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In all kinds of diseases, Tarzana traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has always provided people with different and unique approaches to healing. These techniques are painless, safe, and natural, and don’t require the use of drugs. According to TCM, the human body is deemed to maintain a fine balance with its surroundings via the exchange of energy. Positive energy eliminates negative energy and always flows through the body. The entire system of the body works for this exchange just to preserve balance. One great method used in TCM to maintain balance is auricular acupuncture.

A Chinese medicine concept that focuses on the auricle or externa ear for treatment, auricular acupuncture uses the outer ear to treat illnesses or maintain health in the other parts of the body. Studies have shown that the auricle can be used as a system to control major activities of the body and body organs. This part of the head is comprised of many so-called acupuncture points that are in some or another connected to the entire body. Here filiform needles are stuck in these acupoints. The insertion results in the stimulation of these points which produces signals that reaches the brain, which in turn stimulates the organ in question. This stimulation boosts the functioning of that organ by enhanced muscle movement, increased blood flow and the removal of toxins from the body.

Auricular acupuncture works based on three theories:

  1. Meridian theory – This concept is mainly followed in Chinese herbal medicine. According to the meridian model, energy circulates through permanent energy channels called meridians. Any obstruction in any of the meridians is the underlying cause of illness; therefore, stimulation of the auricular acupoints leads to therapeutic effects on the meridians.
  • Delta reflex theory – According to this concept, the stimulation of acupoints in the auricle causes the body part in question to be stimulated. This leads to a rise in temperature of that body part as well as a temperature rise in the corresponding part of the auricle. They both function as lock and key in which the auricular acupoint serves as the key to the lock of the body organs.
  • Anatomical theory – This model states that the position of the auricular points on the map can be deemed as that of an upside-down fetus. Whatever information is conveyed to the body parts is also conveyed to the outer ear, which makes it bidirectional in movement.

Western medicine has adopted these Chinese ancient theories and techniques with a few tweaks in the form of upgrades. Auricular acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that mainly uses needles to stimulate the meridians. Western medicine has upgraded it in the form of Auriculotherapy. This modern form of acupuncture uses advanced technologies such as electricity, pressure pellets, magnets, laser, and other things, to activate the energy channels in the auricle. Auriculotherapy was invented by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist.

Auricular acupuncture generates various healing benefits on the entire body since it targets the acupoints scattered across the body. It helps stabilize the emotions and mind and can treat insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, it can address ailments and pain like muscular tension and aches, headaches, migraines, backaches, and arthritis. Its association with the respiratory and digestion organs of the body makes it capable of treating constipation, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, and indigestion. Plus, it is a very good way of permanently eliminating vices such as alcohol and smoking from your system. Auricular acupuncture can also preserve the balance of women’s bodies during their menstrual periods.

You need a qualified acupuncturist who has trained or specialized in auricular acupuncture if you want to experience the best outcomes from the therapy. These specialists are totally aware of the over 200 acupuncture points located in your auricle. One important thing to note is that the needle should be stuck into the auditory channel reaching the inner ear. Inserting the wrong area with a needle may result in injury to the ear and might even lead to deafness to the patient’s ear. The treatment should be done on the fleshy part of the ear called the pinna.

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More commonly known as ear acupuncture, auricular acupuncture or auriculotherapy is an alternative therapeutic modality that places the ear to be the vital point of healing. The principle behind this therapy lies in the fact that the outer ear is a microsystem that represents the entire human body. The various acupuncture points are designated on the auricle.

What Is Auricular Acupuncture?

Similar to traditional body Jacksonville acupuncture, auricular acupuncture is used for a number of mental, emotional, and physical ailments via the stimulation of certain primary acupoints on the outer ear. It yields impressive outcomes, and several clinical studies jibe with the results.


Developed in the mid 1950s, auricular acupuncture was first conceptualized by a French neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier. His first observations of the effectiveness of the treatment were published post implementing clinical trials through phrenological technique. The ear was used as a reference point for ailments and pains and mapping was conducted to correlate with various areas of the body. Later on, the Chinese studied this map and took it to the barefoot physicians, which they, in turn customized the therapy with traditional Chinese medicine practices. The Chinese honored Nogier by bestowing him the title, “Father of Auricular Acupuncture”.

How Does One Perform Auricular Acupuncture?

The entire process is based on the principle of ear mapping. Nogier found an autonomic vascular signal that can be felt easily at the radial artery with the tip of a thumb. Those signals detected any meaningful deviation in the pulse’s amplitude.

Nogier concluded that the deviation only happens when the existing electromagnetic field of the patient acquires a new addition.

Ear mapping is mainly performed by accumulating a full map of the ear. These ear acupoints have moved over a certain period of time with varying practices and may not be exactly like that of the original plan of Nogier.

A laser or needle with a certain magnitude and frequency is utilized to activate the point signifying that specific area of the body.

Auricular Acupuncture Benefits

Auricular acupuncture therapy provides similar positive effects as acupuncture. The management of chronic pains can be achieved through the application of the therapy.

Research/Studies Associated with Efficacy

The publications of Nogier were initially met with a lot of resistance by the medical community. While the modality proved effective in curing specific illnesses conditions, no confirmed scientific evidences were concluded to that effect.

Dr David Alimi tried to substantiate the effect of maps projected on the ear in the early 2000’s. The medical community did not fail to debate the effects. University of Rochester Medical Center neuroscientist, Maiken Nedergaand, said that the tissue on the ear inserted with needles secretes adenosine in the body. Adenosine is a compound that enables the body to heal itself and to relieve pain.

