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A few people know that the largest organ in the body is our skin. The skin can have a wide spectrum of colors and it is the organ that wraps and safeguards our internal organs, tissues, muscles, blood, and bones. The skin becomes sticky in the summer and dry in the winter. From the viewpoint of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, possessing a healthy skin … Continue reading

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The ancient Chinese believe that the skin has a distinct function that directly affects certain internal organs pathologically and physically. It also considered the largest organ of the body. Some of the internal organs associated with the skin include:

The Large Intestine

A strong relationship exists between the Large Intestine and the skin. Toxins may accumulate in the Large Intestine if the person consumes too … Continue reading

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is much, much larger than your lungs, liver or heart. Traditional Chinese medicine knows that the way to healthy skin in the winter, or any time of the year begins internally rather than externally.

In western countries, the skin care industry has become a multi-billion dollar venture. However, most of the skin products available … Continue reading

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The aims of a good treatment for dry skin treatment should be to remove or limit pruritus, irritation and of course, skin dryness as well as to improve skin protection by restoring skin barrier and to enhance the appearance of the skin. Skin care products that primarily address dry skin are usually made up of multiple ingredients that act to reverse dry skin and achieve … Continue reading