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You could be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

 Have difficulty holding even small objects
 Pain that travels from the wrist to the shoulder
 Tingling sensation in your fingers and hand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an uncomfortable and, at times, disabling condition that an estimated five million Americans suffer from.

Fortunately, there are several treatments that can help and certain lifestyle changes may also alleviate the symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can effectively heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome minus the side effects and harmful drugs.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Your wrist is where the carpal tunnel is located. This (carpal tunnel) is a narrow pathway shielding the median nerve which stimulates the hand and the tendons that control the function of the fingers. The median is responsible for the movements of the muscles and sensations in the hand. If an injury or swelling constricts the carpal tunnel, pressure bears on the nerve impinging and compressing it. This can result in severe weakness, pain, and numbness in the hands.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be brought on by various causes, although it is mainly the result of repetitive extension and flexion of the tendons in the wrists and hands, especially when done for extended periods, resulting in RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury.

A dull pain in the wrist that progressively worsens is usually the beginning of the symptoms. Other symptoms can involve:

 Numbness, burning or tingling sensations in the hand or fingers
 Loss of sensation of the fingers
 difficulty holding objects and weakness in the hands
 Pain traveling from the wrist to the arm and the shoulder or into the fingers or palm

Acupuncture Treatment in Fremont for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Normally, Western conventional treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome depends on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, and may include corticosteroids or inflammatory medications to alleviate the swelling and pain as well as immobilizing the hand and wrist, and in severe cases, surgery. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used as an adjunct to Western treatments to address the symptoms.

Research indicates that acupuncture can be used to stimulate a hormone that decreases inflammation (cortisol) and lessens soft tissue swelling. Since Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the result of soft tissue swelling that causes carpal tunnel inflammation, acupuncture can surely work in healing the problem. Apart from improving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, acupuncture can also relieve other symptoms usually related to this condition like shoulder stiffness, neck pain, and headaches. More importantly, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help calm the emotional stress of living with this painful ailment.

A customized plan of treatment will be formulated by your acupuncturist meant to heal the imbalances in your body. The treatment involves the application of sterile thin needles into specific acupuncture points along the meridians to remove pain and strengthen and support your body.

Usually, as part of your treatment plan, your acupuncturist will also use stretching, massage, vitamin supplements, and herbal remedies.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture provide a natural, pain-free, and safe way to address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You’ll be able to recover from this condition, with the right care. As you go on with your treatment, along with your symptoms, you may even see your wellbeing and overall health improve.

Self-care Tips to Live a Life Free of Pain:

 Consider yoga to enhances your strength and flexible
 During the day, take plenty of breaks, especially if you perform repetitive tasks
 Talk to an ergonomics specialist if you work at a computer. This will help guarantee your workstation is properly set up
 Talk to your practitioner about Omega-3 fatty acids, B2, B6 and other supplements to alleviate inflammation and numbness
 Throughout the day, remember to gently stretch your shoulders, arms, and hands

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) may sound more ominous than it actually is. It can be resolved with acupuncture. Swelling and inflammation of soft tissue can occur, within that particular area of the wrist known as the “carpal tunnel” following repeated extended writs movements in an unchanging manner.

Helen is a brilliant 40-year old advertising manager for a major ad agency. Her job requires her to work for several hours at her computer terminal to meet deadlines. Despite having had intermittent pain in her wrist for the past three month, she kept on working in order to complete the project. However, she came to me a week ago when she found herself barely able to hold a coffee cup or almost incapable of using the keyboard. Unfortunately, as with very many other patients I have seen, I diagnosed her with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Risk Factors

The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) are numbness and/or tingling in the middle, index, and a part of the ring finger and on the thumb and wrist pain. This pain may shoot up through the forearm to the elbow without warning (and can lead to sleeping problems). Specific CTS risk factors include heavy lifting, awkward postures, the use of force, repetitive wrist motions, or any combination of these factors.

Due to the advancement of technology these past few years, almost all people now use computers at home or the office which has also led to an epidemic of shoulder, arm, and hand injuries caused by the use of the computer mouse, thousands of repeated keystrokes, and high speed typing.

Besides those risk factors, some people have been known to be very prone to developing CTS. They include diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, obese people, and pregnant or menopausal women.

What are the treatments for CTS?

Standard treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome may be based on the kind of underlying condition causing the symptoms and on how severe the symptoms are. To manage the symptoms, wrist splints and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed. Sometimes corticosteroid shots may be administered in the affected region. Surgery might be necessary in the advanced stage of the condition in order to release the pressure in the carpal tunnel to stave off irreversible nerve damage.

There are other natural alternatives as well.

Research efforts have discovered that acupuncture has the ability to release cortisol, a hormone that alleviates inflammation and pain in the bloodstream. When a median nerve is pinched for whatever reason, it often causes inflammation and swelling in the carpal tunnel’s soft tissue. For the early stages of CTS, acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale is certainly a therapeutic option to consider.

This treatment can also help relieve the symptoms of headache, eye strain, shoulder stiffness, and neck pain typically experienced by people with CTS. A several treatments may be enough to attain an enduring and cumulative effect.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, the part of the body where the wrist connects with the hand, is pinched. This is usually caused by the reduction of the size of the carpal tunnel producing discomfort and pain.  The median nerve is located underneath the tendons running from the wrist to the hand.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is now a notorious work-related condition due to the rise of occupations that require repetitive hand functions causing strain to the hand and wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has certain signs and symptoms that arise after you start on a new activity, usually a hobby or work that makes use of your fingers and wrist in a repetitive motion. Between sexes, women are more at risk in developing the condition, particularly if they are between the ages of 40 and 70 or if they are pregnant. Carpal tunnel pain can involve your arms or only one of your arms. It can also affect your palm, wrist and/or forearm.  There are carpal tunnel sufferers who may feel a sharp pain only when they perform a repetitive movement; others may feel a lingering tingling or numbness in one half of the ring finger or the middle finger, index finger and the thumb. The pain and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome get worse at night; they may even get worse to the point that the sufferer has to wake up in order to shake his/ her hands to alleviate the numbing sensation. People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome may experience problems with fine motor skills like crocheting or writing, and may find themselves dropping things when they carry them on their problematic hand.

From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is a manifestation of wind (marked by the shooting or tingling nerve pain); damp (hand and forearm may feel achy and heavy; and cold (wherein a patient usually has more pain with cold). These three conditions are caused by an obstruction to the smooth flow of qi and blood in the arms.

Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of ultrathin acupuncture needles to stimulate certain acupuncture points situated near the affected wrist. Some patients may feel a mild electrical sensation when the needles are inserted into their skin. This is a positive sign because it means that the treatment can help lessen the numbness and pain in the tendons. Other types of alternative and TCM treatment like laser, acupuncture, magnet therapy, moxibustion, electro-magnetic acupuncture and tradition al acupuncture needles can be utilized to successfully treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Besides getting treatment from your acupuncturist, you need to stay away from activities that can aggravate your wrist condition like working at an assembly line, working at a computer or prolonged writing with a pen, or even working as a trapeze performer. You can also develop carpal tunnel syndrome if you sleep with your wrists under a pillow or your chin. Your acupuncturist may recommend a splint that you can wear at night to protect your wrists while you sleep.


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