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Sore throat has two types: acute and chronic. Acute sore throat is often the result of heat wind resulting in issues such as a floating rapid pulse, cough with yellow sputum, and fever.

For a heat wind acute sore throat diagnosis, Chinese medicine doctors usually recommend the classic formula Yin Chiao Je Du Pian. The more efficacious and faster the condition clears if the formula is taken at the soonest possible opportunity. A medication known as Chuan Tsin Lian can be added to the treatment if the sore throat is particularly severe. If the condition still keeps getting worse, then you need to seek immediate medical attention to see if the sickness stems from a strep condition.

A couple of days following acupuncture in Fremont and herbal treatment, the acute sore throat usually tend to subside. Acupuncture points commonly utilized for acute sore throat are the “Crooked Pool” point (Large Intestine 11) and the Large Intestine 4 located on the arms and hands. For extremely severe pain, the Lung 10 point found proximal the base of the thumb (palm side) is quite effective. The Lung 10 is usually used only for severely painful sore throats since the needling of this acupoint can be very painful. But, if the person really wants to get relief from the discomfort of severely painful acute sore throat, he/she should be willing to tolerate a little extra discomfort from the needles.

The underlying cause of a sore throat that’s chronic is yin deficiency. This is because an inadequacy of cooling yin leads to chronic inflammation. Yin deficiency also causes other symptoms to appear like insomnia, night sweats, a rapid thin pulse, irritability, and a dry mouth with no or little coating. The treatment’s objective is to clear heat and tonify yin using conventional formulas such as Rehmannia Tea. For this treatment to have a long-term effect, you might be required to take the treatment for a few months.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Stress

Modern Western societies tend to cause high amounts of stress among the people living there. Anxiety and never ending stress are usually deemed a part of normal everyday life by people living in those societies. Most of them are not even aware that they’re under severe stress until they are diagnosed with a condition associated with stress like high blood pressure or if they suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

The obvious way of dealing with stress is to remove as many stressors in your life as possible. Techniques to reduce stress include spiritual practices, exercise, yoga, meditation, and qi gong. They can reduce significantly the effects of stress on both the body and mind.

Acupuncture’s ability to alleviate stress is truly remarkable. Patients often tend to emotionally calm down and relax after an acupuncture procedure. Specific acupoints have extremely powerful calming effects, making them able to remove anxiety disorders, addictions, and insomnia. Sometimes, a practitioner may tape a small bead to an acupoint known as “Spirit Gate” located on the patient’s ears. This point can be stimulated anytime by just pressing on the bead, helping sustain the calming effects of the acupuncture therapy. Other products renowned for their calming effects include An Mien Pien or Emperor’s Tea. More powerful extracts to induce sleep or relieve anxiety may also be derived through practitioners. Zizyphus Seed Sleep /Stress Formula, is a highly potent liquid extract that works fast and effectively for insomnia and stress, depending on the dosage.

Besides these formulas, certain herbs, called adaptogens, can help the body withstand the effects of stress. These adaptogens contain ingredients that include reishi mushroom, codonopsis, and astragalus. Extensively studied in China and Russia, the effectiveness of these herbs as adaptogens is well recorded.

Other powerful adaptogens include Kwei Be Wan, Extractum Astragali, and Ginseng Royal Jelly. Available in health food stores is a highly concentrated Siberian ginseng solid extract. This extract has a very tasty honey base, and can help up energy level and the feelings of well-being after it is ingested.