessened. With acupuncture’s help, you utilize the innate healing ability of your body and its very own natural chemicals to cure acne.

So, if you are confused and tired which remedy or chemical to first apply on your skin and what comes next after that, then maybe you can avail yourself of a natural remedy that would simply take a few multiple sessions for really good results to be seen.

Acupuncture is designed to help you regain balance within your body without relying or ingesting on various kinds of synthetic chemicals. This treatment is also based on the theory that some of the answers to heal whatever ailment or symptoms that your body is exhibiting, the human body has. Finding a therapy that is as concerned with the way you look as it is with your overall well-being is difficult. If you happen to stumble onto one or two modes of treatment, then by all means, go for it. In the long run, it would be a lot easier on your wallet. This article is actually pointing you to one such treatment, acupuncture acne treatment. It has the power to resolve skin problems and other health conditions such as hypertension, vertigo, pain, and others.

In the treatment of acne or other health problems via acupuncture, it is imperative that the procedure is performed by a qualified acupuncturist. You need to be sure the practitioner that you are going to is as passionate in protecting your health as you are. Entrusting that part of your body that physically represents you in the world – your skin – to a person who is not qualified to care for, is a big risk to take. Don’t even think about it. Going to someone that will only add to your problems is exactly what you will do if you don’t go to an accredited and experienced acupuncturist.

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Treating acne by sticking needles into your ear or body may seem like an over-the-top treatment for this type of skin condition. However, the fact is, acupuncture has been used to thousands of years in East Asia and China to improve the health of the skin and clear up problems in the skin. People suffering from painful cystic acne that tend to leave permanent facial scars can take comfort in the fact that acupuncture can indeed cure acne. In an acupuncture treatment for acne, cysts or pimples are often not punctured by needles. Treatment is usually done on the ear.

Acupuncture for Treatment of Acne Works in New York

After several years of research, Western medical doctors have now accepted acupuncture as a valid form of treatment for acne. Although it is a procedure wherein fine needles are inserted into various parts of the body and ear, acupuncture is not a painful treatment as some fear it to be.

An acupuncture needle like a lightning rod that attracts and directs lightning to a specific location catches and reroutes the vital energy of the body, conveying it to a part of the body where it is sorely needed. Acupuncture can target one specific area where a problem is located. The acupuncturist will ask the patient a series of questions including his/her medical history to determine what type of problem the patient suffers from. A holistic type of treatment, acupuncture considers the levels of stress and emotions in the body as major factors that affect your health. Acupuncture treatment for acne may not be as bizarre as it sounds.

The Finer Details

The body can suffer from hormonal imbalance which can result in the body secreting more oils than is really needed. Acupuncture can aid in normalizing your body’s hormone output, which can lead to a clearer skin. Although acupuncture is a powerful treatment for acne, treating it isn’t a magical cure. You need to also avoid heavy products or make up that might irritate the skin, wash yourself every day, and eat a balanced diet, as well.

These days, more and more insurance companies provide health coverage for acupuncture treatment for acne. When considering this type of treatment for your acne problem, you need to keep your dermatologist or doctor’s advice in mind as well as the cost of the treatment. When it comes to acne treatment, preventative care is still the best way of combating acne. You may need to undergo 20 to 35 sessions of acupuncture treatments to completely cure acne. Treatment of warts, dermatitis, and psoriasis can also be accomplished with acupuncture treatment.

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Based on the people who believe and practice TCM or traditional Chinese medicine in King of Prussia, acupuncture is one very good way of treating acne. The reason for this is acupuncture’s ability to cure disease by helping bring back balance in the body. Certain internal imbalances can result in skin problems such as acne.

Acupuncture works on the principle of life energy flowing throughout the body via energy channels known as meridians and acupuncture points that lay just below the surface of the skin. Underneath acupuncture points are the meridians; when a person suffers from a condition, the cold and hot principles of matter, which the Chinese call the Yin and Yang, is not balanced. Conditions can then arise which can include acne and other skin and non-skin problems. The insertion of acupuncture needles into the skin helps reestablish balance thus resolving the condition.

Acupuncturists attribute acne breakouts to excess heat in the lungs. Therefore, to rid oneself of acne, the abundant heat in the lungs should be cleared or at least, cooled down a bit. This can be achieved by using acupuncture to help balance the heat and cold aspects in your body. The insertion of needles at specific acupoints can help dissipate heat in the lungs and thus resolve the outbreak.

For acne treatment multiple treatments are oftentimes required. To help augment the treatment, some acupuncturists will add a procedure known as cupping along with acupuncture. Cupping involves the use of glass cups that are used to suck off toxins in certain parts of the body. Cupping is also a component of TCM and is a way to decrease heat in the lungs and remove toxins that may be contributing to the imbalance.

Unlike Western medicine, acupuncture views a person in a holistic manner. In holistic therapy, the practitioner not only resolves the symptoms of a condition, he/she also addresses the deeper problem that led to the condition in the first place which is oftentimes an imbalance or stagnation of blood and energy.

One type of treatment that has been found to be very effective in addressing acne breakouts caused by an imbalance is electro-acupuncture treatment. Western medicine has produced drugs that help regulate hormonal imbalance responsible for too much sebum production. Electro-acupuncture treatment, on the other hand, directly resolves the imbalance. Electro-acupuncture therapy or EAT involves the use of a mild electrical current generated by an external gadget flowing to acupuncture needles that have been inserted into the body.

Studies have been done that successfully prove acupuncture’s ability to heal acne breakouts. More studies need to be done, though, to validate the past results.

If you are interested in having acupuncture treatment for your acne, it’s best to see a dermatologist first to determine the type of treatment that’s best for your condition. If you are suffering from a severe form of acne, anti-acne drugs will suffice.

The potency of acupuncture varies per person. Acupuncture treatment for acne does not often produce immediate results so a little patience is required if you want this treatment to work.