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A skin condition appearing as a rash on the skin, and may be irritated, itchy, red, and swollen, eczema can appear thickened and scaly; dandruff may form when the eczema develops on the eyelids or scalp. In severe forms of eczema, patches of blisters may arise that ooze clear fluids and then scab. Any part of the body can develop eczema, but it usually occurs … Continue reading

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Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, especially Chinese herbal medicine, is within the niche of natural eczema therapy. TCM is actually the most preferred of choice of treatment these days for eczema, a skin condition that is debilitating and one that leads to a number of symptoms. Western medicine has yet to discover comprehensive modalities to treat this condition. This has forced a lot of eczema … Continue reading

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In the United States alone, there are already 15 million individuals suffering from eczema. This skin condition is marked by skin covered with red, scaly and dry patches that are usually accompanied by intense pruritus (itching). So many medical treatments are available for eczema designed to alleviate itchiness and inflammation although the most commonly used ones are corticosteroids. These drugs however, can have certain significant … Continue reading

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No one knows exactly what causes eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. Although it resembles an allergic reaction, eczema is not brought about by allergies and it strikes children more than adults.

The widely accepted view about eczema is that it arises due to a number of combining factors that may consist of:

•    Dysfunctions in the skin barrier that seep … Continue reading