Several different theories believed that the sticking of needles led to the secretion of endorphins in the bloodstream that blocked pain signals to the brain.

The PAIN medical journal recently published a study that validated the accuracy of ear mapping via diagnosis. An accuracy rate of 75% was achieved in a study of 40 patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain.

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A lot have been discussed about acupuncture and the amazing scientifically proven health benefits this ancient practice has provided countless number of people throughout the centuries.

This article will specifically focus on the potential positive effects of auricular acupuncture, which is acupuncture on the auricle or outer ear.

As with most CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) therapies, practitioners of auricular acupuncture may overstate what the therapy can achieve. Those who endorse it assert that it can balance mood problems such as depression and anxiety, improve digestion, relieve allergies, and alleviate chronic pain. These assertions have actually been scientifically proven and replicated.

Some of the assertions that auricular acupuncture can treat everything from weak eyesight to obesity to smoking cessation to diabetes are what result in outright disbelief and confusion on the part of the patients and medical community.

Let’s get straight to the point and see how this natural healing modality technique is truly effective as many claim it is.

What is Auricular Acupuncture?

Over the last 60 years, auricular acupuncture has shown itself to be a distinct offshoot of acupuncture. Acupuncture therapy has been used by practitioners for millennia and holds an important place in other ancient civilizations as well as in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

However, the medical community has only taken acupuncture seriously in the past few years. Its capacity to assuage pain by the stimulation of pressure points is well proven and its efficacy in reducing the painful side effects of conventional cancer treatments is also proven scientifically.

You know the perception of acupuncture has shifted when the American Cancer Society mentions a complementary or alternative treatment in a good light. Nowadays, several cancer therapy centers provide acupuncture treatments to effectively ease nausea, pain, fatigue, and other side effects related to radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

At the Chapel Hill branch of the University of North Carolina, researchers describe an auricular acupuncture procedure in their research, “[Auricular acupuncture] depends on a series of anatomical maps superimposed onto the outer ear. Activating an acupoint on the map is believed to influence the gross anatomical organ related to that acupoint.”

Works for Pain

The greatest and most popular benefit of auricular acupuncture is perhaps in the treatment of both chronic and acute pain. Researchers at the UNC-Chapel Hill reviewed 17 studies that were aimed at the relief of pain caused by auricular acupuncture.

They found that the Alternative healing modality was effective in reducing pain intensity, chronic, and acute pain, which led to a decreased use of painkillers (prescription and over-the-counter).

In conclusion, the researchers stated, “More Americans are affected by pain more than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined, and is responsible for over 10 percent of prescription drug sales and 20 percent of doctor’s visits. Auricular acupuncture may work in the treatment of different kinds of pain, especially, postsurgical pain.”

When we take into account the growing dependence of people on medications for chronic pain – to the degree that more and more people are succumbing to really bad cases of opiate addiction – auricular acupuncture is there to provide a safe, non-drug alternative that has zero adverse side effects.

Like most CAM modalities, quality clinical trials are required to bring such procedures into the mainstream medicine. However, for those suffering from chronic pain, relief could be immediately provided by going to a reputable practitioner of ancient remedies.

Auricular acupuncture’s most famous benefit is the treatment of both chronic and acute pain.

The Placebo Effect

Auricular acupuncture, acupressure, and acupuncture in Austin all target specific acupuncture points within the body. Although all three modalities claimed to have several health benefits, some have shown to be the work of the placebo effect.

A placebo effect is an effect that relates to mind-over-matter where the mind is extremely confident that the treatment the person is given will surely work so much so that it convinces the physical body that the treatment actually works.

The body-mind connection is interesting stuff and it’s believed to have confused scientists working to prove the potency of a pharmaceutical product. In some ways, my opinion is that this phenomenon is more often than not ignored as a bona fide form of treatment.

A human study published in 2013 in the Journal of the American Board of Family is a perfect example of this. The aim of the study was to validate the efficacy of auricular acupuncture on smoking cessation. The researchers’ conclusions were as follows:

“Auricular acupuncture seemed to be devoid of significant side effects and was found to be safe. However, no difference was seen in the percentage of smoking cessation between subjects who were treated with sham auricular acupuncture and those who were given real auricular acupuncture. After six weeks, the group treated with real auricular acupuncture group reported a rate of 20.9 percent abstinence while the placebo group reported a 17.9 percent rate.”

In short, the patients who either received “fake” auricular acupuncture and real auricular acupuncture for five weeks once a week showed an aggregate total of 38.8 percent (48/125 of the subjects in the study) of people who no longer smoked at the end of the trial.

Auricular acupuncture in this instance proved extremely effective but worked anyway for about 40 percent of those former smokers because their brains were 100 percent sure it would work.

The placebo effect is truly amazing because we know we can mentally convince ourselves of things if we concentrate on it hard enough.

Another example of the placebo effect is the effect meditation has on headaches. The basic act of meditation slows down the body just enough to alleviate pressure in the head. This eases the sufferer’s anxiety at that moment, which helps alleviate the pain.

The human mind is really a powerful organ.

Safe for people of all ages, auricular acupuncture has no side effects. You can go online to search for a qualified and reputable practitioner near your area.

Consider searching for a practitioner near you if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for a long time.

Whether at home, or in the office, you can receive the benefits of auricular acupuncture every day. It is simple to attain, easy to test, and works in ways similar to acupuncture.